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The University Archives contains thousands of photographs which document the history of Millikin University in numerous ways. These include photographs of the campus and its buildings, photographs of organizations and activities, and photographs of individuals who have been affiliated with the university in some manner. To view a list of photographs available in the various collections in the archives click on a link below. Please note the absence of a photograph you are interested in from this page does not necessarily mean we do not have a photograph, it may simply be part of a collection that has not yet been added to this list or it may be a part of an extensive, non-indexed negative collection. In addition to the photographs listed here the archives also has 63 binders with contact sheets and negatives for photographs dating from 1965 to March 2001. There are also approximately 20,000 slides dating from 1940-2000. None of these items (the binders or slides) are indexed. 

If you have specific questions, inquire directly to the University Archives. Photograph duplication services are available. Duplication requests must include a completed Duplication Request Form (Please see the Procedures and Fees pages for more information).


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Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL