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Scholarships and Grants 
If you are looking for information about Millikin scholarships, you are in the right place.

Millikin offers more than $20 million annually from its Millikin University Tuition Grants and Scholarships fund.  Scholarships and grants are financial aid awards that do not have to be paid back. Scholarships are often based on academic achievement or talent, or financial need, and deadlines and requirements vary.

Millikin Merit Scholarship
All students whose admission application and academic profile demonstrate a significant potential for contributing to campus life will be granted a merit scholarship. MU Merit Scholarships are renewable for four years of attendance.

College of Fine Arts Awards in Art, Music or Theatre
Students who are pursuing studies in art, music, theatre, or dance may qualify for either College of Fine Arts Award money or Dean's Award for Excellence money based on their potential for contribution to their area of study. The amount of the awards range from $500 to $5,000 and are determined by an audition, interview or portfolio review. Awards are renewable annually.

Presidential Scholarship
Students with a high academic profile are invited to apply to Millikin's Honors Program and the Presidential Scholarship. This prestigious full-tuition scholarship is renewable for four academic years.

Long-Vanderburg Scholarship

The Long-Vanderburg Scholarship recognizes high scholastic achievement among those students who have a demonstrated commitment to diversity, leadership, and community service.  Benefits include a $2,000 annual scholarship totaling $8,000 over four years, participation in local community service initiatives, and leadership opportunities in the LV Living-Learning Community. In addition, five junior-level Long Vanderburg Scholars each year are awarded a $5,000 travel grant for international study. 

Leighty Science Scholarship
The Leighty Science Scholarship Program offers an excellent opportunity to incoming students who wish to major in one of the Natural Sciences (Biology, Chemistry or Physics) at Millikin University and who would benefit from graduate-level research opportunities.

Benefits include $2,500 annual scholarship funds totaling $10,000 over four years, a $3,000 stipend for summer research between the sophomore and junior years, and graduate-level research opportunities with experienced faculty.

Service Learning Scholarship
Students with a demonstrated commitment to community service are eligible to apply for a scholarship providing up to $2,000 annually in the Service Learning Scholars Program.

Sly Scholarship
The Thomas S. Sly Scholarship is an annual endowed scholarship award for freshmen exploratory studies students who are "exploring all the possibilities" and have not yet declared a major field of study. To apply for the scholarship, students must submit a short, 100 word essay explaining why they are choosing to begin an academic career by "exploring the possibilities".

Caterpillar Scholarship
Through the generosity of Caterpillar Inc., Millikin University offers a limited number of $2,500 scholarships to new and current students. Preference for receiving the scholarship is given to dependents of Caterpillar employees. If funding allows, students majoring in business, who live in the Decatur geographic area, who have demonstrated a financial need and a high potential for academic success, may be considered. Recipients must be admitted to Millikin University and applications will be accepted until funds are exhausted. Recipients must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) prior to application. Renewal of scholarship is dependent upon re-application (each year), maintaining a minimum grade point average of 2.5, and satisfactory academic progress toward a degree.

ADM Scholarship
Beginning Fall 2014, Millikin University will provide an eligible dependent, as defined by ADM’s employment benefits, applying as a new student to the traditional undergraduate degree program.  The scholarship, applicable toward tuition, shall be no less than $2,500.  A limit of 20 scholarships may be provided upon review of applicants and funds available.  Priority application deadline is February 15.

Alumni/Legacy Scholarship
Millikin University recognizes the loyalty that is demonstrated when a student chooses to carry on the Millikin tradition in his/her family. The Alumni/Legacy Scholarship provides an annual award of $1,000 to eligible students. Eligible students must be full-time, degree-seeking students enrolled in a traditional undergraduate curriculum who can demonstrate a parent, grandparent, or great-grandparent relationship to a Millikin University alum. To receive a legacy award, an application must be completed and submitted to Millikin's Office of Admission prior to the start of the academic year. This scholarship can be renewed for up to four years of full-time attendance at Millikin and does not require reapplication each academic year. Recipients must maintain satisfactory academic progress and remain enrolled on a full-time basis for scholarship renewal.

Sibling Scholarship
Millikin University recognizes the commitment many families make in sending multiple children to college at the same time. The Sibling Scholarship provides $500 annually to eligible students with a sibling concurrently enrolled at Millikin.

Literary Festival Scholarship
Winners of Millikin’s Annual High School Writing Contest (a featured part of the Annual Literary Festival) are eligible to receive a $500, $750, or $1,000 Millikin scholarship. Scholarship monies can be used by the recipient only for full-time attendance at Millikin and can be renewed for up to four years.


Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL