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What is the myMILLIKIN portal?

The myMILLIKIN portal is a one-stop client-oriented web site that personalizes technology tools and information to the specific needs and characteristics of the person visiting the site, using information from university databases.

What are the goals of the myMILLIKIN portal?

    •  Make it easy for people to find university information targeted specifically to them
    •  Use a single consistent web-based front end to present information from a variety of back-end data sources
    •  Provide a single sign-on environment

What do you mean by single sign-on?

A portal requires a way for people to identify themselves so the system can decide what tools they have available to use. This implies a single standard login name for each individual using the portal. A person can have multiple roles at the same time such as alumni, student, and staff member. We don't want separate logins for each of these roles. We want one login name for that person that follows the person through all their interactions with the University. We also want to avoid forcing people to log in several times for different tools. Once they are in the portal, they should be able to access all the tools without logging in again. Sometimes this isn't technically possible, but it should be the goal.

How is a portal different from a normal web site?

In a normal university web site, the information is out there, but it is up to the visitor to find it. They have to either use a search engine, or navigate the links on the university's web page. Often people miss information they couldn't find.
In the myMILLIKIN portal, the visitor identifies his/herself to the portal. The portal then uses the detailed knowledge the university has about this person to gather together all the information relevant to that person and display it in one place. This information could be generic publically accessible information, or it could be confidential information specific to that individual (like course grades or payroll information). The emphasis is shifted from a public web site to a user-oriented web site that provides tools, reports, and services specifically designed for that individual.

Will the myMILLIKIN portal replace our regular university web site?

No. The focus of the myMILLIKIN portal is to provide information targeted to individuals. The focus of a general web site is to show general on-line information to wide audiences. The two systems are different, but compliment each other. Neither is a replacement for the other.

How do I log into the myMILLIKIN portal?

Go to and click on the myMILLIKIN button on the right side of the page or click on the myMILLIKIN link in the upper right hand corner of the page or go to:
Read the directions under Login Information for your username and password. If you have logged in to computers in general access labs on campus, it is the same. If you have always used the workstation only login on campus or never logged into a computer on campus, the password rules for your first login are explained on the Login Information on the login page.

How do I navigate between the different screens or applications?

With Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox, you now have “tabs” or “boxes” for each new screen you open, they are located right below your navigation bar. This allows you to navigate between each screen without closing the application. To exit an application click the close tab (X) at any time without leaving the portal. To leave the portal and close all tabs, click Log off in the upper right hand corner and close your browser completely.

How do you determine which “roles” appear for me when I log into the portal?

Everyone who logs into the portal will have at least one role, you may have multiple roles at the university. Some people have several roles because they have moved through the system and taken on new roles as they go….student, alumni, employee, faculty, etc. These roles are determined by information stored in the university database that is checked at the time of your login to the portal. Once you have qualified for a role, it will always be available to you in the future so that you have access to your information related to that role.

Why do I have to login to some applications after I already logged into the portal?

We are working to set up all applications with links in the portal to accept a “single sign on” process. We will eventually have them set up, stay tuned!

Do I have access to my home directory from the portal?

Yes, you click on the icon in the upper right hand corner of the portal page that is labeled “NetStorage”. We are currently exploring other ways to provide access to your home directory through the portal that would provide drag and drop access to your files as well.

How do I give feedback about the portal or request that something be added to the portal?

Click on the link on the Home tab labeled "Let us know what you think about myMILLIKIN!" and give us your comments.

What are the Bulletin Boards?

There are two types of pre-defined Bulletin Boards where you can post messages (topics).
Discussions – This is an open forum area where you can have debates, conversations, and discussions about issues that you post. This Bulletin Board is not monitored and you can bring up any issue that you feel is worthy of discussion with your fellow students.
Announcements – This is the place to post those messages that you used to put on the announcements listserv in Groupwise. There are several categories or topics that are the standard ones most students need: Need a ride, For Sale, Housing, Events, Jobs/Internships, Lost and Found, Happy Birthday, and Congratulations. If you post to these topics, you can choose to have an email sent to you when someone posts a reply or if they reply privately to the Bulletin Board, you can choose to be notified with a popup informing you that someone has responded to your post.
Check out the FAQ at the top of the screen on how to use the Bulletin Boards if you have problems. And….let us know if you would like to add topics to the announcements section, email us at
Our intent in delivering this Bulletin Board system is to cut down on the number of mass emails sent to your Groupwise email account.

How can I log back in and access the open applications if I accidentally logoff myMILLIKIN?

You can log back in by typing the following address in your location bar This will take you back to your login page and the applications you had opened in your session. This is another reason you must close and exit your browser when ending your portal session completely, the applications you have open in the tabs could be accessed by someone who may use your browser session if you do not exit the browser completely.

What is this "Allow Unsecure Content" popup on Internet Explorer?

By default, Microsoft Internet Explorer prompts you whenever a webpage contains any insecure content on a secure website. In the case of the portal, the "unsecure content" it's referring to is an image in one of the channels on the tab you're viewing. To disable this annoying popup, you can follow these directions:
1. Click on the Tools menu.
2. Click on Internet Options.
3. Click on the Security tab.
4. With "Internet" selected, click on the Custom Level button.
5. Look for "Display mixed content" about halfway down the list.
6. Change the option from "prompt" to "enable."
7. Click OK twice, then close and reopen your browser.

What is the mySSO feature (single sign on)?

This feature allows you log in to a personal site, such as Blue Cross/Blue Shield, where you have already set up an account with a username and password. Accessing the site through SSO in myMILLIKIN creates an automatic sign on for each subsequent visit to the site through myMILLIKIN.
In other words, login once through the portal and the next time you choose Blue Cross Blue Shield from the drop down list, you will be automatically signed onto the site without having to provide your username and password again. This feature will only work when you visit the site through myMILLIKIN. If you visit the site directly, you will have to provide your username and password.
Please note that while we will try to satisfy all requests to add SSO access for other websites, not all can be added. To see a list of those that will not be available, click on "Non-sso-able sites". In the email request for a site addition, please give us the EXACT URL of the login page you are requesting
(eg. Notice the word "login" in the address.


Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL