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Library News- May 2003

Much to celebrate this month, as another successful academic year draws to a close in the library.

First, our own students: While it is definitely the library's loss that the following of our student workers are graduating this spring, we have appreciated all that they have contributed to the library's mission over their years with us, we are very proud of their academic and other accomplishments, and we wish them all the very best in their next endeavors.

Ben Alvey

Jennifer Eason

Meghan Haddad-Null

Sarah Harres

Catie Parish

Jenna Polk

Mary Richter

Next, our full-time staff: This spring as you recall, we have been able to pursue filling two vacant library positions. Last month we welcomed Kelly Binkley as our new day associate at the Circulation Desk. Now I am proud to announce that Jeff Hancks has accepted our invitation to join us as Access Services Coordinator & Research/Instruction Librarian this summer.

Jeff is presently Head Librarian at the School of Journalism & Mass Communication Reading Room at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a departmental library where he is responsible for all library functions. His other library experience includes being the weekend Reference Librarian & Circulation Supervisor at the Wisconsin Historical Society in Madison, as well as serving as a project cataloger at the main library at UW-Madison. He has also taught in the UW-Madison Department of Scandinavian Studies.

Jeff's MA in Library and Information Studies is from the UW-Madison; and he is presently completing a second Masters program at the same institution (in Scandinavian Studies). (Yes we have already chatted in Swedish! Though not about work.)

We are currently establishing the summer hours for the library. In general, we will be open Mondays, Thursdays & Fridays from 8am to 5pm, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 8am to 8pm, and we will be closed on weekends. For more specifics, always check the library's hours page.

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Now, those Peeps: while those above are having their troubles (they made the mistake of parking in front of the library during a flooding downpour), our research into their study activities has been a runaway success, way beyond our wildest expectations; and the two researchers have justly become internationally known!! The reach and speed of the Internet truly is astounding: since its on-campus beginnings on April 16, 2003, the page has generated (as of lunch-time April 26) 120,831 hits!!

Particularly gratifying has been the many responding emails from across the country and around the world, librarians saying that our library sounds like a fun place to work, library educators indicating that they are going to use that page variously in their library science classes, and even prospective undergraduates expressing an interest in coming to Millikin!

In addition, American Libraries, the monthly publication that is sent to all of the over 64,000 members of the American Library Association, has contacted us asking to use some of our pictures in a feature about our Peeps page. Can the Chronicle of Higher Education be far behind?

We have also heard from JustBorn, the company that makes Peeps, expressing approval. And not to overlook that Susan and Jen took home the blue ribbon from the faculty Peeps art show that started it all!
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While Susan and Jen of course were and remain the driving and creative force behind this phenomenal page, credit goes in some measure also to others on the library staff, including those who posed for pictures, supplied Peep-sized furniture, and in other ways supported this important research work!

In the meantime, don't lose sight of the and other day-to-day accomplishments of the library and its multi-talented staff!

Looking for a photograph of a Millikin person, place, or event? Be sure and check the University Archive's photograph lists, now available on the web. These pages include lists of the print photographs the archives has in its collection. To view the list of photographs select a category from the available options. The University Archives does have the capability of reproducing photographs as well.

Heidi Clark, Millikin student, recently took this and other pictures of me. Didn't she make me look glamorous?

Wishing you a wonderful summer!!


Karin Borei
University Librarian





Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL