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Technology Updates - January 2013 to July 2014
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Network Services

  •  Re-cabling of academic and campus buildings and a replacement of the core, switches and wireless access points across campus providing an intelligent network for the future.
  • Expansion of the wireless network to include outdoor spaces and every classroom.
  • Bandwidth for the campus increased from 100 MB to 250 MB.
  • Implemented SEP backup system for faster granular recovery and more reliable completion of scheduled backups.
  • Migration of our Millikin University website environment to RackSpace in the cloud, including a software upgrade.
  • Installed a load balancer alleviating network traffic congestion for heavy use applications such as myMILLIKIN.
  • Rollout of Office 365 (Microsoft Office) for students.
  • Upgraded the thin client environment for Scovill, Staley Library, and Shilling 323 labs with more memory and solid state drives to improve performance.
  • Installed a Polycom system for synchronous learning for use by the MBA and other programs in ADM/Scovill 207.
  • Worked with Safety and Security and the Facilities Department on the placement and installation of more secure door access areas and video camera placements.

 Desktop/Help Desk Services

  • Upgraded the Mac lab with 24 new iMacs and updated software.
  • Upgraded the CAI lab with new iMacs and updated software.
  • Decreased our replacement cycle for fulltime employees from 5 years to 3 years.
  • Implemented SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager) offering multiple tools for assisting in the maintenance and repair of computers across campus remotely and proactively.
  • Standardized our computer purchases to fewer models for ease of repair and maintenance.
  • Assisted in the creation of a scheduling interface for the Writing Center.
  • Decreased staff from three to two technicians.

Media Services

  • Added nine more media classrooms with technology and projection in Shilling Hall.
  • In the process of replacing nineteen projectors in existing media classrooms across campus.
  • Updated the Media in the Mac lab with a high resolution projector for photo viewing and editing.
  • Updated nine media classrooms with new controls in ADM/Scovill Hall.
  • Hired a Media Specialist with background in academics to replace vacancy.
  • Streamlined and improved the setup and equipment for the Board of Trustee’s meetings.
  • Upgraded online Board of Trustee’s software and interface.

 Mailroom/Print Shop Services

  • Installed a new mail machine which provides better reporting and automated billing for personal charges and departments, as well as an enhanced scanning system.
  • Redesigned the mail area to accommodate the increasing package deliveries.
  • Streamlined several processes to assist in reducing the workload.
  • Increased student staff to include students to assist in early morning with mail pick-up from the post office (University mail and packages are not delivered to the campus from the post office, mailroom staff must pick up and deliver to mailroom).
  • Decreased staff from three to two employees, one of which is 32 hours per week employee.

 Administrative Systems Services

  • During this time frame, the administrative systems team has completed over 2,080 work orders for members of the campus community.
  • Collaboration between Marketing and IT resulted in a redesign of the myMILLIKIN portal providing the campus a consistent tool that is adapted for viewing on any device.
  • Through the new myMILLIKIN portal, the Administrative Team has delivered multiple enhancements that help access information quickly and easily, included are:
  • Student’s ability to create messages for the campus community bulletin boards.
  • Student’s access to ISBN numbers earlier for their required materials.
  • Registration of vehicles for parking permits with the university.
  • Requests for access to the guest wireless network.
  • Customization of the portal to personal preferences.
  • Ability to request and set up email on mobile devices
  • Several projects have been accomplished to aid retention efforts, included are:
  • Continuous assistance with the analysis of student retention through the use of data.
  • An automated system created for Student Life staff allowing for early identification and assistance for students who may be at risk.
  • Access created for faculty and staff to document and track interactions with students through the myMILLIKIN portal.
  • Reports created that will help analyze retention by financial aid categories and in the Masters in Nursing program.
  • Uploading and incorporating student ID images into class rosters to better assist faculty in identifying students.
  • To better serve the Writing Center staff and the students they serve, an automated process was created that allows students to schedule their own appointments online, produce reports on the students that are served and how, and tracks students who schedule but do not show up for appointments.
  • The same system for scheduling students in the Writing Center is being extended for use in the Office for Student Success and plans are to extend it to the Career Center and Math Center.
  • Every year Millikin sends out award letters to incoming students and as an enhancement to illustrate their final out-of-pocket expenses, the team worked with the Financial Aid office to revamp how the Financial Aid award letter is formatted to clarify each amount.
  • Student activities at Millikin are numerous and tracking of every organization a student is involved with is essential to the student’s campus life and important information for future reference.  Through the myMILLIKIN portal, leaders of organizations may now enter their rosters into the administrative system as a matter of record.  This provides everyone at the university the list of leadership of each organization and allows each organization to assign positions to their members.  It provides the Alumni and Development staff access those associations after graduation to better relate pertinent or interesting information to individuals about their organizations activities in the future.
  • Automated a manual process with an online international student application developed similar to the traditional undergraduate application with additional information required by the Center for International Education to track and record student interest in Millikin University.
  • Built a process that alerts supervisors that they have timesheets to approve to reduce the amount of time Business Office staff have to manually review and remind those that have not finished approvals.
  • Payment Card Industry Compliance (PCI) is mandatory for all institutions who collect funds through electronic processes.  Millikin’s payment gateway that processes receipts has been moved to a hosted environment within the Touchnet Data Center in the cloud guaranteeing that all payment profile information is PCI compliant and is protected.  This project was a several month long effort that required coordination with Business Office, Financial Aid, Alumni, and IT Departments.
  • With many updates from the Federal government pertaining to data in our administrative system, the team has completed mandated system version upgrades.  These upgrades were completed to enhance and better aid in the institution’s ability to provide required government data and prepare the system for future software upgrades.
  • The team worked with the Financial Aid and Registrars offices to implement the government mandated 150% Direct Subsidized Loan Limit monitoring system.  This feature is a federally mandated component for many areas in which these two offices will be required to report.
  • For those students whose classes or programs are paid for by their employers, a third party billing system and instrument was created.  The bills, which were previously created manually by Student Center Staff are now generated through the Banner system and automatically formatted with the university’s branding standard.
  • Assisted Public Safety and Student Life with purchase and implementation of a new parking ticket and student incident tracking software.
  • Accomplished workload with reduction of one full-time employee from the Administrative Systems staff.

Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL