Millikin University - Decatur, IL
March EOM - Mary Lynn Arnold

“I would like to recommend Mary Lynn Arnold for Employee of the Month. There have been many who have worked in her position in the 25 plus years we have worked at the university.  Many had multiple distractions, did an excellent job regardless and/or were of great assistance to those who worked in the Art Department.  The Art Department has ‘special needs.’  I say this in jest and in all seriousness!  How does one work with the many dynamic individuals who display drastic differences in personality and working styles?  How does one manage the wrangling of the range of diverse individuals we call students? The job at the Art Department office has not decreased over time - it has increased with managing student workers and the Kirkland management stuff (recently added to the position). So, not only is this a position where the visual art individuals' needs are met by Mary Lynn, but she also meets the needs of performers, speakers, board members, staff members and alumni that pass the way of the Kirkland building and stage.  Visits daily from her ‘regulars’ claim to bring Mary Lynn professional requests - but we really know they need her attention.  There are people that are those who care for others professionally, intrinsically and instinctively.  I would say this is the strength of Mary Lynn.  She knows how to meet the demands of her work professionally and does so daily, weekly and on weekends. She is organized and gives simple, understandable directions.  The availability of her time seems endless as she attends art shows, performances, celebrations and meetings. The availability of her knowledge is shared with and without urging. The availability of her caring and intuitive, empathetic advice, care-giving, and assistance gifts are unending. Mary Lynn does not work at Millikin in the art department.  She lives there and gives there, and without her presence there would only be an office.  Mary Lynn makes this little corner of the universe a better place and a place we can call home, or at least home base. It is full of sports news, department news and taking care of ‘her people’.  Thanks for making us your people, Mary Lynn.”


“Mary Lynn deserves the nomination based upon her ability to go above and beyond to get any task accomplished. It's amazing to watch her multitask between the Art department needs and the needs for the Kirkland Fine Arts Center.”


“I would like to nominate Mary Lynn Arnold for employee of the month.  Mary Lynn has the daunting task of serving two very different and unique departments in Kirkland Fine Arts Center.  She is the administrative assistant to the Art Department and capably keeps all facets organized and inline in this department while serving as the Events Coordinator of the Kirkland Fine Arts Center.  I would like to talk about the Events Coordinator position that Mary Lynn fulfills for the center and for me as Director.  Mary Lynn is the person that initially coordinates the information for any possible or scheduled upcoming event (whether that be an on-campus entity or an off campus rental) and then sees this to the end.  The amount of information and the coordination of it is testament to Mary Lynn's organizational skills.  She handles all of this with the utmost professionalism and with a smile.  She has the ability to relate to the many people that she deals with on a daily basis (faculty, students and patrons alike!)  Mary Lynn doesn't know a stranger and is welcoming to all!  Mary Lynn serves as a wonderful representative of KFAC and Millikin University!  I am happy that she is on my team!! “


“I would like to nominate our administrative assistant and Kirkland Coordinator, Mary Lynn Arnold, for Employee of the Month - probably an honor that is long overdue for her.  It is a given that she already does her ‘job,’ but in the last couple of years, she has also been performing two jobs, and she can perform two jobs, because she is that good.  Of course I know her mostly as our Art Department's administrative assistant.  As such, she is called upon to perform such nominal tasks as printing/collating handouts for classroom use or typing attendance sheets, taking notes at meetings and student reviews, etc., but she knocks out that kind of work with one side of her brain tied behind her back.  When you ask her to do something, it is done so fast you've barely gotten your request out. Otherwise - and more significantly - she functions almost as a Department/KFAC ‘factotum.’  She keeps herself up on the functioning of all the aspects of our department (& KFAC) - so much so, that it can be assumed at any given time that she probably knows more than any faculty member.  She has all our art program information and rules and deadlines stored in her head. Thus she is efficient and capable, but one more thing - she serves also as a ‘front person,’ taking care of students and all the members of the public that come through the Kirkland doors.  Furthermore, she has been all of these things for many years, and I hope you will reward her with this special employee recognition.”


“I write this letter in support of Mary Lynn Arnold for consideration for the Employee of the Month Award. I believe Mary Lynn fully deserves this award [due to] her knowledge, dedication, and professionalism to both positions here in the Kirkland Fine Arts as Administrative Assistant to Jan Traughber, and to her role as Administrative Assistant in the Art Department.  Over the past 12 years, I have had the good fortune to work with Mary Lynn in our department, most recently in my role as Department Chair. Mary Lynn is always on hand to make the department run smoothly, oversees scheduling for both KFAC and the Art Department, is basically in charge of keeping our budgetary records, ordering supplies, re-working documents, and general secretarial duties. She does all of this with professionalism and a good attitude.  Lastly, Mary Lynn is a likable person and has engendered the highest respect from both faculty and students. She is always willing to go the extra distance for us in the department.”


Congratulations, Mary Lynn, on this well-deserved award. A copy of this letter has been placed in your personnel file as a permanent record of your merit and service to this academic institution. On behalf of the entire Millikin community, you have my heartfelt congratulations!

Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL