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  • Maintain and store all academic records of all students attending Millikin.
  • Issue unofficial or official transcripts with signature of the student in accordance with FEPA Guidelines.
  • Post on-line grades to student’s private Millikin account at the end of each academic term.
  • Provide advisors with access to advisee academic records.
  • Post on-line mid-term grades to new student and students on probation to their private Millikin account during their first year of study or first semester of probation at Millikin.
  • Work with Admission and PACE to evaluate and approve all transfer course work from accredited colleges, universities or 2-year community colleges. This also includes approval of study abroad courses.
  • Provide full-time letters for insurance purposes with the student’s signature.
  • Verify good student discounts for insurance companies at the request of the student.
  • Organize and supervise all registrations on-line by making sure accurate course information is available to all students and advisors via Millikin’s Web page-Mu-Online prior to all early registration periods. This includes making sure on-line schedule information is accurate.  Provide instructions on how to register or adjust schedules on-line as well as posting changes to the schedule as they occur.
  • Provide degree audits for individual students or advisors on demand. Provide all students an official degree audit after the student completes his/her 70th credit towards the degree.
  • Support and maintain electronic degree audit system.
  • Supervise and maintain all degree program changes in coordination with all academic units.
  • Store and distribute current or previous Academic Bulletin information.
  • Verify course content for transfer purposes or admission to graduate or professional schools.
  • Certify graduates and provide diplomas or diploma replacements.
  • Verify degree, graduation date and major to potential employers or graduate/professional schools.
  • Report Enrollment Data to State, and Federal Agencies each semester.
Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL