Voice Performance and Technique

The Voice Department at Millikin University is committed to helping young singers achieve their potential and to guide them in the direction of their careers. Care is taken to establish a healthy technique that facilitates artistic expression. Integral to the development of the singing artist at Millikin is the mastery of music reading skills. To achieve this end, exercises in music reading are administered in private lessons in the first semesters of study for all voice students. Repertoire is chosen that establishes a thorough and wide-ranging understanding of how to apply technical mastery to vocal works, and with an eye to stylistic considerations in the various genres. After establishing a traditional mastery of vocal technique in “classical” literature, emphasis is allowed to shift to a student’s chosen genre of focus. Thus a Commercial Music major may, in the later semesters of study, learn and perform largely popular music; a Musical Theatre major may do more work in their genre, and so on. All voice teachers at Millikin teach a variety of genres, per the student’s particular major and interests.

Opportunities to sing are plentiful at Millikin. In Master Class each week, students present work they have prepared to perform for the class and receive constructive input from their own or another’s voice teacher. Area Voice provides singers a venue and an audience of their peers for which to perform several times a semester. Weekly School of Music recitals are yet another opportunity for some of the more advanced students to share their talent with an appreciative audience.

Opera Workshop class, Opera, and Musical Theatre productions are other places aspiring singers can develop and display their talents. Musical productions are open to all students who wish to audition. Finally, vocal recitals are expected from Music Education and Music Performance majors, and are available as an elective for anyone wishing to present one.