Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Faculty Information About Academic Accommodations

Student Accommodations include:

- Extended time for test taking
- Distraction free environment for test taking
- Alternative textbook formats 
- Note taking assistance
- Peer tutoring

Contact: Carrie Pierson, Director of Disability Services & 
     Library 14E               ADA Coordinator at 217-424-3999  or

Course Substitution
      The following procedures are used for a student with a documented learning disability when seeking a modification of the quantitative reasoning or foreign language requirement:  

  • The student must present documentation of a disability to the Office of Student Success at her/his own expense.
  • If the documentation clearly indicates a disability that warrants a course substitution, a letter is sent from the Director of Disability Services and ADA Coordinator to the academic dean of the student's college, advisor, Registrar, and student. The letter includes possible substitution recommendations.
  • The academic dean approves or rejects the request and contacts the student, advisor, Director of Disability Services and ADA Coordinator, and Registrar.
  • If approved the student must meet with her/his advisor to discuss an appropriate substitution.
  • Appropriate math substitutions are dictated by requirement of the discipline.
  • Requests for a course substitution may be rejected if it is determined that a substitution will substantially alter the curriculum.




Faculty Accommodations
Millikin faculty, staff and other employees seeking ADA acommodations should contact Diane Lane, Director of Human Resources, at 362-6416 or by email at or in Shilling Hall 212.

Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL