Millikin University - Decatur, IL
January 2008- Joe Havis


Joe began working at Millikin on August 1, 2004 as an Admission Counselor. Effective July 1, 2007, Joe was promoted to Assistant Director of Admissions.

“Over the last few months, Joe has taken on what seemed to be more than he could chew. Being that half of the staff is new to the process, he took it upon himself to evaluate all of the students’ applications until just recently. Joe stays late to make sure numbers are right and offers help and wisdom at every chance he gets.”

“Joe has been a ‘rising star’ in the Admissions Office… and has become a very vital ‘cog in the wheel’. His leadership ability has been proven many times. He’s also a very fun person to work with.”

“Joe knows so much about the Admissions process that you’re sometimes sucked into asking him all of your questions; and he doesn’t skip a beat to answer them. He’s been an amazing help with the training process for all of us new employees in the office this year, but he’s still always learning and he still does the little things. He’s very appreciative of others’ work, and that’s hard to find in a boss.”

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Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL