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Library News- March 2001

March 2001

In the latter part of February 2001, a flock of cedar waxwings gorged themselves daily on last year's ornamental crabapples on the trees in front of Staley Library. This picture is from Feb. 23. Randy Brooks volunteered the haiku. Thank you Randy!

This month's news:  (Underlined items are links to more information.)

New print periodicals 

Highlighting web site links, netLibrary, and World Almanac Online 

  Library staff update

New print periodicals

Even as we increase our access to electronic full text for journal articles, we are also refining our collection of print journal subscriptions.  In conjunction with the academic departments we have been able to identify some unused titles to cancel, and this has a allowed us to initiate a small selection of other print subscriptions. The following titles are new to Staley Library in calendar year 2001, and are shelved with our current periodicals (slanted shelves):

  • Dark Night: Field Notes "The Journal of Human Liberation focused on  indigenous liberation issues worldwide." About this title.

  • Decatur Magazine. About Decatur culture, by Decaturians including some Millikin University faculty. Also online in abbreviated form at

  • Focus: Das Moderne Nachrichtenmagazin. A Newsweek-like magazine in German, for German language students. Replaces Bunte.

  • Human Communication Research. About this title.

  • Hypatia: a journal of feminist philosophy. Indiana University Press. About this title.

  • Journal of Genocide Research. About this title.

  • Journal of Early Modern History. About this title.

  • Journal of Negro History. Established in 1916 by Carter Godwin Woodson, this is "one of the oldest learned journals in the United States." Published by the Association for the Study of Afro-American Life and History. 

  • Journal of Roman Studies. Published by the Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies in London, England.

  • Learning and Leading with Technology. "By educators for educators:
    classroom teachers, lab teachers, technology coordinators, and teacher
    educators." About this title. 

  • Past & Present. "Scholarly and original articles on historical, social and cultural change in all parts of the world"  About this title.

  • Portal: Libraries and the Academy. A Johns Hopkins University Press journal.  About this title. 

  • State Politics & Policy Quarterly. American Political Science Association. About this title.

  • Woman’s Art Journal. "Covers issues relating to women in all areas of the visual arts." About this title.

In addition, four titles which we used to carry in microform only we have converted to print:

  • American Music. Published for the Society for American Music by the University of Illinois Press.
  • Middle East Journal. Published quarterly for over 50 years by the Middle East
    Institute. About this title.
  • Social Science Quarterly. University of Texas Press. About this title. 
  • UTNE Reader. Also online at

Library Web site: Have you tried these?

On our "Reference" page (from the Quicklinks menu on all library web pages), we provide two sets of links to other useful Web sites. There is some overlap in the two collections.

The Internet Reference Shelf organizes links to electronic reference resources in the following categories: Biography, Business,  Calendars, Dictionaries & Directories, Education, Geography, Government (federal, state, local & international), History, International Organizations, Literature & Languages, Medicine & Health, Movies & Reviews, Music, News & Current Events, Politics & Legislation, Religion, Science & Technology, Statistics, and Style Manuals. 

Web links for academic subjects organizes web site links for Accounting, African-American resources, Arts, Asian-American resources, Canadian resources, Celebrations/holidays, Communications, Criminal Justice, Diversity, Education, English, Fine Arts, Finance, Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual resources, Government resources (US & other), Health, History, Humanities, Literature, Marketing, Movies/film/TV/radio, Native-American resources, Natural Sciences, Nursing, Political Science, Psychology, Small Business, Social Work, Sociology, Statistical compilations, and Women's Studies.

Also on the Reference page: World Almanac Online. Includes the contents of the most current editions of the several World Almanacs. Good for quick facts, especially about foreign countries. 

On the "Books, Videos, Music" page (also from Quicklinks), we provide links to the library's online catalog as well as to other book-related resources, such as netLibrary. For a year now we have been making available this select group of electronic books (eBooks) through IDAL (Illinois Digital Academic Library). The collection numbers about 1,5000 titles which have been purchased through the IDAL grant, as well as a number of "public" (not copyrighted) older texts. Not very many Millikin people seem to have made use of this service to date, however.

You can search the IDAL/netLibrary collection freely; and helpful search tips are available. To see the actual books ("check the books out"), you need to create your own account in netLibrary. This free account is unrelated to your Staley Library circulation records, and is instead managed by netLibrary. The link above leads to more information and assistance. Do try it!

Some of the unsold books on our sale shelf were used in the March 1 PipeDreams studio production directed by theatre student Seth Middleton.  The one-act play (John Guare's A Day for Surprises) is about stereotypical librarians who use paste pots and throw books around. Not role models! But I got to watch  from the control booth, and that was fun.

Library staff changes (update): We have had a gratifying number of quality applications for our three librarian vacancies. We have begun reviewing the applications and will be setting up on-campus interviews soon.  Faculty will be invited to an instruction  demonstration by each candidate. A full job description is available at

And, the construction of the new science building behind Staley Library continues its fascination for us.

University Librarian

Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL