Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Media Support Specialist

DeShawn Pendelton


•  Provide media services for employees and students
•  Evaluate needs and recommend purchases of media equipment
•  Repair and supervise the maintenance of media equipment
•  Responsible for the maintenance and updating of the inventory database of media equipment
•  Review and update policies regarding the use of multimedia equipment
•  Maintain records for usage of media equipment
•  Purchase, install and maintain the security systems for media equipment
•  Responsible for the security of keys that access multimedia rooms and equipment
•  Responsible for the training and supervision of student technicians in media in coordination with the Information Systems Coordinator
•  Work on and direct special projects as needed
•  Attend Conferences, workshops, seminars etc. as required by the supervisor
•  Other duties as assigned by the supervisor

Education and Training

• Bachelors of Science in Interdepartmental Studies [Biology, English and French], Millikin University 2001-2005

Previous Professional Experience

•  Associated Colleges of Illinois (part-time), Chicago, Illinois (August 1998 - January 2003)
•  Millikin University Safety & Security, Decatur, Illinois (September 2000 - May 2003)
•  Information Technology, Millikin University (Various Dates/positions - November 2003)
•  University Services Mailroom (January 2004 - August 2004)
•  University Services Media Specialist (August 2004 - Present)
•  University Services ID/Duplication Technician (February 2005 - May 2006)
•  University Services Media Support Specialist (May 2006 - Present)
•  Vector Marketing CutCo Salesperson (Summer 2002)
•  Wal-Mart Automotive Technician (June 2002 - December 2002)
•  Sears Automotive Technician (April 2003 - January 2004)

Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL