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8-Semester Plans of Study
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  • NOTE TO TABOR SCHOOL OF BUSINESS STUDENTS: In addition to the pdf for your major, all┬áTabor┬ástudents must also download the Tabor Plan pdf.

Accounting 8-Sem F15.pdfAccounting 8-Sem F15
Art Therapy.pdfArt Therapy
Art, BA (Secondary Education Licensure).pdfArt, BA (Secondary Education Licensure)
Art, BA.pdfArt, BA
Art, BFA (Secondary Education Licensure).pdfArt, BFA (Secondary Education Licensure)
Athletic Training.pdfAthletic Training
Biology - Environmental.pdfBiology - Environmental
Biology - Molecular Cell.pdfBiology - Molecular Cell
Biology - Pre-Dentistry, Pre-Vet, Pre-Optometry, Pre-PA.pdfBiology - Pre-Dentistry, Pre-Vet, Pre-Optometry, Pre-PA
Biology - Pre-Med.pdfBiology - Pre-Med
Biology - Pre-Medical Technology.pdfBiology - Pre-Medical Technology
Biology - Pre-Physical Therapy, Pre-Occupational Therapy, Pre-Chiropractic.pdfBiology - Pre-Physical Therapy, Pre-Occupational Therapy, Pre-Chiropractic
Biology Education.pdfBiology Education
Business Management 8-Sem F15.pdfBusiness Management 8-Sem F15
Chemistry - Biochemistry Emphasis.pdfChemistry - Biochemistry Emphasis
Chemistry - Business Emphasis.pdfChemistry - Business Emphasis
Chemistry - Education.pdfChemistry - Education
Chemistry - Research Emphasis.pdfChemistry - Research Emphasis
Digital Media Marketing 8-Sem F15.pdfDigital Media Marketing 8-Sem F15
Education - Early Childhood, BA.pdfEducation - Early Childhood, BA
Education - Early Childhood, BS.pdfEducation - Early Childhood, BS
Education - Elementary, BA (ESL).pdfEducation - Elementary, BA (ESL)
Education - Elementary, BA (Special Education).pdfEducation - Elementary, BA (Special Education)
Education - Elementary, BS (ESL).pdfEducation - Elementary, BS (ESL)
Education - Elementary, BS (Special Education).pdfEducation - Elementary, BS (Special Education)
English - Creative Writing Emphasis.pdfEnglish - Creative Writing Emphasis
English - Journalism Writing Emphasis.pdfEnglish - Journalism Writing Emphasis
English - Literature Emphasis.pdfEnglish - Literature Emphasis
English - Professional Writing Emphasis.pdfEnglish - Professional Writing Emphasis
English Education.pdfEnglish Education
Entrepreneurship 8-Sem F15.pdfEntrepreneurship 8-Sem F15
Exploratory Studies.pdfExploratory Studies
Graphic Design.pdfGraphic Design
Health, Fitness and Recreation.pdfHealth, Fitness and Recreation
Human Services BA - F15.pdfHuman Services BA - F15
Human Services BS - F15.pdfHuman Services BS - F15
InformationSystems-AppDev 8-Sem F15.pdfInformationSystems-AppDev 8-Sem F15
InformationSystems-DataMgmt  8-Sem F15.pdfInformationSystems-DataMgmt 8-Sem F15
InformationSystems-Security-Compliance 8-Sem F15.pdfInformationSystems-Security-Compliance 8-Sem F15
International Business.pdfInternational Business
Mathematics Education Major BA even - Honors.pdfMathematics Education Major BA even - Honors
Mathematics Education Major BA even.pdfMathematics Education Major BA even
Mathematics Education Major BS even - Honors.pdfMathematics Education Major BS even - Honors
Mathematics Education Major BS even.pdfMathematics Education Major BS even
Mathematics Major Actuarial BA even - Honors.pdfMathematics Major Actuarial BA even - Honors
Mathematics Major Actuarial BA even.pdfMathematics Major Actuarial BA even
Mathematics Major Actuarial Bs even - Honors.pdfMathematics Major Actuarial Bs even - Honors
Mathematics Major Actuarial Bs even.pdfMathematics Major Actuarial Bs even
Mathematics Major BA even - Honors.pdfMathematics Major BA even - Honors
Mathematics Major BA even.pdfMathematics Major BA even
Mathematics Major BS even - Honors.pdfMathematics Major BS even - Honors
Mathematics Major BS even.pdfMathematics Major BS even
Music - Business.pdfMusic - Business
Music - Commercial Music.pdfMusic - Commercial Music
Music Education - Instrumental Emphasis.pdfMusic Education - Instrumental Emphasis
Music Education - Vocal Emphasis.pdfMusic Education - Vocal Emphasis
Music Performance - Instrumental Emphasis.pdfMusic Performance - Instrumental Emphasis
Music Performance - Piano Emphasis.pdfMusic Performance - Piano Emphasis
Music Performance - Vocal Emphasis.pdfMusic Performance - Vocal Emphasis
Music, BA.pdfMusic, BA
Nursing - F15 (rev 2015-03-30).pdfNursing - F15 (rev 2015-03-30)
Physical Education.pdfPhysical Education
Political Science.pdfPolitical Science
Social Science Secondary Ed.pdfSocial Science Secondary Ed
Sociology BA and BS - F15.pdfSociology BA and BS - F15
Sport Management.pdfSport Management
Studio Art.pdfStudio Art
Tabor Plan (Template) 8-Sem F15.pdfTabor Plan (Template) 8-Sem F15
Theatre - Acting, BFA.pdfTheatre - Acting, BFA
Theatre - Musical, BFA.pdfTheatre - Musical, BFA
Theatre - Stage Management.pdfTheatre - Stage Management
Theatre Administration.pdfTheatre Administration
Theatre Design and Production.pdfTheatre Design and Production
Theatre, BA.pdfTheatre, BA
Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL