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April 2011 - Sherri Crook


It is a pleasure to accept the recommendation of the Employee Recognition Committee that Sherri Crook be honored as Employee of the Month for April 2011.  Sherri began working at Millikin University in the Alumni and Development Office as a Data Entry Clerk on March 22, 2000.  She was promoted to Coordinator of Records effective January 2, 2008.


The Employee Recognition Committee received very compelling support for Sherri’s nomination, including the following comments:


“Because of her thorough knowledge of Banner, Sherri serves as a valuable resource for others in the office concerning all things related to our Banner database. As a result, she is instrumental in assisting others to help them get the information they need in a timely manner. I have often seen her offer crucial data-related insights and ideas. It is clear that Sherri is an advocate for preserving and enhancing the integrity of data we store.”

“Recently, Sherri took on additional receipting duties following the resignation of another employee. In that new role, she has been conscientious in making sure that the office's receipting is completed each day. Concurrently, she has also been charged with a new project involving 700 adjustment entries above and beyond the regular receipting. She has accepted this additional work without complaint and is focused on doing the best job she can.”


“She continues to be professional, pleasant and thorough in her job responsibilities, while going above and beyond to complete the extra load that has been temporarily placed on her.”


“She is meticulous in her work and strives to do a good job.  She is liked by all of her co-workers in the office and those she comes in contact with across the campus.”


“She does all of the receipting for contributions to Millikin including the Millikin Fund and more recently the Capital Campaign, including all matching gifts. She has gone above and beyond the call of duty to keep everything on track, current, and accurate.  She supervises two part time employees and a student worker. It will also be her responsibility to train the new co-worker when a replacement is found.   She is considered the office ‘go to’ person on so many subjects that interruptions are a constant for her.”

“She gets it done and gets it done right, even if it means putting in work after hours. She is honest, dedicated, and caring.”


“As my boss, I couldn't ask for anyone better.  Each semester, Sherri is willing to work around my class schedule and understands if I can't come in when my schedule is overloaded for a particular day.   She has patiently taught me the many things I needed to know working at the Alumni and Development Center and tries to switch up the tasks I have to do so I'm not constantly in the basement doing filing work.”


Congratulations, Sherri, on such a well-deserved honor!


The Employee Recognition Committee members are: Co-Chairs – Cindy Landacre and Danielle Fields; Amy Brilley, David Horn, Tammy Maxwell, Mary Peters, Paul Scherschel, Paula Stickles, Amanda Waszczuk (student representative).

The Employee Recognition Committee also thanks this month's sponsors: Starbucks, Dairy Queen, Buffalo Wild Wings, Lock Stock & Barrel, Firewater Cafe, Peerless Cleaners, Texas Roadhouse, Millikin University Marketing, Bronze Man Books, The National Bird-Feeding Society, Aramark, Millikin University Bookstore, Carlos O’Kelly’s, Wornick Dining Room, McDonald’s, and Disc Replay.

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Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL