Excercise Science & Sport Equipment
Nutrition Classroom $52,000 total cost
MicroFit FAS-2 Assessment System MicroFit FAS-2 Assessment System
Exercise Physiology Lab $12,650 total cost
Monark 828E Assessment Bike with FAS-2 RoboBike Attachment Monark 828E Assessment Bike with FAS-2 RoboBike Attachment
HealthWizard HealthWizard Fitness Profile software, licensing and interface
Bio-Analogics HMS with ELG III Bio-Analogics HMS with ELG III
Digital Beam Scale (2) Digital Beam Scale (2)
$550 each
Metabolic Analyzer Metabolic Analyzer
Exam tables (2) Exam tables (2)
PC workstations for MicroFit (2) PC workstations for MicroFit (2)
$800 each
Acrylic Food Pyramid Acrylic Food Pyramid
Vernier Force Plate Vernier Force Plate
Textbook storage cabinet Textbook storage cabinet
Physical Conditioning Learning Center $100,000 total cost
Elliptical/Stepper – Total Body Trainer (2) Elliptical/Stepper – Total Body Trainer (2)
$6,500 (one named)
Cable Crossover trainer (2) Cable Crossover trainer (2)
$3,640 each
Exercise bike, recumbent (2) Exercise bike, recumbent (2)
$3,500 each
Exercise bike, upright (2) Exercise bike, upright (2)
$3,200 each
Standing platform w/logo (2) Standing platform w/logo (2)
$1,800 each
Free-motion functional cable column trainer Free-motion functional cable column trainer
Free-weight squat rack (2) Free-weight squat rack (2)
$1,000 each
Pull-up/Dip/Leg Raise station Pull-up/Dip/Leg Raise station
Free-weight bench (2) Free-weight bench (2)
$800 each
Free-weight bench, adjustable Free-weight bench, adjustable
Dumbbell rack, 10-pair, 2-tier (2) Dumbbell rack, 10-pair, 2-tier (2)
$700 each
Physical Conditioning Learning Center $100,000 total cost
Cardio treadmill (2) Cardio treadmill (2)
$6,000 each
Vertec trainer Vertec trainer
Plyometric training box Plyometric training box
Medicine ball storage rack Medicine ball storage rack
Olympic lifting bar (4) Olympic lifting bar (4)
$200 each
Free-weight plate storage trees (2) Free-weight plate storage trees (2)
$250 each
Stability balls (10) Stability balls (10)
$27 each
Stability ball storage rack Stability ball storage rack
Blood pressure monitor Blood pressure monitor
Multi-gym fitness unit Multi-gym fitness unit
High-performance overspeed treadmill High-performance overspeed treadmill
Dumbbell set, rubber encased (2) Dumbbell set, rubber encased (2)
$700 each
Sound System Sound System
Performance Assessment computer station Performance Assessment computer station
Video Monitors/projection/DVD Video Monitors/projection/DVD (2)
$800 each
Medicine balls (2) VMedicine balls (2)
$400 each
Free-weight set (12) Free-weight set (12)
$225 each
Textbook storage cabinet Textbook storage cabinet
Dumbbell storage rack (3) Dumbbell storage rack (3)
$170 each
Digital Beam Scale Digital Beam Scale
Athletic Training Classroom $6,200 total cost
Exam table Exam table
X-Ray Viewing station X-Ray Viewing station
Taping Station Unit (2) Taping Station Unit (2)
Drawer Unit Drawer Unit
Textbook storage cabinet Textbook storage cabinet
Simulation/Ultrasound treatment unit Simulation/Ultrasound treatment unit
Modality Cart Modality Cart
Hydrocollator – heat packs Hydrocollator – heat packs
Miniature freezer Miniature freezer
Anatomical skeleton Anatomical skeleton
03|03 A message from Laura Ledford, Dean of the College of Fine Arts
A message from Laura Ledford, Dean of the College of Fine Arts
02|28 #DocGolden's Green Room Project: Total after two-day blitz is more than $21,500
With more than 100 people giving in just two days, we have raised 61.5% of the $35,000 needed to name the Green Room in the new Center for Theatre and Dance in honor of Dr. David "Doc" Golden, the former department chair. Although this two-day concentrated blitz through email and social media has ended, the effort to raise the funds will continue. We will keep going until each dollar is raised for the #DocGolden Green Room Project. If you weren't able to make a donation yet, know that you can still give. Let's do this for Doc!
11|06 Help name a space in the new Center for Theatre and Dance in memory of Dr. David Golden
Help name a space in the new Center for Theatre and Dance in memory of Dr. David Golden, professor emeritus and former department chair. His family requested that donations be sent to Millikin in his memory toward the goal of naming the green room in the planned new Center for Theatre and Dance in his memory. To reach this goal, we must raise $35,190.
03|07 Caterpillar Donates $1 million
As a part of the Caterpillar Foundation’s previously announced investment in Millikin University, Wednesday, February 22, 2012, marked another momentous occasion as the Caterpillar Foundation made its second payment of $1 million in Millikin University. This investment is part of...


Whether you donate to the university and invest in future students, volunteer your time at the university, or advocate for the school through recruitment or other programs, your efforts benefit the entire university community. Please join me and reinvest in Millikin today. The returns last a lifetime.

(Hired Four Millikin Graduates, Guest Speaker in the Business Program, and Alumni Donor)

Scott Flora, President, Covidien Surgical Devices
Alumni, Class of 1978

When I was invited to deliver the baccalaureate address during Commencement 2004, I challenged the graduating class to give something back to their new alma mater. Soon after, I had to honestly ask myself:  “What have YOU done for Millikin?”  My answer to that question resulted in a wonderful journey to establish the Smith/Orlandini Book Award, given annually to a student with demonstrated financial need in the department of exercise science and sport. This ultimately cultivated my desire to establish a permanent fund honoring my family's connection with Millikin. 

Accordingly, I have taken steps to endow the Smith/Orlandini Scholarship. Additional support for the endowment has come from alumni family members, who share my pride in knowing that we are helping assist future generations of Millikin students.

Father Nicholas W. Smith
Alumni, Class of 1983
As anyone attending Millikin knows, the cost of fees, books and materials, and living expenses are daunting. The annual support I receive from scholarships is essential in helping me achieve my goals.
Deanna Langland
Student, Class of 2011
For two years, I served as a mentor for Millikin's freshmen students, an experience that helped me realize I truly want to be a teacher. I'm grateful to be the recipient of a scholarship that helps reduce my tuition costs and makes this dream possible. Scholarship sponsors play a vital role in helping reduce tuition costs. They are also great role models for inspiring future alumni to make the same type of commitment.
Nicole Emperor
Student, Class of 2010