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8-Semester Plans of Study
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  • NOTE TO TABOR SCHOOL OF BUSINESS STUDENTS: In addition to the pdf for your major, all┬áTabor┬ástudents must also download the Tabor Plan pdf.

Accounting 8-Sem F15.pdfAccounting 8-Sem F15New
Art Therapy.pdfArt Therapy
Art, BA (Secondary Education Licensure).pdfArt, BA (Secondary Education Licensure)
Art, BA.pdfArt, BA
Art, BFA (Secondary Education Licensure).pdfArt, BFA (Secondary Education Licensure)
Athletic Training.pdfAthletic Training
Biology - Environmental.pdfBiology - Environmental
Biology - Molecular Cell.pdfBiology - Molecular Cell
Biology - Pre-Dentistry, Pre-Vet, Pre-Optometry, Pre-PA.pdfBiology - Pre-Dentistry, Pre-Vet, Pre-Optometry, Pre-PA
Biology - Pre-Med.pdfBiology - Pre-Med
Biology - Pre-Medical Technology.pdfBiology - Pre-Medical Technology
Biology - Pre-Physical Therapy, Pre-Occupational Therapy, Pre-Chiropractic.pdfBiology - Pre-Physical Therapy, Pre-Occupational Therapy, Pre-Chiropractic
Biology Education.pdfBiology Education
Business Management 8-Sem F15.pdfBusiness Management 8-Sem F15New
Chemistry - Biochemistry Emphasis.pdfChemistry - Biochemistry Emphasis
Chemistry - Business Emphasis.pdfChemistry - Business Emphasis
Chemistry - Education.pdfChemistry - Education
Chemistry - Research Emphasis.pdfChemistry - Research Emphasis
Digital Media Marketing 8-Sem F15.pdfDigital Media Marketing 8-Sem F15New
Education - Early Childhood, BA.pdfEducation - Early Childhood, BA
Education - Early Childhood, BS.pdfEducation - Early Childhood, BS
Education - Elementary, BA (ESL).pdfEducation - Elementary, BA (ESL)
Education - Elementary, BA (Special Education).pdfEducation - Elementary, BA (Special Education)
Education - Elementary, BS (ESL).pdfEducation - Elementary, BS (ESL)
Education - Elementary, BS (Special Education).pdfEducation - Elementary, BS (Special Education)
English - Creative Writing Emphasis.pdfEnglish - Creative Writing Emphasis
English - Journalism Writing Emphasis.pdfEnglish - Journalism Writing Emphasis
English - Literature Emphasis.pdfEnglish - Literature Emphasis
English - Professional Writing Emphasis.pdfEnglish - Professional Writing Emphasis
English Education.pdfEnglish Education
Entrepreneurship 8-Sem F15.pdfEntrepreneurship 8-Sem F15New
Exploratory Studies.pdfExploratory Studies
Graphic Design.pdfGraphic Design
Health, Fitness and Recreation.pdfHealth, Fitness and Recreation
Human Services, BA.pdfHuman Services, BA
Human Services, BS.pdfHuman Services, BS
InformationSystems-AppDev 8-Sem F15.pdfInformationSystems-AppDev 8-Sem F15New
InformationSystems-DataMgmt  8-Sem F15.pdfInformationSystems-DataMgmt 8-Sem F15New
InformationSystems-Security-Compliance 8-Sem F15.pdfInformationSystems-Security-Compliance 8-Sem F15New
International Business.pdfInternational Business
Mathematics Education Major BA even - Honors.pdfMathematics Education Major BA even - Honors
Mathematics Education Major BA even.pdfMathematics Education Major BA even
Mathematics Education Major BS even - Honors.pdfMathematics Education Major BS even - Honors
Mathematics Education Major BS even.pdfMathematics Education Major BS even
Mathematics Major Actuarial BA even - Honors.pdfMathematics Major Actuarial BA even - Honors
Mathematics Major Actuarial BA even.pdfMathematics Major Actuarial BA even
Mathematics Major Actuarial Bs even - Honors.pdfMathematics Major Actuarial Bs even - Honors
Mathematics Major Actuarial Bs even.pdfMathematics Major Actuarial Bs even
Mathematics Major BA even - Honors.pdfMathematics Major BA even - Honors
Mathematics Major BA even.pdfMathematics Major BA even
Mathematics Major BS even - Honors.pdfMathematics Major BS even - Honors
Mathematics Major BS even.pdfMathematics Major BS even
Music - Business.pdfMusic - Business
Music - Commercial Music.pdfMusic - Commercial Music
Music Education - Instrumental Emphasis.pdfMusic Education - Instrumental Emphasis
Music Education - Vocal Emphasis.pdfMusic Education - Vocal Emphasis
Music Performance - Instrumental Emphasis.pdfMusic Performance - Instrumental Emphasis
Music Performance - Piano Emphasis.pdfMusic Performance - Piano Emphasis
Music Performance - Vocal Emphasis.pdfMusic Performance - Vocal Emphasis
Music, BA.pdfMusic, BA
Physical Education.pdfPhysical Education
Political Science.pdfPolitical Science
Social Science Secondary Ed.pdfSocial Science Secondary Ed
Sociology, BA.pdfSociology, BA
Sociology, BS.pdfSociology, BS
Sport Management.pdfSport Management
Studio Art.pdfStudio Art
Tabor Plan (Template) 8-Sem F15.pdfTabor Plan (Template) 8-Sem F15New
Theatre - Acting, BFA.pdfTheatre - Acting, BFA
Theatre - Musical, BFA.pdfTheatre - Musical, BFA
Theatre - Stage Management.pdfTheatre - Stage Management
Theatre Administration.pdfTheatre Administration
Theatre Design and Production.pdfTheatre Design and Production
Theatre, BA.pdfTheatre, BA
Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL