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Technology Questions and Answers for New Students
New Student Training Guide Download (Updated June 2015)

Do I have to bring a computer?

No, Millikin University has several computer labs with general access computers for use by Millikin students.

Where are the general access computers?

    •  ADM-Scovill Hall
        ○  Open Area
        ○  West Lab (Room 005)
        ○  East Lab (Room 006)
    •  Shilling Hall
        ○  Tabor Lab (Room 323)
    •  Staley Library
        ○  Library General Access Computers
        ○  Mueller Lab (Room 17)

There are other specialty labs located on campus as well.  Some labs may only be used by students in specific programs or classes.

Does Millikin have wireless internet access?

Yes.  As of Fall 2013, most of the campus has secured wireless.  Soon, the sports fields will have wireless as well. For a detailed list of locations, please click here.

If I bring a computer, what are the suggested minimum specifications?

Almost any computer made in the last three years should meet the minimum specifications to connect to Millikin's network.  Information Technology supports Windows and Macintosh operating systems.  Other operating systems should connect to our network, but limited support is available.  International students should consider installing the English Language pack on their computers.

Does Millikin University offer any programs to assist or recommend in the purchase of a computer for a student and is there are discount arrangement in place with a computer manufacturer or vendor?

Yes.  The following vendors administer programs that allow students to purchase software and/or hardware at a significant educational discount.  For more information, please contact the vendor or the vendor's website directly.

    •  CDWG - Phil Doetsch, Account Manager - Ph# 877.297.2707/email:

    •  Apple - Select Education Store and search Higher Education for Millikin University.

    •  VarsityBuys - Microsoft Office Windows/Mac (Available with an educational discount).  Go to, select Institution Type: College/University, select State/Province: Illinois, press Go and select Millikin University from the list.) 

How should I prepare my computer for Millikin University?

    •  Install up-to-date virus and spyware protection software (Link to Microsoft free anti-virus software)
    •  Download and install any available Windows or Macintosh security updates
    •  Install an up-to-date version of one of these browsers: Internet Explorer or Firefox
    •  Install an office productivity suite (i.e. Microsoft Office is primarily used on campus, and available at a discount from ScholarBuys)

Can I view my Millikin email and calendar on a mobile device?

Yes, you can!  For more information, please view this page and follow the instructions.

What software is installed on Millikin owned computers?

Software may vary slightly depending on location.  Microsoft Office is found on all Millikin owned computers.  All public access computers will have an up-to-date web browser.  Specialty software may be installed for instruction purposes in some locations.

Does Millikin have guidelines to help determine how technology should be used?

Yes, we do!  To promote the appropriate use of technology, Millikin has established Technology Policies.

What happens if I have problems with my computer?

Once you have arrived on campus, you can contact our Help Desk with any computer related questions, 217.362.6488 or by visiting Shilling 106 between the hours of 8 AM and 5 PM Monday thru Friday.
Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL