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Wireless Setup Instructions
Over the summer, Millikin's Information Technology department has been hard at work on several projects to overhaul our network infrastructure.  Most buildings on campus have received substantial upgrades to their wired and wireless networking, and when classes begin, we will have Wi-Fi available all across Millikin's campus, including some outdoor spaces.  In addition to the upgrades made to the network, the campus Internet bandwidth has been increased by 150% to take advantage of the improvements.
As a part of this project, we made the decision to disable the unsecured wireless network MU-GUESTS.  This actually serves to increase wireless performance for both students (on the MU-RESNET network) and faculty and staff (on the MU-ADMIN network).  In addition, all wireless network traffic will now take place over a secured wireless connection in order to protect the security and data integrity of computers on our network.  Students, faculty, and staff alike can now use our wireless networks without risk of the many dangers of public Wi-Fi networks, such as data theft.

Instructions for connecting to Millikin's Wireless Network vary based on the operating system of the computer.

Employees wishing to connect to the wireless network should use the MU-ADMIN connection.
Students wishing to connect to the wireless network should use the MU-RESNET connection.

Windows 7 and Mac OS X version 10.6 have Wireless Configuration Utilities that will automatically find the correct wireless settings for your computer to connect to Millikin's Wireless Network.  Once the utility has completed setup, the end user must log in with the Millikin username and password.

For other operating systems, or if you would like to manually configure your wireless connection, please select the appropriate instruction guide from the list below:

Wireless setup instructions for Windows 8
Wireless setup instructions for Windows 7
Wireless setup instructions for Windows Vista
General wireless setup instructions for Windows
Wireless setup instructions for Mac OS X Snow Leopard
Wireless setup instructions for Mac OS X Leopard

Wireless setup instructions for iPad
Wireless setup instructions for iPhone

If you have completed each step of the wireless setup instructions for your operating system and are still having connection issues, please bring your computer to the Help Desk in Shilling 106.

Note:  Millikin University prohibits the use of wireless routers on campus.  Please contact information Technology regarding extending the existing campus network.
Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL