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Students wanting to apply to live off campus must email for the petition link.

University Residency Policy

Commuter Notary Form

Tips to Finding Off-Campus Housing

Signing an Off-Campus Lease

Tenant's Bill of Rights

Move-In Checklist

Off-Campus Student Expectations

    This page is designed to assist the Millikin student who has been approved to live off-campus. Students afforded the privilege to live off-campus are primarily seniors, but visitors to this page may also include commuter students (students who live with their relatives in the local communities), adult students over the age of 24, married students or students with dependents, or students who are unable to afford on-campus housing.

    We hope you are able to use the resources (links to the left) to become educated off-campus residents. There is much to think about when you make the decision to live off-campus. Up to this point you have most likely lived on campus or affiliated property where there have been University staff and other students to assist you when problems arise. You have most likely also had a meal plan. Now you will be faced with negotiating a lease, budgeting, preparing your own meals, cleaning your dwelling, and traveling to and from campus.

    Our University Residency Policy is designed for senior students to take this leap into autonomy. We want to be here to help you with this transition. Please do not hesitate to maintain a relationship with Residence Life, even when you move off-campus. We are happy to talk to any off-campus student: give advice, and point you in the right direction to be a  successful off-campus resident! Congratulations on taking this step and Good Luck!
    Millikin University - Decatur, IL
    Millikin University - Decatur, IL