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Where is the Archives located?

The Millikin University Archives is located on the east end of the first floor of Staley Library in Room 112. Most of the furniture contained in this room comes from the old Gorin Library, Millikin University's first free standing library building. To reach the archives by phone, call (217) 424-3982.

Our mailing address is:
University Archives, Staley Library
Millikin University
1184 W. Main St.
Decatur, IL 62522

When is the Archives open?

The University Archives is currently closed due to lack of full-time staff. In unusual circumstances it may be possible for other arrangements to be made. If you are in need of other accommodations for using archival materials, contact (in advance) Amanda Pippitt.

Who can help me with a question I have?

Amanda Pippitt is the University Archivist. Please contact her with any questions regarding transfer of items to the archives, questions on use of the archives and its policies, or other administrative concerns. Research inquiries are currently being taken on a limited basis.

What's in the Archives?

A variety of items documenting Millikin University's history are included in the University Archives. These include photographs, departmental and campus organization documents, scrapbooks of alumni, a full run of all editions of the Millidek, and bound issues of the Decaturian. The Archives is continually adding information to its Collections page. Check this page first when looking for Millikin University information.

Who may use the University Archives?

The University Archives is open to all members of the Millikin University community and other users with a need for the materials in the collection. All users will need to fill out a User Registration form indicating the purpose of their use of the collection.

Why can't I check items out?

The items in the Archives are unique items that document the history of the university and in most cases are the only copy of that particular item. In order to preserve and make available these historical documents for future users, it is necessary to restrict both how items are used in the Archives and the circulation of these items.

Why isn't the Archives open all the hours the library is open?

Due to the unique nature of the items in the collection, the room must be staffed during all hours it is open. Given the size of the library's staff and the specialized training of archives personnel it is simply not possible to staff this room during all of the library's open hours.

Can I search for Archives items in the online catalog?

The rare books and other published items in the Archives can be located in Staley Library's online catalog by searching in the same manner you do to locate other books. Currently items in the Archive's manuscript collection are not cataloged. It is our hope to begin to do this in the future, thus making it much easier to locate items in the collection.

How do I know what is in the Archive's manuscript collections?

We are in the process of creating finding aids which will provide information about specific collections in the Archives. A finding aid provides detailed information about a manuscript collection including biographical or historical information about the individual or organization, a scope and content note that indicates what is in the collection, and a detailed box and folder contents list that will help you locate the information you are looking for. Until our finding aid list is more complete, however, your best resource to find out what is in our collection is to speak with the Archivist.

Where does the Archives get its items from?

The items included in the Archives come from a variety of sources. Many of the items are records that come from University offices. A number of the collections were donated by faculty and administrators when they retired. Additional items have been generously given to us by alumni and serve to help us document the student experience at Millikin University.

Why are there special rules in place to use the materials?

Due to the unique and irreplaceable nature of the items in the collection it is our desire to preserve these for future use. In order to facilitate this we must ask users to handle these items gently and to only use PENCIL when making notes on your own paper from materials in the collection. In some cases, staff may need to handle materials for you. Also due to preservation issues, not all items may be photocopied or scanned.

I need to use Archives materials, but I can't come to Decatur. What can I do?

We will provide up to a half hour of limited research for users who are not from the local area. For specifics on what this might entail contact the Archivist.

What photographs are in the Archives?

The Archives contains hundreds of photographs that span Millikin's history. The photograph collection dates from the start of the University in 1901. The most complete collection we have dates from 1975 to March 2001 and includes negatives and contact sheets. We do not have many photographs in our collection that date after 2001.  For the years 1968-1975 we have photographic negatives, but no contact sheets and few of these are labeled. We also have a great number of slides dating from the 1950s to the 1990s.

Will the Archives accept my donation?

If you have items that document the Millikin experience in some way (photographs, scrapbooks, course catalogs, recordings, yearbooks, clothing, etc.), in most cases we will be pleased to accept donations! Please take a look at our Deed of Gift form (including inventory form) to see our policies on donations and contact Amanda Pippitt to discuss the gift.



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