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Exchange and Study Abroad Programs

Tuition Free Exchange Programs
Millikin University offers several tuition free exchange agreements with institutions all over the world. The Center for International Education (CIE) verifies the value of these programs to ensure a strong academic environment and a consistent transferring of academic credits. Students participating in exchange programs will be responsible for paying the host institution’s room and board, but will continue to only pay Millikin tuition.

Affiliated Programs
To ensure that all students have access to study abroad programs that fit specific needs, Millikin  University has initiated arrangements with select other organizations. The CIE makes the payments to the affiliated programs and will bill students separately. It is important to know that no financial aid may be applied to a semester abroad when going through an affiliated program. Many of Millikin’s affiliated institutions offer generous discounts to our students to make up for the loss of financial aid.

Dual-Degree Programs
As part of the Dual-Degree Programs, students will pay the host institution tuition, room, and board fees. At the completion of the program, students will receive a degree from both Millikin and the host institution.

Faculty-Led International Immersion
Several departments on campus offer study abroad immersion trips that take place during the winter, spring and summer terms. The immersions typically last from two weeks to a month and are an excellent way to experience other cultures with the comfort of traveling with a faculty member from your own institution.

London Program
The London Program is designed to take advantage of all London has to offer, from its world-class theatrical tradition to its literary, cultural, and historical treasures. Classes are in session three days per week, allowing ample time for “field trips” to the theatre, to museums, historical sites, and to locations outside London (Stratford, Oxford, Stonehenge, Bath, and the Lake District) for research or sightseeing. Four-day weekends also provide opportunities to travel to Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and to continental Europe. Any students in their junior or senior year who are interested in the curriculum being offered are encouraged to be a part of this experience. The London Program is affordable and all procedures and concerns are overseen by Millikin University.

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