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The Millikin University Student Conduct Process is committed to supporting a positive learning environment by challenging students to become democratic citizens in a global environment through thoughtful and developmental dialogue thereby increasing their potential for professional success and a personal life of meaning and value.


The Millikin University Student Conduct Process promotes respect, integrity, civil debate, and provides a focus on the greater good. In support of that focus, the process maintains policies and procedures committed to fairness, structure, timeliness, and education. Furthermore, Student Development, the entity that oversees the Student Conduct Process, interprets and disseminates information about student conduct policies and procedures to members of the University community.



 Contact Information  
Student Development
Richards Treat University Center
1184 West Main Street
Decatur, IL62522
Phone: 217.424.6395
Fax: 217.424.3544

The University Student Conduct Process Philosophy

Learning Outcomes

Policy Statements


Categories of Offenses

Emergency Authority

Student Conduct Sanctions for Individuals and/or Groups

Administrative Structure for Student Conduct

Levels of Student Conduct Cases

Request for Appeal

Procedures for Student Conduct Meeting

Academic Integrity Standards

Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL