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Take two courses. Earn six college credits.
» Explore photography of the stars.
» Identify plant and animal DNA.
» Immerse yourself in Haiku traditions.
» Create your own 1960s history.
» Learn how to graph Facebook and Twitter.

The Millikin University Summer Academy is a unique opportunity for students who have completed their junior year of high school to explore the advanced college classroom and discover how fun learning can be. This hands-on experience goes beyond the typical college prep coursework. Millikin’s project-based classes are taught by excellent faculty who never stop learning. With their guidance, students investigate, evaluate, create and present their own discoveries.

Summer Academy is for high-achieving students who are entering their senior year of high school.  Students must be nominated to join the Millikin University Summer Academy by their high school principal, counselors or faculty.

Registration Deadline.............May 14, 2014
Payment Deadline..................June 2, 2014

*Residential Students..............$3,250
**Commuter Students..............$2,600

COURSES (click on courses below for more information)
ASTRONOMY: Observational Astronomy and Astro-Photography
BIOLOGY: From Flasks to the Field and Back
ENGLISH: Global Haiku Traditions
HISTORY: Doing History: the 1960s
MATHEMATICS: Graphs in Culture

For more information please call 217.424.6205 or email:
Dr. Randy Brooks Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
Dr. Dan Miller Chair, Mathematics Department
Dr. Brian Mullgardt Assistant Professor, History

*Residential students live in campus housing for the duration of the Summer
Academy. They receive three meals a day and participate in all Summer Academy
activities, travel, and events.

**Commuter students must live within 45 miles from campus. Commuters receive one lunch each day and participation in all Summer Academy activities, travel, and events.
Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL