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The grainy pictures are from Millideks. The rest are from various sources.
Eugenia Allin* 1903-1910
Annie Morris Boyd 1910-1913
Lucie H. Snyder 1913-1914
Eugenia Allin 1914-1947
Edith Brainard 1947-1951
Helen Fromel 1951-1956
Beverly Moss 1956-1961
Donald Hendricks 1961-1963
Frances Robison (acting) 1963-1964
Maurice Boatman 1964-1976
Charles E. Hale 1976-1999
Karin Borei 1999-2008
Cindy Fuller 2008-
* The July 1903 James Millikin University Bulletin (v1#2) lists Cora M. Gettys as "Librarian", but no evidence exists that she ever served in that capacity. Miss Allin applied for the same position in August 1903 and was immediately hired.
Eugenia Allin, 1903-1910
Eugenia Allin, 1906

Anne Morris Boyd, 1910-1913
Anne Morris Boyd
Lucie H. Snyder, 1913-1914
Lucie H. Snyder

Eugenia Allin, 1914-1947 (three pictures below from her second term as director)

"For the quiet, efficient air of our library, we are grateful to Miss Allin. She has been at Millikin since the beginning and is responsible for the large, well equipped reference library which we have. Her witty remarks and keen sense of humor have been a surprise to many under-classmen who did not really know her." Miss Allin was one of four faculty similarly singled out for lauding in the 1944 Millidek.

A virtual exhibit about Miss Allin, using materials from the library's archives

Eugenia Allin, 1932
Eugenia Allin, 1944
Eugenia Allin painting
from portrait by J. Caldwell 
Edith Brainard. 1947-1951
Edith Brainard
Helen Fromel, 1951-1956
Helen Fromel
Beverly Moss, 1956-1961
Beverly Moss
Donald Hendricks, 1961-1963 
Donald Hendricks 
Frances Robison (acting), 1963-1964
Frances Robison
Maurice Boatman, 1964-1976
Maurice Boatman
Charles E. Hale, 1976-1999
Charles Hale
Charles Hale

Charles Hale

An Online Appreciation of Dr. Hale, 2006
Karin Borei, 1999 -2008
  Karin Borei
Cindy Fuller, 2008-Present
 Cindy Fuller

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Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL