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Technology Services Manager/Team Leader
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Amy Brilley - Shilling 104A

Essential Responsibilities

•   Manage and monitor the workflow of the Technology Services area to achieve optimum support for technology use by employees and students
•   Gain the ability to fill in, when necessary, for absent staff in all areas of Technology Services
•   Communicate regularly with internal administrative, technical, applications and operational staff, particularly as a liaison between the Senior Systems Analyst/Team Leader and the Senior Database Analyst/Team Leader, and their personnel in order to ensure the integrity, security, and availability of technology provided by the Technology Services team
•   Attend occasional departmental support meetings with groups and individuals to assist management and staff in determining and meeting the technology needs of the University
•   Assist in monitoring the direction and growth of business to ensure the application of appropriate technologies and support systems
•   Analyze user problems and operations and recommend services including cost and time estimates
•   Manage the education, training, and awareness on the core functions and capabilities of the Technology Services area to the university
•   Coordinate testing activities for appropriate systems with other Team Leaders, as required
•   Evaluate needs and plan the budget for replacement and addition of desktop and other equipment for all employees and student general access labs on a rotating basis in coordination with the Director
•   Manage the installation of new hardware and software, the redistribution of hardware, and the support of existing hardware and software for university owned equipment
•   Manage the physical inventory of all desktop hardware and software
•   Manage the purchase, renewal, and recordkeeping for university production and other software licenses in coordination with the Director
•   Manage the support and maintenance of telecommunications including the wiring, connections, equipment, and billing
•   Analyze and recommend the purchase of new media equipment
•   Manage the support of media equipment in classrooms and other Millikin owned spaces
•   Manage the centralized printing services for the university
•   Manage the printer/copier vendor contract in conjunction with the Director and collect and prepare billing numbers for the vendor and departmental charge back data
•   Manage all mailroom functions including student and university mail
•   Manage the lease/repair agreements on equipment used in the Technology Services area
•   Manage the maintenance of  the Information Technology website
•   Hire and supervise full-time personnel for the Technology Services area in conjunction with the Director
•   Establish training and development goals, with budget considerations in mind, and write and conduct performance reviews of team members in conjunction with the Director in order to ensure continued growth and sustained performance
•   Hire, supervise, and manage the training of student workers for Technology Services in conjunction with the respective service area

Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL