Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Shilling 106
Phone: 217.424.6238
Fax: 217.424.3993
Email to Telecom:

NOTICE: To complete a call to a number off campus, first dial 7.

Emergency calls Dial 7, 911

Cell Phone Discounts:
Millikin University students can receive a 10% discount with AT&T by using FAN discount code 2767674 . For more information, please see

Phone Prefixes:
3500-3999: 424
4000-4399: numbers are on campus only and have no prefix; they cannot be called from off campus.
4500-4599: 420
4600-4699: 425
5000-5099: 424
6000-6099: 420
6200-6399: 424
6400-6499: 362
6500-6799: 420
8300-8399: 464
8500-8999: 464

Faculty Voicemail:
All faculty are now able to have lights for voicemail plus Caller ID. Please contact your department chair to see if we can upgrade your phone. We now have new models available for $65.00

For instructions on using voicemail click HERE.

Dialing Instructions
On campus Dial the four-digit extension number
Local calls Dial 7, then the seven-digit number
Toll calls within the 217 area code Dial 16 - ACCESS CODE - 7, followed by the seven digit number
Toll calls outside the 217 area code Dial 16 - ACCESS CODE - 7, 1-area code-number
International Dial 16-ACCESS CODE-7, 011-country-city-number
Toll free Dial 7, 1-area code-number

Access Codes
Long distance calls and directory assistance calls require an access code. If you need a code, please e-mail Rita Wempen at and one will be assigned to you. Rates are $.12 a minute.

All calls made with your access code are your responsibility. Do not share your access code with anyone. Contact Telephone Services as soon as possible if you have lost your code or feel that your code is being misused, so that your code can be quickly voided and a new code issued. New and replacement codes are issued in person only and you must have your Millikin ID with you. Abuse of the phone system, such as making unauthorized long-distance calls and misuse of access codes, is covered by several sections in the Millikin Student Handbook and by numerous federal statutes.

Information Calls

For all information calls, except international, the procedure is to call 7 to get off campus and then 411. This includes out of state calls. We have 555.1212 blocked and it cannot be used. Do not call the operator and ask for information, as the calls involving the operator are very expensive.

Billing Information
All calls made with your access code are your responsibility. Do not share your access code with anyone. Call, detail, updated periodically, is available online using Millikin Online.

Rate Information
Local calls - Free
Monthly Fee - Free
Call Waiting - Free
Installation Charges - None
Hidden Charges - None
Caller ID - Free
Domestic toll calls - 12¢ per minute
International calls Vary - Contact Telephone Services for rates
Directory assistance - 65¢ per call

Calling Cards
You may make calling card calls to receive your billing directly from a long distance carrier of your choice. Contact the service provider to receive a toll free number and instructions.

Additional Information
Dial Around (10-10-xxx) and 900 calls are not allowed. Collect calls forbidden. Special services (i.e. voice messaging, private Voice Mail) from service providers cannot be implemented on campus phones. Your campus phone number is owned by Millikin; do not give out your campus number to a service provider as a means of billing.

Call Waiting
Push flash button (on single-line phone) to put one party on hold and connect to another party.

3 Way Calling
1. Explain to first caller that you are initiating a conference call
2. Push Flash (or Conference from a multi-line phone)
3. Dial second number
4. After party answers hit flash (or conference again)

How to Transfer a Call
Using 'Conference' Key:
1. Explain to first party that you will transfer them
2. Push Flash (or conference from a multi-line phone)
3. Dial new extension
4. Announce Call
5. Push Conference Key
6. Hang up (quietly)
Using 'Transfer' Key:
1. Explain
2. Push 'Transfer' Key
3. Dial new extension
4. Push 'Transfer' Key

Phone Difficulties
If you experience difficulty using your phone, i.e. cannot dial a specific number, no dial done, static, etc., please report the problem to Telephone Services at 217.424.5066 or email along with your name, location (building, room) and extension number. Most problems can be resolved within 24 hours of notification. If you have no dial tone, you might check the base cord (between wall and phone for damage. We do not repair personal phones. Do not call Ameritech since they do not service any on-campus equipment. If you do call them for equipment service, any associated service charges (generally a minimum of $70) will be your responsibility. Note that Ameritech, as a local service provider, is required by law to respond to an equipment service request.

Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL