Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Network Administrator
Mike Black

Essential Responsibilities:
•  Planning, operation, documentation, and maintenance of network core switch and access layer switches and hubs, PIX firewall, PacketShaper network policy device, and wireless access points and bridges
•  Management, documentation, and maintenance of campus inter-building fiber optic network to provide connectivity of campus LAN backbone, fire alarm devices, HVAC controls, and card access control systems
•  Monitoring, usage analysis, and optimization of campus LAN including traffic graphing, profiling and protocol analysis
•  Primary contact for Internet Service Provider Illinois Century Network (ICN)
•  Internet problem analysis and resolution in collaboration with ICN Network Specialists
•  Usage monitoring and analysis including graphing, traffic classification and profiling of mission-critical and non-critical applications
•  Primary contact for local loop service from AT&T
•  Planning, operation, documentation and maintenance of DHCP, DNS, and WINS services
•  Organization and planning of TCP/IP addressing scheme
•  Operation and maintenance of university website in collaboration with University Webmaster and Help Desk Manager, including creation and placement of websites, integration with SQL database server, and maintenance of web authoring accounts
•  Incident response management, including documentation, investigation, resolution, and complaint addressing
•  Server security auditing
•  Planning, maintenance and operation of LAN backup system
•  Operation of network intrusion detection system to provide proactive security incident response
•  Virus protection, including alert notification ,analysis, removal strategies, and prevention
•  Management of firewall rules, VPN system, and SecurID authentication systems
•  Operation of Windows domain servers providing university websites, SQL databases, workstation images, campus listservs, software license servers, directory services, backup services, and streaming media services
•  Responsible for patch management, service packs, user accounts, resource management, audits, and log analysis
•  Operation of Linux servers, providing DNS services, traffic graphic facilities, and intrusion detection systems
•  Server hardware installation, organization, placement, consolidation, repairs and maintenance
•  KVM console, rack, and cable management for servers
•  Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system organization, consolidation, management, battery replacement, and testing
•  Documentation and labeling of all cable runs
•  Testing and evaluation of new technologies such as directory services, e-mail systems, server operating systems, management software, and other network services in collaboration with Applications Administrator/Developer
•  Testing and evaluation of new network infrastructure hardware, devices, and software
•  Wiring and infrastructure layout in new construction and renovation in collaboration with Director of Information Technology
•  Evaluate the need for outsourcing of campus cabling installations
•  Installation of new data and phone cabling in campus buildings, when practical and/or possible in coordination with Media Services personnel
•  Troubleshoot problems and maintain the existing data and phone cabling
•  Troubleshoot problems and maintain the existing hubs and switches for data cabling
•  Supervise the installation of data and phone cabling by contractors
•  Management of Cable TV distribution equipment, supervision of the Cable TV closed circuit channels, coordination of Cable TV installations for new construction in coordination with Media Services personnel
•  Setup of special satellite feeds

Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL