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Library History- Then and Now

Millikin Library History: earlier and later
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Shilling Hall Library, 1910

The Shilling Hall Library space now (2000) houses Student Life, Multicultural Affairs, International Student Services, and the Dean of Fine Arts

Early 1930's: Gorin Library reading room

1999: the Gorin Library reading room is now the Birks Museum

Nov. 27, 1931: Raymond Egebrecht `34 helps move books from Shilling to Gorin

Summer 1978: library staff, with Dr. Hale (director) in the lead, move books from Gorin to Staley

1999: some of the Gorin furniture is still being used in Staley Library 
(this is the Allin study lounge on Staley Library's second floor)

1980: View on entering Staley Library

2000: View on entering Staley Library

1979: Staley Library reference desk

2001: Staley Library reference desk

1980: Staley Library staff area (Technical Services)

2000: Staley Library staff area (Technical Services)
Front moat, 1980 April 2000
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Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL