Deanna Langland
As anyone attending Millikin knows, the cost of fees, books and materials, and living expenses are daunting. The annual support I receive from scholarships is essential in helping me achieve my goals.
Laura Ledford

Our alumni have proven time and time again the superior preparation a Millikin education has given them. Although this success is impressive, we now find ourselves at a tipping point.

Barry Pearson
Access any measurement you would like for defining excellence, and the Millikin theatre and dance program meets it. However, without investment in this excellence, high standards are neither maintained nor advanced. Facilities matter because they breathe life into more and newer possibilities and write in large and undeniable terms that excellence is found here and will be continued and fostered now and in the future.
Sierra Boggess
During my time in the theatre and dance department at Millikin, there was not a single day that I didn't use a dance studio or rehearsal space to do my work as an actor. Having these types of facilities available to me was essential to my growth. The professors and students have proven they will produce excellence no matter what the circumstances, and now it's high time the facilities match the incredible work being done inside of them!