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Living-Learning Communities FAQs

Q. What is a Living-Learning Community?
Good question! By definition, a Living-Learning Community is simply a group of students who choose to live together and learn together, who share a common interest, passion or major.

Q. What Living-Learning Communities does Millikin offer?
Millikin’s Living-Learning Communities include:

  • First-Year Big Blue Experience LLC (general focus on the First-Year experience)
  • First-Year Business Living-Learning Community (business majors only)
  • International Citizen Living-Learning Community (domestic and international students serve as roommates)
  • Commitment to the Arts Living-Learning Community (fine arts focus)
  • Commitment to the Sciences LLC (hard science focus)
  • First Year Nursing  LLC (first year nursing majors)
  • Long-Vanderburg Scholars Program LLC (LV scholars only)

Q. So, how does a Living-Learning Community (LLC) become a “community”?

First, students indicate whether or not they are interested in being a part of a LLC on the Millikin Housing Application. Then, a link to a specific LLC application will be automatically sent to the student's Millikin email account. The Living-Learning Community Coordinator then reviews the applications and student are placed in their community based on preference, availability and openings. Students will also most likely be contacted to discuss their assignment and specific LLC requirements. All Living-Learning community residents are assigned to the same living area. Smaller LLCs span one floor of a residence hall. Larger LCs can take up an entire building. Then the fun begins. Beyond living together, many LLC students take some of the same classes – with some LLCs holding class in the residence hall itself. All LLCs also feature special programming focused around the theme of the LLC, service-learning opportunities in the community, as well as opportunities to interact with Millikin faculty in unique ways. 

Q. Do Living-Learning Communities make a difference?
Absolutely. Read on an you’ll hear what current students are saying about Millikin’s LLCs. Here’s a hint: they love them! Mom and dads love them, too, because our research shows that students in Living-Learning Communities feel “connected” earlier, make friends more easily, perform better in their classes, and graduate at higher rates than students who choose not to live in LLCs.

Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL