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Vision, Mission, and Learning Outcomes
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Office of Residence Life strives towards promoting a progressive co-curricular experience that fosters inclusive, safe, healthy, and supportive communities at Millikin University.

Learning Outcomes for Residential Students

* Engage in Service

* Deepen Academic Pursuits

* Examine Personal Values

* Demonstrate Interdependence

* Develop Positive Communication Strategies

* Appreciate Social/Cultural Differences

Our Mission

The Office of Residence Life encourages our students to become democratic citizens, achieve professional success, and lead a life of personal meaning and value through residential education designed to meet their diverse developmental needs.

Specifically, we are:
  • A dedicated and professional staff that provides excellent service to our students and stakeholders
  • An environment where students are challenged to approach relationships, conflict, and differences in a mature and responsible fashion
  • A respectful environment that supports students’ academic lives through performance-based learning, intentional programming, consistent enforcement of policies and procedures
Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL