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LCC International
Requirements for living in the International Citizen Community:
  • Submit the Living-Learning Community Application for New Students
  • Be a full-time degree seeking student
  • Applicants should also be aware that they will be living with someone who is different from them and language barriers are a possibility.

International LLC

Ready to see the world through someone else’s eyes?
If so, you may be an ideal person to live in the International Citizen LLC. This unique arrangement places two students into each residence hall room: one domestic student and one international student. Beyond the obvious cultural tête-à-tête opportunities, this LLC also features special global awareness, modern languages, and diversity programming and close interaction with the Millikin Center for International Education. While living with someone completely different from you is exciting, know that language barriers may exist.

"I lived in a small town, so living amongst people from different countries (Jamaica, New Zealand, Ireland, etc.) has been an experience that I would not have received anywhere else.  It opens your eyes to the fact that there is an entire world out there and that we reside in a very small portion of it." ~Luke B. (freshman)

“Diversity can definitely be found on the International Citizens floor. There are so many different cultures and backgrounds being thrown onto a floor....and I love it!!!”  ~Timm L. (freshman)

“My experience on the International Citizen Floor has been one of great joy and has taken me to new heights because of my interactions with people from other parts of the world.”  ~Emily M. (junior)


Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL