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  • A mission of supporting the University's students and academic programs. 
  • Almost 100 full-service hours each week 
  • A staff of four librarians, four paraprofessionals, and many student assistants
  • Library research instruction and assistance, through many scheduled classes and also one-on-one in the library or electronically
  • 40,000 sq. feet of study, stacks, and service space on four floors 
  • 350 study seats, divided among tables, carrels, sofas, & easy chairs
  • 14 public computer workstations with campus network and Internet/World Wide Web access, including to the library's own resource-rich Web site
  • 6 wireless laptops for Millikin student use within the library
  • Over 189,000 physical items in Staley Library that circulate and are accessed through the I-Share statewide electronic catalog. Anyone with a valid Millikin University ID can use and borrow in person from any of the 86 I-Share libraries.
  • Over 1,000 titles of print periodicals, some going back to the early 1900's and many to the 1970's
  • A print reference collection of over 6,000 titles (encyclopedias, almanacs, indexes) 
  • Over 3,400 videos,  8,800 musical recordings,  9,300 musical scores, as well as 2,300 curriculum materials and 4,500 children's books 
  • Access to over 80 electronic databases, broad and subject-specific 
  • Access to over 53,000 electronic full-text journals
  • Access to and use of more than 82,000 e-book titles (electronic books)
  • Staley Library belongs to CARLI, the Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois, which provides our integrated library system, and brokers many of our electronic resources purchases. 
  • Access to the world's collections of library materials through world-wide interlibrary loan agreements.
  • The Staley Library's dedication plaque reads in part, "This library - the traditional heart of a university - is a tribute to three generations of the Staley family", beginning with A. E. Staley Sr.
Who was A. E. Staley Sr? Famous First Facts, A Record of First Happenings, Discoveries, and Inventions in American History (Fourth Edition) by Joseph Nathan Kane (published by H. W. Wilson Company, 1981), on page 604 has this to say about A. E.: "SOYBEAN PROCESSING PLANT (commercially successful) was built by Augustus Eugene Staley in Decatur, Ill., in 1922. The beans were run through an expeller, the oil removed to within 4 percent, and the residue or cake sold to the feed industry for use in commercial feeds or to farmers, who mixed the meal with other ingredients as a protein supplement."

Millikin library history of one hundred years of service to Millikin University students, faculty and staff.

Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL