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Dear KirkOut Readers:


For the next few weeks, we will be taking over your blog.- A small derivation if you will, to highlight the University’s upcoming production of “Brighton Beach Memoirs” by the American Playwright Neil Simon.  This series of Blogs will be from people directly and indirectly involved in the production of that show. We will hear from the students who are building the set, to the designers who make their visions come to life. We will listen to the shows core from the director and the faculty members who teach the show in their lectures to students.


This blog is not confined to text, but to all types of media. We want you to be engaged on all levels. There will be text sure, but there will also be photos, and music, or even just ideas. “Illusions” is what this season is all about, and one Illusion that makes this art so wonderful is how breathtaking the entire show can look that we, as the audience, forget what it takes to put that lack of breath on the stage. This blog will offer a little opening to peek into the work that is going on before you even get here. It is my hope that through this blog series you become a bit more connected to the show, the University, and the Department of Theatre and Dance here at Millikin. I don’t want to break your “Illusion” of the theatre, I just want to Illuminate it.


It is my pleasure to invite you to read this blog. I hope I can see you at the show, which opens Wednesday March 24th and runs through Sunday Afternoon March 28th. You can purchase your tickets online and receive more information just click here .


I hope to see you all at the show, and enjoy the blog.



Michael A Cruse

Student Marketing & Promotions Intern


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