Millikin University - Decatur, IL
August 2009- Curtis Shirley

DATE: September 1, 2009
TO: Campus Community
FROM: President Douglas E. Zemke

It is a pleasure to accept the recommendation of the Employee Recognition Committee that Curtis Shirley be honored as Employee of the Month for August 2009. Curtis Shirley began working at Millikin University as Webmaster in the Marketing and Media Relations Department effective June 4, 2007.

The Employee Recognition Committee received very compelling support for Curtis's nomination, including the following comments:

“Curtis has the magic touch when it comes to all things web-related. His endless patience and expertise is an asset both to our office and the entire campus community. Every time you look at Millikin's beautiful new website, remember that it would have been impossible without him!”

“I am very thankful for Curtis's help as our webmaster. He's been such a great assistance with all of my questions, especially this past summer as we've been transferring the library's website content from the library's current site to the new one. He's answered all of them in such a helpful way, and I really appreciate him!”

”I can think of no better person to celebrate this month than Curtis. Curtis came to Millikin just over two years ago, fresh out of school. After interviewing several "webmaster" candidates, the hiring committee identified him as the candidate with the most creativity, innovation and vision. Boy, were we right. This month, Millikin went "live" with its new website. More than a year in the making, the site is the single largest web endeavor Millikin has ever tackled. More than a site, it employs Microsoft SharePoint as a content management system to ensure consistency throughout. Because of Curtis' intelligence and willingness to learn all he could about SharePoint, he saved the university thousands of dollars in outside-agency implementation costs. I am constantly impressed by his dedication, vision and passion for his job. He truly wants the best for Millikin, takes great pride in his work, and has no problem working at his desk until 3 am night after night to make it happen. Millikin is incredibly fortunate to have a talent like Curtis Shirley as its webmaster. He deserves to be recognized, especially this month.”

Please join us in congratulating Curtis on being honored as your August 2009 Employee of the Month.

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Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL