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Scheduled Courses

See the Course Descriptions page for a list of courses planned for Summer School & May Immersion. Students should be aware that most of these courses have enrollment limits and may be oversubscribed. It is also possible that some courses will be canceled due to low enrollment. Therefore, students should include alternates on the Registration Form.

Priority in registration for oversubscribed courses is given to degree candidates at Millikin University.

Internship/Independent/Directed Study

In addition to the scheduled courses, a limited number of Millikin faculty are available for internship/independent study/directed study courses during the summer Immersion term.

One academic credit is given for every 40 hours of internship, and every internship must be approved through the appropriate department. The internship, independent study, and directed study fees are set at $364 per credit hour plus an $11 per credit hour university fee. No Summer internship registration will be accepted after July 1, 2013.

To receive academic credit for internship/independent study/directed study courses, students must complete their registration at the University. A Millikin faculty member serves as a supervisor and, generally, a plan for the internship/independent study/directed study is discussed well in advance. The student and faculty supervisor shall complete the approved individual study contract form available from the Registrar. This form and the required paperwork must be filed with the Registrar by Monday, July 1, 2013, for the Summer School session. In most areas, it is the student’s responsibility to arrange the details of the internship.

Faculty/staff tuition waivers do not apply to internship/independent study/directed study courses.

Registration Procedures

Registration for Millikin students may be completed in person at the Registrar’s Office (Gorin Hall) or online beginning Wednesday, April 10, 2013. Payment may be mailed and received or made in person at the Student Service Center in Shilling Hall, Room 119.

Adult Enrichment Courses

Courses with the designation Adult Enrichment are designed to be of interest to adults in the area. Community adults will be able to enroll in these courses for the reduced fee of $167 per credit hour ($500 for a three credit course). Expectations for these students will be identical to the traditional student. No credits or grade will be issued. No currently enrolled college students are eligible to take a course as an Adult Enrichment course.

Travel Courses

In order to fully benefit from an international or travel experience, students should be in good physical and mental health. All participating students must meet program/course requirements. A Millikin University Waiver Release and Indemnification Agreement are required for all students participating in a travel course.  All students are required to complete a Student Travel Contract with expense details and payment deadlines to enroll in the travel course. 

An international student travel card is also required for travel courses (international and domestic travel). See the Center for International Education (Richards Treat University Center, Rm. 121) about obtaining this card and related required travel forms. The travel forms are also available from the Immersion/Summer School office, Shilling Hall, Room 209.

Student Accommodations

Students who are seeking classroom accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act should submit documentation to the Office of Student Success, located in Lower Staley 14D at the
time of registration.

Continuing Millikin Students

Students currently enrolled as degree candidates at Millikin University may enroll in the Summer & May Immersion courses by registering online. Online registration for May Immersions courses closes on May 17, 2013 and online registration for Summer courses closes on May 31, 2013. You may register at the Registrar office prior to the 1st day of class. Students interested in immersion travel courses will enroll by submitting a Student Travel Contract deposit receipt to the Immersion & Summer School (I&SS) office in Shilling Hall, Room 209, then the I&SS office will submit the registration to the Registrar office. Online registration is not available for travel courses.


New Millikin Students

Students who have been admitted to Millikin for the Fall of 2013 may enroll in the Summer term courses. Courses taken during summer will become a part of the Millikin transcript. The student should submit the Registration Form to the Registrar’s Office.

Visiting Students

Full or part-time students attending other colleges or universities may enroll as visiting students for the summer school or May immersion term.


Visiting students should complete and submit the Registration Form.


Visiting students also must complete a Visiting Student Application available at <>.


Both of these forms should be submitted to the Registrar’s Office. Visiting students are responsible for verifying with their home institutions that the courses they take at Millikin are appropriate to their academic plans and can be transferred to the home institution.


Millikin University

Registrar’s Office

1184 W. Main St.

Decatur, IL 62522

Current High School Students or Recent High School Graduates


Millikin invites high school students to enroll with special student status. This option is appropriate for juniors or seniors who have strong academic preparation (generally a B or better average in related high school courses).  High school students should complete and submit the Registration Form.


High school students are considered “Visiting Students” and also must complete a Visiting Student Application available at <>.


Both of these forms should be submitted to the Registrar’s Office.


High school students must also submit a statement and a signature from a high school counselor or principal to the Registrar office, stating that the student is at least a junior or senior in high school, and prepared for advanced work in the area selected. Immersion or summer school courses may be applied toward the Millikin degree if the student is admitted later and enrolls as a degree candidate. Students may be able to transfer these courses to other institutions as well. 


Tuition and Other Charges

Scheduled one credit courses - $364

Scheduled two credit courses - $728

Scheduled three credit courses - $1092

Scheduled four credit courses - $1456

University wide comprehensive fee - $11.00 per credit

Internship - $364 per credit

Independent Study - $364 per credit

Directed Study - $364 per credit

Adult Education (non-transcript adults) - $167
per credit hour (or $500 for a 3-credit course)

Tuition and fees will be billed to the student. It is advisable to remit payment as soon as the registration is processed. Payment can be made online or in person at the Student Service Center, Shilling Hall, Room 119, or by mail to:

Millikin University

Student Service Center

1184 W. Main St.

Decatur, IL 62522

Travel Course Contracts

All travel courses have a unique Student Travel Contract agreement that specifies total expenses for the course. All students are required to complete the Student Travel Contract that provides details, including deadlines for deposit and full payment of costs. Adult Education students are also required to complete the Student Travel Contract.

All travel courses must be paid in full prior to traveling. Some courses have additional fees to cover supplies or special expenses associated with off-campus travel and/or lodging.

Request a Student Travel Contract to see all fees and expenses associated with that course. Continuing Millikin students need to check with the Financial Aid Office regarding eligibility for loan options such as Stafford, or alternative loans. Students may make arrangements with the Student Service Center for alternative payment schedules.

Once the non-refundable deposit for travel courses has been paid, students are responsible for all charges incurred and expended by Millikin University for the travel course (airfare, housing, activities, etc.), even if they choose to withdraw from travel courses.  In addition, the deposit made by the student to hold a place in the travel course will not be refunded in the event of withdrawal.

NOTE: The following withdrawal refund guidelines for immersion courses DO NOT APPLY to travel courses due to the travel expenses paid by the university several weeks in advance for each student.

Faculty/staff waivers are valid only on a space available basis and when courses reach the minimum enrollment. Faculty/staff waivers do not apply to internship, independent, or directed study courses.

Contact the Summer School & Immersion Director’s Office for additional information 217-424-6205.


University Tuition Refund Schedule - May Immersion & Summer Terms

Withdrawal from courses:

Tuition Refunds

Withdrawal from any course

·         There is a full refund before 8:00 a.m. of the first day of class  

·         There is a 50% refund through 5:00 p.m. of the first day of class

·         There is no refund after 8:00 a.m. of the 2nd day of class


Each student is financially responsible for courses in which he/she is enrolled.  If it becomes necessary to drop a course, the student is responsible for submitting the proper form (available in the Registrar’s Office). Simply not attending or ceasing to attend a class does not constitute a formal withdrawal. The instructor cannot withdraw the student; proper paperwork must be completed at the Registrar’s Office. If you must withdraw and are unable to come to the University to complete the proper paperwork due to extenuating circumstances, you may call the Registrar’s Office at (217) 424-6217 or email the Registrar, Walt Wessel at <>.

Insufficient Enrollment

The University reserves the right to withdraw courses for which there is insufficient enrollment. Courses may be canceled for other unforeseen circumstances as well.


Due to the short duration of May Immersion and Summer term courses, attendance is imperative.  Each faculty member establishes an individual definition of satisfactory classroom attendance and informs students of this policy. Students are expected to attend regularly scheduled class meetings and laboratory sessions.  

It is the student’s responsibility to report circumstances regarding their absence to the instructor as soon as possible. In the event a student has difficulty reaching instructors to report an absence, the Student Life and Academic Development Office will assist the student at 217-424-6340. 

In case of an emergency that could close the University, please contact Campus Safety & Security at 217-464-8888.

Final Examinations

Final examinations for most courses will be given at the last scheduled class meeting. The specific hour will be announced by the instructor.


Current Millikin students who will be in need of housing during the Summer Immersion periods may sign a summer contract with the Office of Residence Life. Housing is limited and is rented at the rate of $18/night for double accommodations and $28/night for single accommodations (although singles may not always be available). The location of such housing is at the discretion of the Office of Residence Life. It is essential that students contact the Office of Residence Life at 217-362-6410 prior to May 10, 2013 to ensure appropriate housing. Failure to do so may result in a student's inability to live on campus due to lack of availability. Students living in The Woods should contact The Woods office at 217-464-8635 to inquire about summer rates. Payment for summer housing is charged to the student's account. A deposit may be required.

Students not currently living in on-campus housing and in need of temporary housing during the immersion term may choose to live in the University residence halls at the cost of $18/day for double occupancy rooms and $28/day for single occupancy rooms. Charges will be posted to the student account. Individuals living in Greek housing should clear arrival date with their chapter president.

Students may use cash or "flex dollars" on their meal cards at a reduced number of locations. Students must complete the validation process in order for their meal cards to be activated. Students should be aware that only a limited number of student services are available during the summer session.

Library Facilities

The library will be open most days and some early evenings during the immersion session. Full hours are posted on the library’s web site, at <>.


Classroom assignments will be posted online. Go to <> then Quick Links, then MUonline, then Course Listings, and select Term: Summer 2013. Select subject for course. Then submit. Classroom changes will be announced on MUonline.

Course Evaluations

We have simplified the process of completing evaluations for each course, providing a convenient online approach. You will receive email instructions prior to the end of your summer school course about how to log in to MyMillikin to complete the evaluation process, and you will have until the end date of the class to complete the evaluations. All answers and comments are anonymous, reported back to the faculty and administrators as data from all students in the class. Comments are reported back as text without names attached. Your evaluations are an important contribution in the development of the highest quality learning experiences possible at Millikin University.

University Study Requirements

With each course listing, current Millikin students will find in what way the course can fulfill their University Study requirements.


Grades are posted on MUonline at the end of July.  Incomplete grades awarded for course work must be resolved by the eighth week of the fall 2013 semester. In the event that an incomplete is not resolved by that time, a grade of ‘F’ will be recorded. The full policy regarding incomplete grades is listed in the current Millikin University Bulletin.


If you have never attended Millikin and do not have a network account, visit the University Services Department in Shilling 106 to get one. 217-362-6488


Additional Information

Additional information is available from the Summer School & Immersion Director, Randy Brooks, Shilling Hall, Room 209, or by phone at 217-424-6205.

The Summer School and May Immersion term course offerings, meeting times, and room assignments are subject to change. Students should check room assignments on MUonline, and the Registrar’s Office when they return to campus. Questions about admission and registration issues should be directed to Walt Wessel, Registrar, Room 16, Gorin Hall, phone 217-424-6217 or email <> or <>.





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