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Blue Connection, Millikin University's student-run retail art gallery, has named Kathryn Scarim, a senior art therapy major from Palos Park, Ill., the 2015 Summer Artist-in-Residence. Scarim will showcase her artwork throughout the months of June and July 2015.

Continuing her art therapy studies this fall at Millikin, Scarim will focus on painting and drawing during her residency at Blue Connection.

"The residency program will allow me to dive deeper into studying, pushing and experimenting with drawing and painting," said Scarim. "Blue Connection is not just a place for art to be displayed, it's a place to learn, grow, experiment and create."

Scarim was recently awarded the David S. Monroe Art Award at Millikin University's Distinguished Faculty Lecture and Honors Convocation on April 23. The award recognizes outstanding achievement in art, and recognizes students for their major, excellence in their work and exhibiting a professional attitude.

Scarim noted, "Blue Connection brings Millikin students and faculty together with the Decatur community to appreciate and understand all that goes into artistic creation. The Artist-in-Residency program is a spectacular opportunity because I will be able to develop my skills in a professional environment."

In terms of her art inspirations, Scarim says, "Great artists including Giacometti, Klimt, Basquiat, Judy Chicago and Squeak Carnwath all deeply inspire me."

Julienne Shields, instructor of entrepreneurship at Millikin says, "Kat Scarim was hand-picked by the Art Department at Millikin to be the Blue Connection Artist-in-Residence for Summer 2015. We're excited for Kat to be using the gallery as both a studio and a display place. She's a talented and personable artist. We're sure the community will enjoy meeting her."

Blue Connection, located at 117 N. Water St. in Decatur, Ill., strives to highlight fine art students that are a rising success in their fields and provide a public venue for Millikin students to sell and showcase their artwork.

Focused on arts and specialty businesses, Blue Connection is used by students in Millikin's Arts and Entrepreneurship Program to grow their businesses. Millikin's Arts and Entrepreneurship Program provides performance-based business opportunities for students to exercise self-employment. The program utilizes student-run ventures to provide students live practice in developing, launching, and growing a business.

For further information on Millikin University's Blue Connection, visit or contact the gallery at 217.428.0112.
The International Urban Wildlife Conference provides a venue for researchers, practitioners and students to share the latest research on the ecology and management of urban wildlife. This year's conference, held May 17-20 at the Lincoln Park Zoo's Urban Wildlife Institute in Chicago, Ill., featured nearly 300 presenters, including scientists from Nigeria, Germany, Australia and Canada, as well as the United States.

Among the presenters were recent Millikin University graduate Elizabeth Wrobel, and Millikin faculty members Dr. David Horn, associate professor of biology, and Dr. Travis Wilcoxen, assistant professor of biology.

Wrobel, a James Millikin Scholar (JMS) who graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biology on May 17, presented her research, conducted at the Illinois Raptor Center, entitled, "Direct and indirect effects of human activities on disease, toxicology, and injury of birds of prey."

"I really enjoyed being able to give a talk on both my Millikin undergraduate research project and the other projects being carried out by my lab mates," said Wrobel. "One interesting thing to note was that there was only one other presentation at the conference about birds of prey. I think this really showcases the uniqueness of the type of research that Millikin students get to do."

In August 2015, Wrobel will begin a research assistantship for a Ph.D. program in the Department of Poultry Science at the University of Georgia's College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

"I have been anticipating going to graduate school since my freshman year at Millikin," said Wrobel. "I believe that my education at Millikin, specifically the research opportunities I have received, have more than prepared me for the academic challenges that I will encounter as a graduate student."

Dr. Wilcoxen added, "Elizabeth's presentation at the International Urban Wildlife Conference epitomizes Performance Learning at Millikin. Not only did she present the components of the raptor research that were part of her own Millikin undergraduate research, she also combined the findings of other students into a single, cohesive story about raptor ecology in urban settings."

Dr. Horn and Dr. Wilcoxen were each invited to speak at the conference on anthropogenic food. Both provided separate discussions about different aspects of their wild bird feeding research.

Dr. Wilcoxen's discussion was entitled, "A community-level assessment of the impacts of anthropogenic food on the health of free-living birds." Dr. Horn's talk was entitled "The effects of supplemental feeding on forest bird populations in central Illinois." Current Millikin students and graduates were co-authors of both research projects.

"Through participation in the conference, we were able to demonstrate that Millikin's faculty and students are completing ecological research that has great value on an international scale," said Dr. Wilcoxen. "We had a number of positive interactions with other scientists that are likely to lead to future collaborations."

Initially organized in 1986 by Lowell Adams as the National Symposium on Urban Wildlife, the International Urban Wildlife Conference has been held under various titles and sponsors over the years. The history of the conference reflects the growing interest and relevance of wildlife in urban areas.

The conference also focuses on reducing human-wildlife conflict, planning wildlife-friendly cities, and developing strategies for effective outreach and education.

Dr. Wilcoxen noted, "I know from the immediate feedback we received from other professionals in attendance that the work we presented offered new perspectives, and sparked new ideas on both bird feeding research and research into the ecology of birds of prey."

Millikin University, in partnership with Decatur Memorial Hospital (DMH) and Zevacor Molecular, will add a Clinical Nuclear Science Program beginning in fall 2015.

The program will provide upper-level biology, chemistry and physics majors at Millikin University with another pathway from being a science student to developing a science career. The program will include formal course work, internships and Performance Learning experiences working with 16 and 70 MeV cyclotrons, and assisting with nuclear medicine programs at both Zevacor Molecular and Decatur Memorial Hospital.

As part of the program, Millikin University will introduce two new courses: Clinical Nuclear Science I, with focus on physics and chemistry, and Clinical Nuclear Science II, with focus on biology. Zevacor Molecular and Decatur Memorial Hospital will provide Millikin students, who are enrolled in the courses, with on-site, short-term practicums and other learning experiences.

Zevacor Molecular in Noblesville, Ind., will provide funding for a research fellowship in summer 2016, including a $3,000 stipend and a $2,000 housing allowance. Decatur Memorial Hospital will also provide a summer research fellowship, including a $3,000 stipend. Millikin University will provide housing for the student during that summer.

"The Clinical Nuclear Science Program at Millikin University is a unique opportunity for students to help achieve successful science careers," said Dr. David Horn, Millikin associate professor of biology. "By partnering with Decatur Memorial Hospital and Zevacor Molecular, Millikin students will gain a wide range of experiences from the production of nuclear isotopes to examining their use in patients."

Click here to read more about the Clinical Nuclear Science Program in an article from the Herald & Review.

The Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) Baccalaureate/Graduate Degree Board of Commissioners has reaffirmed accreditation of the business programs at Millikin University.

Established in 1988, ACBSP is the only organization offering specialized business accreditation for all degree levels, from associate to baccalaureate to doctoral degree programs. ACBSP accreditation certifies that the teaching and learning processes within the business programs offered through the Tabor School of Business at Millikin University meet the rigorous educational standards established by ACBSP.

Millikin University was first accredited by ACBSP in 2005. Millikin University is required to go through the reaffirmation process every 10 years to maintain ACBSP accreditation.

"Millikin University has shown their commitment to teaching excellence and to the process of quality improvement by participating in the accreditation process," said ACBSP Chief Accreditation Officer Dr. Steve Parscale, who will present the Certificate of Reaffirmation of Accreditation at the 2015 ACBSP Conference in Philadelphia, Pa., on June 14.

"This reaffirmation of accreditation is evidence that Millikin University is committed to providing the highest quality business education for their students for the next 10 years, just as they have done for the last 10 years," said Parscale.

Dr. Susan Kruml, dean of the Tabor School of Business at Millikin University noted, "I continue to be impressed by the high quality faculty and staff at the Tabor School of Business. Working as a dedicated team, the experiences they create for undergraduate and graduate students are unmatched by any I've seen. The Tabor School of Business delivers cutting-edge competency-based programs and ACBSP affirms this."

Millikin University is a private, comprehensive university with a diverse student population of approximately 2,200 undergraduate and graduate students. A Millikin education features "Performance Learning," a unique learning approach offering students the chance to build the confidence to succeed before and after graduation. Millikin offers more than 50 majors in the College of Fine Arts, College of Arts and Sciences, College of Professional Studies and Tabor School of Business, and is located on a 75-acre residential campus in Decatur, Ill. For more information, visit

ACBSP's mission is to promote continuous improvement and recognize excellence in the accreditation of business education programs around the world. ACBSP is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) as a specialized accreditation agency for business education. ACBSP currently has 1,233 member campuses, 195 of which are located outside of the U.S., of those campuses, 923 have achieved accreditation and more than 210 are in candidacy for accreditation. For more information on ACBSP, visit
Alex Miller, Millikin University associate professor of theatre and dance, was recognized by the Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC) for outstanding leadership and dedicated efforts in providing positive change in the lives of offenders. Miller was named the IDOC 2015 Volunteer of the Year on April 27 for his volunteer work with the Decatur Correctional Center.

Inspired by Dr. Laura Bates, English professor at Indiana State University, who teaches Shakespeare at the Pendleton Correctional Facility in Indiana, Miller began a Shakespearean program in 2011 at the Decatur Correctional Center entitled "Shakespeare Corrected." Miller brought "Shakespeare Corrected" to the correctional center to help enhance the lives of inmates and prepare them for successful reintegration.

Offenders are involved in all aspects of the productions including acting, making costumes, creating the set and props, and designing programs. Miller uses Shakespearean stories to teach valuable life skills to offenders. The process enables them to learn how Shakespeare's characters deal with life situations.

"I've been volunteering for four years and it's been extremely rewarding for me, but to be recognized on that level is very humbling," said Miller. "There are many individuals, just like me, who have volunteered hundreds of hours simply for the good of the women in the facility. To be singled out with that group of individuals was a huge honor."

The program has staged productions of "Othello" in 2012, "The Tempest" in 2013, and "The Taming of the Shrew" in 2014. The program recently held performances of "Macbeth" in late April. Soundcheck Music Center provided lighting equipment for the productions of "Macbeth," and dry cleaning was provided by Peerless Cleaners.

Millikin students also assisted with the program, including Joseph Bezenek, a senior theatre major from Sioux Falls, S.D. "During my very first visit to the correctional center, I knew Professor Miller was inspiring the souls of every brave woman in the room," said Bezenek. "It's no surprise to me that he won the award. My soul has been tremendously moved by the amount of love this man can give, and I know he is eternally thankful for this honor."

Offenders who have participated in the program described it as a truly life-changing experience.

"I think the program works on several fronts," said Miller. "For the offenders, it's transformational and it helps them learn the intangibles that are required to have a life of meaning and value. It also works because their families are invited. If you really want to have an impact on criminality and poverty, you have to address the individuals who are currently in the situation, but you have to go for the next generation."

IDOC Acting Director Donald Stolworthy said, "Because of Professor Miller, many of the offenders begin to believe in themselves and see that they don't have to live a life of crime that has a major impact on their families, their friends, and the communities where they live."

When asked how the Shakespeare productions play a role in the lives of the offenders, Miller said, "By letting them see that the impossible is possible. The program exists through the efforts of the administration, the students, and the offenders. It's the human spirit triumphing over impossible odds."

Because of the program's positive effect, Miller says he will be reaching out more to the community next year for support of the program.

Millikin University presented bachelor's degrees to graduates during its 111th Commencement ceremony on May 17 at the Decatur Civic Center.

Graduates on May 17 represented Millikin University's College of Arts & Sciences, Fine Arts, Professional Studies and Tabor School of Business.

Millikin's 2015 Commencement speaker was Kenneth L. Smithmier, president and chief executive officer of Illinois Health and Science (IHS). Smithmier's commencement address was entitled "Write Your Epitaph Now." Smithmier received his undergraduate degree from St. Louis University and his master's degree in hospital administration from the University of Minnesota.

The ceremony also featured remarks by student Terrence L. Hodge of Chicago, Ill., who graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre. Hodge was selected by his fellow classmates to address the graduating class.

Millikin University also honored graduates of its Professional Adult Comprehensive Education (PACE) program and Master of Business Administration (MBA) program on May 16 in Kirkland Fine Arts Center.

Sharon T. Alpi, director of the Center for Entrepreneurship at Millikin University, provided the commencement address on May 16. The ceremony also featured remarks by PACE graduate Natasha Huffman of Decatur, Ill., and Denise R. Smith of Sullivan, Ill., who earned her Master of Business Administration. Huffman graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership.

Click here to read an article from the Herald & Review recapping Millikin University's 111th Commencement ceremony.

Millikin University will be honoring graduates of its Professional Adult Comprehensive Education (PACE) program and Master of Business Administration (MBA) program on Saturday, May 16, in Kirkland Fine Arts Center.

One of those graduates will be Dianne Bailey, who was recently named the 2015 PACE Student of the Year. Bailey enrolled in the PACE program in 2012 and will be receiving her bachelor's degree in organizational leadership.

Gail Crookshank, director of the PACE program, said Bailey was nominated by faculty members and peers alike. Crookshank said Bailey is an outstanding scholar and a natural leader.

The ceremony will also include speeches by PACE student Natasha Huffman of Decatur, Ill., and Denise Smith of Sullivan, Ill., who will be receiving her Master of Business Administration.

The PACE program is designed for adults seeking to earn a bachelor's degree in an accelerated evening course format. PACE offers the following majors: Accounting, Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Nursing RN to BSN and Organizational Leadership.

PACE also offers Educator Licensure in Early Childhood or Elementary Education for individuals with a baccalaureate degree. Secondary Educator Licensure is offered through Millikin University to adults who already hold a bachelor's degree in specific fields.

Click here to read an article from the Herald & Review covering Dianne Bailey's career and this year's PACE/MBA Commencement ceremony.

Millikin University students practiced various selling techniques throughout the spring semester as part of a business course entitled "Personal Selling."

To practice their selling skills leading up to a semester-end project, teams of students were tasked with selling small items each week, such as theatre tickets and pens, in order to gain greater confidence approaching and interacting with people.

After eight weeks of selling, the students raised $1,530.50. The funds were donated to a charity selected by the highest performing sales team: St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. The highest performing sales team included: Alex Kidd, a senior commercial music/music business major from Decatur, Ill.; John Doyle, a senior accounting major from Naperville, Ill.; and Jakob Bliss, a junior marketing major from Kirkwood, Mo.

The students also had the opportunity to sell Caterpillar products to a group of employees from Caterpillar Inc. at the end of the semester.

Click here to read more about the work of the Millikin students in an article from the Herald & Review.

Millikin University will host the Illinois Junior Academy of Science (IJAS) State Exposition on May 13-14, 2016. The exposition will be held on Millikin's campus and at the Decatur Indoor Sports Center (DISC), located at 1295 W. Wood St. in Decatur, Ill. Millikin is the first private institution in Illinois to host the annual exposition.

The Illinois Junior Academy of Science State Exposition is the largest high school and middle school research competition in Illinois. More than 1,200 students from schools across Illinois will exhibit research and design investigations. The students represent some of the best and brightest aspiring scientists, engineers, designers and problem-solvers in the state. They will compete for scholarships, best in category awards and other special awards.

Students begin their research and design projects supported locally by their schools, teachers and parents. Students advance to their regional expositions, which select the top students to advance to the state exposition. Students can compete in an oral presentation exposition of their investigation or with a project display competition. Student presentations will include the following topics: consumer and behavioral science, engineering, biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology, astronomy and astrophysics, and more.

The IJAS also sponsors an essay and artistic design competition.

"Millikin University is thrilled to be chosen to host the Illinois Junior Academy of Science State Exposition," said Millikin University President Dr. Patrick White. "With over 1,200 of our state's best and brightest and most ambitious students here on campus, this gives us an opportunity to showcase Millikin's excellence in the sciences and the opportunities for Performance Learning across campus, while introducing hundreds of families to the warm hospitality of Decatur."

Dr. James V. Rauff, professor of mathematics at Millikin University, will be the featured keynote speaker at the state exposition. Dr. Rauff will present on "Swarm Intelligence: Programming like Ants, Bees, and Fireflies."

Swarm intelligence is an exciting interdisciplinary research area bringing mathematics, computer science, engineering, and biology together to solve difficult problems. Dr. Rauff will outline the principles of algorithms based upon swarm intelligence and highlight some of their applications.

Dr. Rauff holds a Ph.D. in computational linguistics from Northwestern University, an M.A. in mathematics from the University of Wyoming, an M.A. in anthropology from Loyola University-Chicago, and a B.A. in mathematics from Albion College.

The IJAS research competitions are aligned with Illinois State Learning Standards, the Next Generation Science Standards and the Common Core State Standards for Literacy in Science and Technology Subjects.

The Illinois Junior Academy of Science exists for the benefit of students in the state of Illinois. The process students follow for the IJAS gives these students some insight into the problems and methods of thinking that are particular to the scientist. This process encourages these students to find information concerning new investigations and discoveries in science. It gives a reason for students with a special interest in science to go beyond the classroom curriculum and develop their own investigation. It encourages students in their progress towards a career in science.

Click here for more information on the IJAS State Exposition.
On April 23, Millikin University honored students and faculty members during the 2015 Distinguished Faculty Lecture and Honors Convocation. The event recognizes students in all four colleges for outstanding scholastic achievement and service to Millikin, and faculty members for exceptional contributions to the University.

Over 70 endowed awards were presented, many of which were established over the past 100 years as a way to remember the Millikin students, faculty, staff and friends who have left a lasting impression upon the University community.

This year's Distinguished Faculty Lecture was presented by Dr. W. Thomas Duncanson, Millikin associate professor of communication. Dr. Duncanson's areas of specialization include rhetorical studies, communication ethics and argumentation. The topic of his address was "The Second Person."

Congratulations to this year's winners.


Behavioral Science Award – Dana C. Hunt, from Mundelein, Ill.

Henry F. Gromoll Service Award – Kayla L. Foster, from St. Louis, Mo.

Biology Honors Award – Spencer B. Hudson, from Wilmington, Del.

Dr. Neil Baird Biology Lab Assistant Award – Lindsey C. Ross, from Decatur, Ill., and Stephanie N. Schroeder, from Metropolis, Ill.

Clyde Dennis Award – Moli A. Copple, from El Paso, Ill., and Rachael A. Croy, from Decatur, Ill.

George and Rick Glasscock Memorial Biology Award – Kendra L. Peterson, from Batavia, Ill.

John and Ula Leighty Research Award – Ashley M. Fulk, from Altamont, Ill., Rachel A. Kindred, from Ottawa, Ill., Olivia G. Waszczuk, from Roselle, Ill., and Elizabeth R. Wrobel, from Tinley Park, Ill.

Alpha Epsilon Delta Award – Jenna M. Farquhar, from Ledyard, Conn., and Jessica M. Kerr, from O'Fallon, Ill.

American Institute of Chemists Award – Ashley V. Flores, from Round Lake, Ill.

Chemical Rubber Company Prize – Korinne L. Frankford, from Alton, Ill., and Brooke N. Smith, from Franklin Grove, Ill.

Dr. and Mrs. William F. Henderson Prize – Kayla L. Bryant, from New Lenox, Ill., Adam G. Falasz, from Bloomington, Ill., Skya M. Gentle, from Lisle, Ill., and Drake M. Mellott, from Sterling, Ill.

Carl and Lucile Weatherbee Chemistry Award – Adam G. Falasz, from Bloomington, Ill., Ashley V. Flores, from Round Lake, Ill., Skya M. Gentle, from Lisle, Ill., and Drake M. Mellott, from Sterling, Ill.

Carl and Lucile Weatherbee Graduate Studies Award – Christopher M. Potter, from Decatur, Ill.

Dr. Everett J. Brown Prize – Taylor R. Bley, from Le Claire, Iowa, and Samuel C. Deary, from Virginia Beach, Va.

Dr. and Mrs. W.J. Darby Prize – Alice K. Dembinski, from Indianola, Iowa, and Alexsandra M. Reynolds, from Decatur, Ill.

Dr. Grace Patten Conant Writing Award (For literary creation) – Abigail J. Wieser, from Kewanee, Ill.

Dr. Grace Patten Conant Writing Award (For literary interpretation) – Erynn M. Williams, from Mt. Zion, Ill.

Dr. Grace Patten Conant English Department Award – Brittany M. Mytnik, from Plainfield, Ill.

Dr. Grace Patten Conant Society Achievement Award – Chelsea M. Dunmire, from Macon, Ill., Matthew D. Gremo, from Decatur, Ill., Emma P. Hoyer, from Champaign, Ill., Caitlin E. Husted, from Germantown Hills, Ill., and Erynn M. Williams, from Mt. Zion, Ill.

Outstanding Journalism Award – Morgan E. Ewald, from Mount Carmel, Ill.

Dr. J. Graham Provan History Award – Kelli M. Layton, from Grayslake, Ill., Jacob Sagan, from Oak Forest, Ill., and Lindsay M. Tipsword, from Decatur, Ill.

Albert T. Mills Prize – Lauren A. Nesbitt, from Sidney, Ill.

John E. Vrooman History Prize – Carla A. Franzene, from Lake Geneva, Wis.

Sigrid A. Stottrup History Award – Emily D. Crutchfield, from Morton, Ill.

Mathematics and Computer Science Award – Hailee L. Peck, from Livermore, Calif.

Linda Weatherbee Mathematics Award – Tyler J. Ross, from Oak Forest, Ill., and Jonathon P. Spaw, from Lake in the Hills, Ill.

Modern Languages Linguistic Excellence Award – Moli A. Copple, from El Paso, Ill.

Modern Languages Literary Criticism Prize – Lydia L. Burke, from Indianapolis, Ind.

Margaret Burkhardt Johnson Modern Language Excellence Award – Jonathan Rodriguez, from Tucson, Ariz.

Dr. Robert McIntire Political Science Award – Kathleen A. Wrigley, from Decatur, Ill., and Jennifer C. Zima, from Greenfield, Wis.

T.W. Samuels Award – Joshua S. Rose, from Saint Jacob, Ill.

Alice Ambrose Lazerowitz Philosophy Award – Robert T. Spurling, from Taylorville, Ill.

Rev. Robert S. and Doris Stewart Prize in Religion – Mitchell B. Brannon, from Spring Valley, Ill., Christopher P. Hartley, from Mokena, Ill., Andrea L. Muhlbauer, from Fenton, Mo., and Jonathon P. Spaw, from Lake in the Hills, Ill.

Outstanding Physics Award – Remmi D.C. Baker, from Decatur, Ill.


Pi Kappa Lambda Outstanding Senior Award – Christopher R. Raymond, from Bourbonnais, Ill.

Presser Scholarship – Phillip R. Lopez, from Avon, Ill.

Alice Herren Ayars Award – Brock B. Gwaltney, from Jacksonville, Ill.

Mary B. Merris Award – Kiara T. Colon, from Chicago, Ill.

Winifred St. Clair Minturn Award – Michael S. Claver, from Volo, Ill.

William Eichenauer Guitar Award – Christopher P. Hartley, from Mokena, Ill., and Adam D. Wissman, from Pekin, Ill.

Thomas A. Johnson Memorial Award – John P. Robinson, from Bloomington, Ill.

Dr. Russell Tiede Honors Award – Christopher R. Raymond, from Bourbonnais, Ill.

Dr. Maria Klott Memorial Award – Christina E. Cummins, from Algonquin, Ill.

Handler Award for Excellence, Bachelor of Arts in Music – Christopher P. Hartley, from Mokena, Ill., and Conner P. Kerrigan, from Frankfort, Ill.

Dr. L.C. McNabb Memorial Award – Rachel M. Fantus-Reininger, from Rowlett, Texas, Daniel G. Jenson, from Decatur, Ill., and Jamie N. Shriner, from Valparaiso, Ind.

Michelle Chartier Memorial Award – Tyler J. Hixson, from Monticello, Ill., and Andrea L. Muhlbauer, from Fenton, Mo.

Kathryn Paige Torp Memorial Award – Chad P. Shingler, from New Lenox, Ill.

Ron Smith Award in Musical Theatre – Danielle T. Davila, from Murfreesboro, Tenn., and Anthony J. Norman, from Chicago, Ill.

J. Ben Wand Prize – China A. Brickey, from Chicago, Ill., and Terrence L. Hodge, from Riverdale, Ill.

Marvin Klaven Art Award – Sarah E. Kisly, from Crystal Lake, Ill., and Michelle M. Sendy, from Libertyville, Ill.

David S. Monroe Art Award – Danna M. Herbach, from Wheaton, Ill., Kayla L. Lovel, from Carrollton, Ill., Tetyana-Khrystyna Konareva, from Bangalore, India., Alison M. Moeller, from Nashville, Ill., Taryn N. Pepping, from Eldridge, Iowa, Nicole M. Putong, from Lombard, Ill., Elsa K. Rotramel, from Arthur, Ill., Kathryn F. Scarim, from Palos Park, Ill., Lavante R. Smith, from Decatur, Ill., Courtney M. Woodruff, from Momence, Ill., Natalie T. Zelman, from Naperville, Ill., and Xin Zhao, from Oreana, Ill.

Dorothy Sellers Art Award – Jessica G. Brooks, from Decatur, Ill., Jessica K. Claussen, from Grant Park, Ill., Brian J. Dixon, from Elburn, Ill., and Lindsay A. Quick, from Mattoon, Ill.


The Barbara and Robert Byrkit Award – Amber L. Butler, from Yale, Ill., and Kelsey R. Pigati, from Decatur, Ill.

Dr. Jerald Hunt and Dr. Darlene Hoffman Award – Alyssa L. Larson, from Ashton, Ill.

The Smith/Orlandini Book Award – Parker M. Day, from Winchester, Ill., and Secily R. Moss, from Pana, Ill.

Walter Witt Award – Jacob D. Griffith, from Villa Grove, Ill., Hannah E. Millington, from Argenta, Ill., Kelly J. Skorczewski, from Schaumburg, Ill., and Hallie K. Williams, from Macon, Ill.

Alpha Tau Delta Honorarium Award – Haley B. Rediger, from Yorkville, Ill.

Decatur Memorial Hospital R.H. Cleland R.N. Award – Karlee L. VanDeVelde, from Winchester, Ill.

James Millikin Theory and Practice of Nursing Award – Alyssa P. Saklak, from Schaumburg, Ill.

Dorotha F. Dean Nursing Award – Keona H. Long, from Decatur, Ill.

Macon County Medical Auxiliary Award – Jessica A. Springman, from Lovington, Ill.

The Dr. Mary D. Shanks & Dr. Linda K. Niedringhaus Excellence in Nursing Leadership Award – Kelsey E. Farrell, from Bloomington, Ill.


Glen R. Smith Award – Mariana L. Weber, from Manchester, Mo.

Smith/Quigle Family Award – Diana E. Popoca, from Woodstock, Ill.

John H. Crocker Memorial Award – Dillon T. Damarin, from Macon, Ill.

Margaret Sparks Award – Amanda M. Lee, from Lockport, Ill.

Linda Weatherbee Human Resource Management Award – Tiffany A. Couri, from Decatur, Ill.

Paul R. Winn Memorial Achievement Award – Mariana L. Weber, from Manchester, Mo.


Alpha Lambda Delta Senior Book Award – Catherine J. Hixson, from Monticello, Ill., and Dana C. Hunt, from Mundelein, Ill.

The JoAnne Trow Award – Danna M. Herbach, from Wheaton, Ill.

The Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Illinois Delta Chapter Award of Excellence – Jacob D. Griffith, from Villa Grove, Ill., Tyler T. Henderson, from Naperville, Ill., Kyle J. McArdell, from Gridley, Ill., Nicholas W. Sanders, from Marion, Ill., Grey S. Taxon, from Plainfield, Ill., and Benjamin M. Woodard, from Quincy, Ill.

The Millikin University Greek Five Star Chapter Award – Pi Beta Phi and Delta Delta Delta

C.W. Barnes Memorial Award – Latrisha A. Maxwell, from Decatur, Ill.

Parent & Family Association Achievement Awards – Ebony S. Hughey, from Saint Anne, Ill., Jared L. Rixstine, from Washington, Ill., Oliver E. Czopek, from Oswego, Ill., and Dejaujhn D. Thompson, from Chicago, Ill.

Major Thomas G. Storey Citizenship Award – Amanda M. Morgan, from University Park, Ill.

Dr. Jere C. Mickel Human Relations Award – Waylan G. Stevens, from Fort Defiance, Ariz.

Daniel J. and Elinor Gage Student Activities Award – Lindsay A. Quick, from Mattoon, Ill.

Helen Moffett Russell Community Service Award – Alice K. Dembinski, from Indianola, Iowa

Eshelman Family Award – Hailee L. Peck, from Livermore, Calif., and Robert T. Spurling, from Taylorville, Ill.

Dr. Jan Devore Award for Excellence in Contributions to Campus Life – Kalyn A. Miller, from Decatur, Ill.

Dr. J. Roger Miller Leadership Award – Joshua S. Rose, from Saint Jacob, Ill.

Alpha Lambda Delta Outstanding Teaching Award – Alex Miller, Millikin associate professor of theatre and dance

Teaching Excellence and Campus Leadership Award – Dr. Jennifer Schroeder, Millikin associate professor of biology

Scovill Prizes – Emily A. Cleveland, from Mokena, Ill., Jared L. Rixstine, from Washington, Ill., Gabriella K. Cimino, from Homewood, Ill., Emily D. Crutchfield, from Morton, Ill., Alexander H. Koulos, from Naperville, Ill., Abigail J. Karnes, from Liberty, Mo., Jonathon P. Spaw, from Lake in the Hills, Ill., and Tyler J. Hixson, from Monticello, Ill.
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