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Other MU Faculty Positions

A.R. Taylor
Taylor, A.R.

1901-1913, 1915-1919

Prof. of Philosophy, Pedagogy, Education

George Fellows
Fellows, George Emory



John C. Hessler
Hessler, John Charles

1919-1920 (acting), 1934-1944

Dean 1917-20, Prof. Of Chemistry 1907-20

Lewis Holden
Holden, Lewis Edward



Mark Penney
Penney, Mark Embury



Jesse H. White
White, Jesse Hayes



Clarence L. Miller
Miller, Clarence L.

1944-1946, 1956-1957 (acting, both terms)

Dean of the College 1935-1962

J. Walter Malone
Malone, J. Walter

Jan. 1, 1946-1956


Paul McKay
McKay, Paul Leonard



J. Roger Miller
Miller, J. Roger


Dean of SOM and Admin. Assistant to the President

John R. Miltner
Miltner, John R.



Robert E. Shimp
Shimp, Robert E.

Sept. 1992-March 1993 (acting)

Vice President of Academic Affairs

Curtis McCray
McCray, Curtis



Thomas Flynn
Flynn, Thomas

June 1998-2002

Provost 1993-1998

R. John Reynolds
Reynolds, R. John

Sept. 16 2002-June 30, 2003 (acting)


Douglas Zemke
Zemke, Douglas

July 1, 2003-2010

Dean of the Tabor School of Business 1998-2001

This table gives the names, dates of service, and other Millikin faculty positions that the particular president occupied in addition to their service as president.   The information on the individual pages for each president come from Millikin University The First 100 Years 1901-2001 by Gerald A. and Barbara Redford. Please refer to Appendix A of this book for more information (there is a copy available for public use in the Reference Collection of the Staley Library), or contact the Archives with any questions you may have.



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Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL