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After Acceptance

Welcome to Millikin University and Congratulations!

Now, what do you need to know to make your arrival and your transition at Millikin as easy as possible?

‘"The best thing about Millikin University is the people! Our campus is known for its friendliness and its dynamism and I love it!’" Laura - Student from France

"I applied to several schools in the U.S. Millikin was the best one responding to my requests for admissions. For international students, we need a lot of support and I felt immediately that this school is really a special place where people care about the students." Chin Dao - Student from Thailand

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Accept your offer of admission to Millikin and confirm by paying a $500 deposit (refundable if your visa is denied).
  2. Send a CONFIRMATION OF FINANCIAL RESOURCES. International applicants must submit a Confirmation of Financial Resources form (click here for an example of financial statement you can use) in the amount indicated on your acceptance letter, which is an estimate of the annual tuition, educational and living expenses for an academic year (click here for a breakdown of the estimated tuition and living expenses). We will accept an original government or company letter of sponsorship in lieu of the Confirmation of Financial Resources.
  3. We will release your I-20 immigration document.
  4. Apply for your visa
  5. Confirm your visa: Please confirm that you have received your visa and that you will definitely be attending Millikin University. If you have encountered difficulties, please let the Center for International Education know as soon as possible.
  6. Check housing options and apply for housing through the Center for International Education (CIE). 
  7. Register for your classes: As soon as you have confirmed your admission to Millikin, you will receive an ID and password to login into myMillikin. You will receive information about your advisor and your classes. You will be able to see all the classes offered at Millikin in our online course catalog. The CIE will guide you through the process.
  8. Apply for Health Insurance (see Health Insurance information below).
  9. Complete and send your travel arrangements and pre-arrival documents (medical, flight details etc). Please email to, as soon as possible, the complete information on:
    • Date and time of Arrival
    • Airline name(s) and flight number(s)
    • Airport where you will arrive, and where you are coming from (For example: Flying from Paris directly to Chicago, or flying from Seoul to San Francisco, then to St. Louis, then to Decatur.)
  10. One month before the start of the semester, pay your remaining fees (either in full or your first installment).
  11. When you arrive in the U.S., you will be met at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago and taken to Millikin University. However, if for any reason you decide to arrive on a date other than Millikin's scheduled pick-up date, you will need to make arrangements for traveling from Chicago or Saint Louis to Decatur yourself. Transportation options include: Air Travel - you can use the airline AirChoice One which flies directly from Chicago or Saint Louis to Decatur ($50 one-way trip - 1 hour flight); or use Ground Transportation -  Baldwin Shuttle (a shuttle bus service) that provides direct transportation from Chicago to Millikin. Baldwin Shuttle or other shuttle companies provides transportation from Chicago airports. Please be aware that only Baldwin Shuttle will take you to Millikin.
  12. In case of travel complications: If your flight is delayed, or if you encounter problems at immigration, please contact the Center for International Education as soon as possible.
  13. Arrival at Millikin
    Our Center for International Education team will greet you upon your arrival at Millikin and help you to get settled into your residence hall room. Once on campus, you will receive your housing assignment, campus address and telephone number so that you can share this information with your family and friends.
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