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Library News- Dec. 1999

December 3, 1999
For November Library News,
The project of adding cataloging for all of the library's periodicals titles to the library's online "book" catalog (Illinet Online) has now been completed, ahead of schedule too, thanks to the dedicated efforts of Linda Chitwood, Cataloging Associate. Thus, you can now find records for all of our periodicals subscriptions online, along with the same summary of what we own for each title as you are used to seeing in the printed lists.  (For now, we are also maintaining copies of the printed lists in the library.)
If you have had occasion to use our coin operated copiers recently, you will have noticed that we have halved the cost of photocopies, from 10 cents to 5 cents each. In doing this, we are responding to repeated requests from students that we lower this cost to them. Though we will monitor this change carefully, we believe that there will be a sufficient increase in volume of photocopying because of the lower price to keep the revenues at a level which covers the library's costs for providing the service. We hope we are right!  Meanwhile, enjoy.
The library on a regular basis receives gifts of books from various sources, and these we sort through and process as time permits. We are now going through some backlogged large gifts, adding  some new book titles to the library's book collection and making others available on the library's book sale shelves (next to the sofa grouping on the main floor, behind the Faculty Publications shelf). As a result, the book sale shelves are full of newly added works right now. And, at 25 cents per volume, the prices are unbeatable. 
Millikin University faculty publications are now shelved together, on the low shelves next to the sofa grouping on the main floor. Some of these are books which the faculty member authors have recently given to the library, while others we have pulled from the library's existing circulating collection. The collection includes one video and one music CD. In addition, a ring binder on the same shelf provides a list of journal articles and other types of faculty publications over the years. 
The library faculty (Virginia McQuistion, Susan Avery, and Cindy Fuller) have completed CWRR library instruction for the semester, the last session taking place the week after Thanksgiving. During the semester, the three librarians between them taught 120 CWRR sessions along with a number of other more specialized sessions on how to do library research in both traditional and electronic information environments. 
At a University of Iowa symposium on Nov. 11-12, 1999, Virginia McQuistion, Susan Avery, and Nancy DeJoy (CWRR Coordinator and English Department faculty) gave a presentation entitled "Creating a Successful Faculty/Librarian Partnership for First Year Students." The name of the symposium was Powerful Learning, Powerful Partnerships.
The Spring 1999 issue of Library Trends contains an article by Karin Borei entitled "The Rewards of Managing an Electronic Mailing List." The overall title of the issue is Human Response to Library Technology.

Coming attractions: 
An additional photocopier. We are hoping to have that one available already sometime in December 1999. (We are leasing it, as opposed to buying it, for additional improved long-term reliability.)  It will be located on the main floor, next to the two e-mail work stations.
Access through the library's Web page to full text periodicals collections.Staley Library, as many of you know, is a member of ILCSO (Illinois Library Computer Systems Organization), an organization whose membership includes the libraries of each state supported university, 25 private colleges and universities, 5 community colleges, the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy, and the Illinois State Library." ( Benefits to Millikin University of Staley Library's ILCSO membership includes Illinet Online and the IBIS databases. 

The most recent ILCSO project is IDAL ( Illinois Digital Academic Library). IDAL is aimed at providing Illinois academic library users with access to select full-text resources, including online periodicals (electronic journals). The full-text resources themselves have not yet been named, though a rigorous selection process is nearing completion. Funding for the project is through an ILCSO grant from the Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE). IDAL is slated to be available to users in February 2000. (see for information about the grant.)

For more about the library's many collaborative agreements, click here.

Access through the library's Web page to some of the periodicals to which we already subscribe. The library has recently consolidated most of its periodicals subscriptions with one vendor (EBSCO), an action which is providing management efficiencies for the library staff. In addition, it will provide free online access to companion electronic versions of some titles to which we already subscribe in paper. We are presently working with EBSCO on how to best make these online subscriptions available to Millikin University students, faculty and staff. We expect to have the set-up ready to go by February 2000. 
Information in the online catalog about books and other materials on order but not yet received. This will be an outgrowth of the implementation of the online ordering and check-in system which we will begin using during the Spring 2000 semester. (To begin with, only the telnet version of the catalog will carry this information.)
All current issues of periodicals in paper shelved in one location. We are integrating the music titles with the rest of the current issues, in one single alphabetic sequence. The freed-up shelving in the music room will be used for the growing collection of musical CD's. The move will be completed by the start of the Spring 2000 semester.

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season!

Director of Staley Library
Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL