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New Titles: March 2014


(primarily in Library of Congress Classification order)

    Reference (REF): non-circulating collection on Main floor 

    Call Number: REF. QL681 .S497 2014
    Author: Sibley, David, 1961-
    Title: Sibley guide to birds /
    Imprint: 2014

    Call Number: REF. RA418 .B675 2013
    Author: Boslaugh, Sarah.
    Title: Health care systems around the world : a comparative guide /
    Imprint: Thousand Oaks, Calif. : Sage Publications, c2013.
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    Videos (A-V): (one week circulation period)

    Call Number: A-V. B945.S45 S44 2010
    Title: Seeing, searching, being three films by Ken Burns /
    Imprint: [United States] : PBS, c2010.

    Call Number: A-V. ML400 .T84 2014
    Title: Twenty feet from stardom /
    Imprint: 2014

    Call Number: A-V. PN1992.77 .F55448 2007
    Title: Flight of the Conchords.
    Imprint: [New York, N.Y.] : HBO Video, [2007]

    Call Number: A-V. PN1992.77 .G36 2014
    Title: Game of thrones.
    Imprint: 2014

    Call Number: A-V. PN1992.8.C66 O388 v.1
    Title: Office.
    Imprint: Universal City, CA : Universal Studios Home Entertainment, c2005.

    Call Number: A-V. PN1992.8.C66 O388 v.2
    Title: Office.
    Imprint: Universal City, CA : Universal Studios Home Entertainment, [2006]

    Call Number: A-V. PN1995.9.F67 G73 2014
    Title: Great beauty /
    Imprint: 2014

    Call Number: A-V. PN1997.2 .A18169 2014
    Title: 12 years a slave /
    Imprint: 2014

    Call Number: A-V. PN1997.2 .F76 2014
    Title: Frozen /
    Imprint: 2014

    Call Number: A-V. PR2823.A2 M33 2010
    Title: Macbeth
    Imprint: [Arlington, Va.] : Distributed by PBS Distribution, c2010.

    Call Number: A-V. PR2894 .S54 2013
    Title: Shakespeare uncovered /
    Imprint: 2013

    Call Number: A-V. RA1057 .P65 2014
    Title: Poisoner's handbook : killer chemistry /
    Imprint: 2014

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    Leisure reading

    Call Number: GV1785.C635 C66 2014
    Author: Copeland, Misty.
    Title: Life in motion : an unlikely ballerina /
    Imprint: 2014

    Call Number: LEISURE PR6110.A4555 F56 2012 v.1
    Author: James, E. L.
    Title: Fifty shades trilogy /
    Imprint: New York : Vintage, 2012.

    Call Number: LEISURE PR6110.A4555 F56 2012 v.2
    Author: James, E. L.
    Title: Fifty shades trilogy /
    Imprint: New York : Vintage, 2012.

    Call Number: LEISURE PR6110.A4555 F56 2012 v.3
    Author: James, E. L.
    Title: Fifty shades trilogy /
    Imprint: New York : Vintage, 2012.

    Call Number: LEISURE PR9381.9.O98 D87 2014
    Author: Owuor, Yvonne Adhiambo.
    Title: Dust /
    Imprint: 2013

    Call Number: LEISURE PS3603.L49 D47 2005
    Author: Clevenger, Craig, 1964-
    Title: Dermaphoria : a novel /
    Imprint: San Francisco : MacAdam/Cage, c2005.

    Call Number: LEISURE PS3608.O3566 S566 v.3
    Author: Howey, Hugh,
    Title: Dust /
    Imprint: 2013

    Call Number: LEISURE PS3608.O9566 S566 v.1
    Author: Howey, Hugh.
    Title: Wool /
    Imprint: 2013

    Call Number: LEISURE PS3608.O9566 S566 v.2
    Author: Howey, Hugh.
    Title: Shift omnibus /
    Imprint: [Jupiter, Fla.] : [Broad Reach Publishing], c2013.

    Call Number: LEISURE PS3619.T3856 E47 2014
    Author: Staveley, Brian.
    Title: Emperor's blades /
    Imprint: 2014

    Call Number: LEISURE PS3619.T4764 C35 2014
    Author: Steinhauer, Olen,
    Title: Cairo affair /
    Imprint: 2014

    Call Number: LEISURE PZ7.B344 P84 v.3
    Author: Baggott, Julianna.
    Title: Burn /
    Imprint: 2014

    Call Number: PS3602.R56135 N54 2013
    Author: Briggs, Patricia.
    Title: Night broken /
    Imprint: 2014

    Call Number: PS3607.L3436 N68 2014
    Author: Gladstone, Wayne,
    Title: Notes from the Internet Apocalypse /
    Imprint: 2014

    Call Number: PS3613.E487 A66 2014
    Author: Mengestu, Dinaw, 1978-
    Title: All our names /
    Imprint: New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 2014.

    Call Number: PS3614.E467 W58 2014
    Author: Nesbit, TaraShea.
    Title: Wives of Los Alamos : a novel /
    Imprint: 2014

    Call Number: RC567.5 .C37 2014
    Author: Carpenter, Murray.
    Title: Caffeinated : how our daily habit helps, hurts, and hooks us /
    Imprint: 2014

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    Millikin Archives & Rare Books (non-circulating collection)

    Faculty Publications (in Archives)

    Call Number: FAC. PS3505.A87 S69 2010
    Title: Willa Cather's The song of the lark /
    Imprint: Amsterdam ; New York : Rodopi, 2010.

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    General works (A) Second floor

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    Philosophy (B-BD) Second Floor

    Call Number: B395 .G4435 2014
    Author: Goldstein, Rebecca, 1950-
    Title: Plato at the Googleplex : why philosophy won't go away /
    Imprint: 2014

    Call Number: B481 .N3813 2013
    Author: Natali, Carlo, 1948-
    Title: Aristotle : his life and school /
    Imprint: 2013

    Call Number: BD411 .S437 2013
    Title: Secrets of infinity : 150 answers to an enigma /
    Imprint: 2013

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    Psychology (BF) Second Floor


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    Religion & ethics (BJ-BX) Second Floor

    Call Number: BX4700.S4 B36 2014
    Author: Barthel, Joan.
    Title: American saint : the life of Elizabeth Seton /
    Imprint: 2014

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    Civilization, archaeology, genealogy (C) Second floor


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    History of the world (D) Second Floor

    Call Number: DS254.5 .K386 2013
    Author: Katouzian, Homa,
    Title: Iran : a beginner's guide /
    Imprint: 2013

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    History of Americas (E-F) Second Floor


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    Geography, anthropology, folklore, & customs (G) Second Floor

    Call Number: GN397.5 .P45 2013
    Author: Pelto, Pertti J.
    Title: Applied ethnography : guidelines for field research /
    Imprint: 2013

    Call Number: GV706.4 .K744 2013
    Author: Kremer, John, 1956-
    Title: Pure sport : practical sport psychology /
    Imprint: Hove, East Sussex ; New York : Routledge, 2013.

    Call Number: GV709.18.U6 S38 2014
    Author: Schultz, Jaime,
    Title: Qualifying times : points of change in U.S. women's sport /
    Imprint: 2014

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    Economics & business (H-HJ) Second Floor

    Call Number: HD58.7 .B797 2014
    Author: Bryant, Adam.
    Title: Quick and nimble : lessons from leading CEOs on how to create a culture of innovation /
    Imprint: 2014

    Call Number: HD6053 .W477 2014
    Author: Williams, Joan, 1952-
    Title: What works for women at work : four patterns working women need to know /
    Imprint: 2014

    Call Number: HD8081.A65 R45 2013
    Author: Reich, Steven A. (Steven Andrew), 1965-
    Title: Working people : a history of African American workers since
    emancipation /
    Imprint: Lanham : Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc., [2013]

    Call Number: HD9415 .L46 2014
    Author: Leonard, Christopher, 1975-,
    Title: Meat racket : the secret takeover of America's food business /
    Imprint: 2014

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    Sociology & related (HM-HX) Second Floor

    Call Number: HQ1236 .A757 2014
    Author: Armstrong, Sally, 1943-
    Title: Uprising : a new age is dawning for every mother's daughter /
    Imprint: 2014

    Call Number: HQ1236.5.P18 S534 2014
    Author: Shahid, Humaira Awais.
    Title: Devotion and defiance : my journey in love, faith and politics /
    Imprint: 2014

    Call Number: HQ799.2.I5 B68 2014
    Author: boyd, danah, 1977-
    Title: It's complicated : the social lives of networked teens /
    Imprint: 2014

    Call Number: HV3004 .S85 2013
    Title: Story of intellectual disability : an evolution of meaning,
    understanding, and public perception /
    Imprint: 2013

    Call Number: HV9471 .C574 2014
    Author: Clear, Todd R.,
    Title: Punishment imperative : the rise and failure of mass incarceration in America /
    Imprint: 2014

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    Political science (J) Second Floor

    Call Number: JC571 .H84 2013
    Title: Human rights : the hard questions /
    Imprint: 2013

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    Law (K) Second floor

    Call Number: KF285.Z9 R62 2013 BOOK
    Title: Cracking the LSAT : with DVD : 2014 edition /
    Imprint: New York : Random House, Inc. ; c2013.

    Call Number: KF285.Z9 R62 2013 DVD
    Title: Cracking the LSAT : with DVD : 2014 edition /
    Imprint: New York : Random House, Inc. ; c2013.

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    Education (L) Second Floor

    Call Number: LB2367.4 .M38 2013
    Title: Master the GRE 2014.
    Imprint: 2013

    Call Number: LB3013 .N4 2013
    Author: Nelsen, Jane.
    Title: Positive discipline in the classroom : developing mutual respect,
    cooperation, and responsibility in your classroom /
    Imprint: New York : Three Rivers Press, c2013.

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    Curriculum materials (LB, CURR LIB) Second Floor

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    Musical recordings: LP's & CD's (DISC & CDISC) Third Floor

    Call Number: CDISC M1500 .F86 2014
    Title: Fun home
    Imprint: Bronxville, NY : PS Classics, ©2013.

    Call Number: CDISC M1500.Z45 Y35 2014
    Author: Zellnik, Joseph,
    Title: Yank! a new musical /
    Imprint: Bronxville NY : PS Classics, LLC ; pc2014.

    Call Number: CDISC M1505.T54 I7 c.2
    Author: Tierney, Harry, 1890-1965.
    Title: Irene original Broadway cast /
    Imprint: New York : Sony Broadway, p1973, [c1992].

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    Scores (MUSIC) Third Floor

    Call Number: MUSIC M1202.M34 K32 2002
    Author: McGinty, Anne,
    Title: Kachina : chant & spirit dance /
    Imprint: [U.S.] : Queenwood/Kjos, c2002.

    Call Number: MUSIC M1203.D34 B7 1999
    Author: Daehn, Larry D.,
    Title: British Isles suite /
    Imprint: New Glarus, WI : Daehn Publications, c1999.

    Call Number: MUSIC M1203.H3324 A5 1999
    Author: Hartley, Walter S. (Walter Sinclair), 1927-
    Title: Angel band : suite after old American hymn tunes /
    Imprint: San Antonio, Tex. : Southern Music Co., c1999.

    Call Number: MUSIC M1203.L36 I6 2000
    Author: La Plante, Pierre, 1943-
    Title: In the forest of the king : a suite of old French songs for concert band /
    Imprint: New Glarus, Wisconsin : Daehn Publications, c2000.

    Call Number: MUSIC M1204.C52 B4
    Author: Chance, John Barnes,
    Title: Blue lake : overture for concert band /
    Imprint: [New York, N.Y.] : Boosey & Hawkes, c1971.

    Call Number: MUSIC M1245.H65 O6 1993
    Author: Holsinger, David R., 1945-
    Title: On a southern hymnsong /
    Imprint: Alto, N.M. : TRN Music Publisher, Inc., c1993.

    Call Number: MUSIC M1245.L37 P6 1998
    Author: La Plante, Pierre, 1943-
    Title: Praire songs /
    Imprint: New Glarus, Wis. : Daehn Publications, c1998.

    Call Number: MUSIC M1245.P38 E6 1975
    Author: Paulson, John,
    Title: Epinicion : for winds and percussion /
    Imprint: San Diego, Calif. : Neil A. Kjos Music Company, c1975.

    Call Number: MUSIC M1245.Y66 C5 2001
    Author: Young, Charles Rochester,
    Title: Child's embrace : [for band] /
    Imprint: San Antonio, TX : Southern Music Co., c2001.

    Call Number: MUSIC M1247.S76 A9 1997
    Author: Story, Mike,
    Title: Aztec dance /
    Imprint: [S.l.] : Belwin-Mills ; Miami, Fla. : Warner Bros. Publications
    [distributor], c1997.

    Call Number: MUSIC M1258.G73 H35 1962
    Author: Grainger, Percy, 1882-1961.
    Title: Handel in the Strand /
    Imprint: [New York] : Galaxy Music Corporation, ©1962.

    Call Number: MUSIC M1500.B76 S66 1996
    Author: Brown, Jason Robert,
    Title: Songs for a New World /
    Imprint: Milwaukee, WI : Hal Leonard Corporation, c1996.

    Call Number: MUSIC M1500.S839 G46 2012
    Author: Stewart, David A. (David Allan), 1952-
    Title: Ghost : the musical : piano, vocal selections /
    Imprint: Milwaukee, WI : Hal Leonard, [2012], ©2011.

    Call Number: MUSIC M1508.H645 M97 2004
    Author: Holmes, Rupert.
    Title: Mystery of Edwin Drood : [vocal selections] /
    Imprint: Milwaukee, Wis. : Hal Leonard, [2004], c1986.

    Call Number: MUSIC M24.P76 R66
    Author: Prokofiev, Sergey, 1891-1953.
    Title: Romeo und Julia : zehn Stücke für Klavier, Op. 75 /
    Imprint: Hamburg : Musikverlag Hans Sikorski, ©1960.

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    Music history, literature, criticism & study (M-MT) Third Floor

    Call Number: ML1255 .C26 2013
    Title: Cambridge companion to the symphony /
    Imprint: 2013

    Call Number: ML2075 .O93 2014
    Title: Oxford handbook of film music studies /
    Imprint: 2014

    Call Number: ML3502.I4 M47 2014
    Title: More than Bollywood : studies in Indian popular music /
    Imprint: 2014

    Call Number: ML3918.M85 H64 2014
    Author: Hoffman, Warren, 1976-
    Title: Great White Way : race and the Broadway musical /
    Imprint: 2014

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    Fine arts (N) Third Floor

    Call Number: N6537.N33 A4 1985
    Author: Nagel, Patrick, 1945-1984.
    Title: Nagel : the art of Patrick Nagel.
    Imprint: New York : A. van der Marck Editions, c1985.

    Call Number: NC1429.G76 A4 1990
    Author: Groening, Matt.
    Title: Big book of Hell : a cartoon book /
    Imprint: New York : Pantheon Books, c1990.

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    Languages & linguistics (P-PM) Third Floor

    Call Number: PL830.N516 T65 2013  v.1
    Author: Inoue, Hisashi,
    Title: Tokyo Seven Roses. /
    Imprint: 2013

    Call Number: PL830.N516 T65 2013 v.2
    Author: Inoue, Hisashi,
    Title: Tokyo Seven Roses. /
    Imprint: 2013

    Call Number: PL849.K82 K3613 2012
    Author: Ekuni, Kaori, 1964-
    Title: God's boat /
    Imprint: London : Thames River Press, 2012.

    Call Number: PL853.T69 T6313 2013
    Author: Itoyama, Akiko, 1966-
    Title: In pursuit of lavender /
    Imprint: London ; New York : Anthem Press, 2013.

    Call Number: PL855.I3846 Y8513 2013
    Author: Kikuchi, Hideyuki, 1949-
    Title: Tales of the ghost sword /
    Imprint: London, Eng : Thames River Press, 2013.

    Call Number: PL855.O3525 M8313 2013
    Author: Koike, Mariko, 1952-
    Title: A cappella /
    Imprint: 2013

    Call Number: PL855.O4145 A2 2013
    Author: Kometani, Fumiko, 1930-
    Title: Wasabi for breakfast : two novellas /
    Imprint: 2013

    Call Number: PL855.U697 A2 2013
    Author: Kuroi, Senji, 1932-
    Title: Day in the life, and other stories /
    Imprint: 2013

    Call Number: PL857.I793 S6413 2013
    Author: Nishimura, Toshiyuki, 1930-2007,
    Title: Lost souls, sacred creatures /
    Imprint: 2013

    Call Number: PL861.H526 J5913 2013
    Author: Shimada, Masahiko, 1961-
    Title: Death by choice /
    Imprint: London : Thames River Press, 2013.

    Call Number: PL862.A48 C4513 2012
    Author: Tanabe, Seiko, 1928-
    Title: Thousand strands of black hair /
    Imprint: London, England : Thames River Press, 2012, 1974.

    Call Number: PL957.I78 M513 2013
    Author: Nishimura, Kyōtarō, 1930-
    Title: Isle of south Kamui and other stories /
    Imprint: London : Thames River Press, 2013.

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    General literature & communications (PN) Third Floor

    Call Number: PN1992.77.D695 F45 2011
    Author: Fellowes, Jessica.
    Title: World of Downton Abbey /
    Imprint: New York : St. Martin's Press, 2011.

    Call Number: PN1992.77.D695 F45 2012
    Author: Fellowes, Jessica.
    Title: Chronicles of Downton Abbey /
    Imprint: New York : St. Martin's Press, 2012.

    Call Number: PN1992.77.D695 R69 2013
    Author: Rowley, Emma,
    Title: Behind the scenes at Downton Abbey : the official backstage pass to the set, the actors, and the drama /
    Imprint: 2013

    Call Number: PN1995.9.D49 F56 2013
    Title: Film dialogue /
    Imprint: 2013

    Call Number: PN2055 .F58 2013
    Author: Flom, Jonathan, 1977-
    Title: Act like it's your business : branding and marketing strategies for actors /
    Imprint: 2013

    Call Number: PN2277.C42 Y68 2014
    Author: Young, Harvey, 1975-
    Title: Black theater is Black life : an oral history of Chicago theater and
    dance, 1970-2010 /
    Imprint: 2014

    Call Number: PN6727.G37 S261 v.1
    Author: Gaiman, Neil.
    Title: Sandman omnibus.
    Imprint: 2013

    Call Number: PN6728.B36 L647 2011
    Author: Loeb, Jeph,
    Title: Batman : the long Halloween /
    Imprint: New York : DC Comics, c2011.

    Call Number: PN6728.Y2 V382 v.1
    Author: Vaughan, Brian K.
    Title: Y : the last man.
    Imprint: New York, N.Y. : DC Comics, c2003.

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    Literature: French (PQ1-5999) & Italian (PQ6000+) Third Floor

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    Literature: English (PR) Third Floor

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    Literature: American (PS) Third Floor
    Call Number: PS3521.E735 A6 2014
    Author: Kerouac, Jack, 1922-1969,
    Title: Haunted life : and other writings /
    Imprint: 2014

    Call Number: PS3555.R42 Z94 2013
    Author: Washburn, Frances,
    Title: Tracks on a page : Louise Erdrich, her life and works /
    Imprint: 2013

    Call Number: PS3601.D37 G53 2013
    Author: Adams, Johnna,
    Title: Gidion's knot /
    Imprint: 2013

    Call Number: PS3608.E79 A15 2012
    Author: Herzog, Amy,
    Title: 4000 miles /
    Imprint: New York : Samuel French, c2012.

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    Literature: Germanic (PT) Third Floor

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    Literature: children's books (JUV) Second Floor
    Call Number: JUV. ND237.P65 B79 2013
    Author: Bryant, Jennifer.
    Title: Splash of red : the life and art of Horace Pippin /
    Imprint: 2013

    Call Number: JUV. PZ7.D5455 Fl 2013
    Author: DiCamillo, Kate,
    Title: Flora & Ulysses : the illuminated adventures /
    Imprint: Somerville, Mass. : Candlewick Press, 2013.

    Call Number: JUV. PZ7.M43542 Mis 2013
    Author: Matti, Truus, 1961-
    Title: Mister Orange /
    Imprint: New York : Enchanted Lion Books, 2012.

    Call Number: JUV. PZ7.T489 Ho 2013
    Author: Tingle, Tim,
    Title: How I became a ghost : a Choctaw Trail of Tears story /
    Imprint: 2013

    Call Number: JUV. PZ7.V5974 Re 2013
    Author: Vernick, Shirley Reva,
    Title: Remember Dippy /
    Imprint: 2013

    Call Number: JUV. PZ8.3.O318 Tal 2010
    Author: Oelschlager, Vanita.
    Title: Tale of two daddies /
    Imprint: [Akron, Ohio] : Vanita Books, c2010.

    Call Number: JUV. PZ8.3.O318 Tal 2011
    Author: Oelschlager, Vanita.
    Title: Tale of two mommies /
    Imprint: [Akron, Ohio] : VanitaBooks, c2011.

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    General science (Q) Third Floor


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    Mathematics (QA) Third Floor


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    Astronomy (QB) Third Floor


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    Physics (QC) Third Floor

    Call Number: QC173.57 .B46 2014
    Author: Bennett, Jeffrey O.,
    Title: What is relativity? : an intuitive introduction to Einstein's ideas, and
    why they matter /
    Imprint: 2014

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    Chemistry (QD) Third Floor

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    Earth sciences (QE) Third Floor

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    Biological sciences (QH-QR) Third Floor

    Call Number: QP360 .K325 2014
    Author: Kaku, Michio,
    Title: Future of the mind : the scientific quest to understand, enhance, and
    empower the mind /
    Imprint: 2014

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    Medicine & nursing (R) Third Floor

    Call Number: RA418.5.T73 D39 2014
    Author: Dayer-Berenson, Linda.
    Title: Cultural competencies for nurses : impact on health and illness /
    Imprint: Burlington, Mass. : Jones & Bartlett Learning, c2014.

    Call Number: RA441 .W44 2013
    Title: When people come first : critical studies in global health /
    Imprint: 2013

    Call Number: RA566.3 .D38 2013
    Author: Davies, Kate, 1956-
    Title: Rise of the U.S. environmental health movement /
    Imprint: Lanham, Md. : Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, c2013.

    Call Number: RA601 .B66 2013
    Author: Booth, Michael, 1965-
    Title: Eating dangerously : why the government can't keep your food safe... and how you can /
    Imprint: 2014

    Call Number: RA784 .S435 2013
    Author: Scrinis, Gyorgy.
    Title: Nutritionism : the science and politics of dietary advice /
    Imprint: 2013

    Call Number: RC514 .C463 2013
    Author: Chase, Ronald.
    Title: Schizophrenia : a brother finds answers in biological science /
    Imprint: 2013

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    Agriculture & forestry (S) Third Floor

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    Technology & engineering (T) Third Floor

    Call Number: TR721 .M38 2013
    Title: Masters of nature photography /
    Imprint: Buffalo, N.Y. : Firefly Books, c2013.

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    Military & naval sciences (U-V) Third Floor

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