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Library News- Nov. 2001


November 2001  

(Video clip with sound - and the players in Halloween finery of course!)

On October 26th, 2001 we featured a Woodwind Quintet performance under the direction of Tina Nicholson, this in addition to our First Friday events (below). Rusty Vinson recorded the accompanying video snippet of that performance for us. Don't you just love it! (You will need to have some audio capability, and you may need to use Internet Explorer for it to work.) 

Library exhibit space 

The library's new 2d floor display space is intended to feature student creativity throughout the academic year. Each exhibit will open with a Fabulous Fine Arts Friday reception where we intend to showcase student musical performances. Our first Fabulous Fine Arts Friday on October 12, 2001 , was a gratifying success. The next Fabulous Fine Arts Fridays are scheduled for November 9 (to open an exhibit of women artists) and December 7 (winter theme).

Many of you will by now have admired the new archives space that we created this past summer where the music module used to be. (The music materials of course are now in much larger space on the third floor.) The archives room is lined primarily with bookcases from the Elizabethan Study, a feature of the old Gorin Library, and includes other furniture as well from earlier Millikin University library incarnations. (You may be interested to browse again the library history pages I put together over a year ago.) 

Now, Assistant Professor Susan Avery, who has assumed the responsibilities of University Archivist along with her continuing instruction and reference responsibilities, has created a wonderful set of web pages to celebrate this new archives space. (Some of the pages are still under construction.) Click on the logo above! You will find a  Millikin University history and chronology (both compiled by Jason Butterick, who works with Susan as Archival Associate), a sampling of photographs from the archives including from our recent School of Music historical exhibit, and also a detailing of policies and procedures for the creation and use of our archives. You will be impressed!

And, please contact Amanda Pippitt (, or x3944) if you have something you think might be appropriate for keeping in the archives,  or have questions on the necessity to keep or transfer records or documents. 

New library resources

I want to remind you to check our Trial Databases page occasionally. Through the end of November, you can use PsycARTICLES ("PsycARTICLES provides electronic full text of articles from 42 journals published by APA and allied organizations and is a complement to APA's popular PsycINFO database.") and you can also use a number of other databases through the Illinois State Library's 2d annual Try-It! Illinois. Test databases offer occasional access to resources we cannot otherwise provide, and you should not miss out on them.

The latest library web site enhancement: library floor plans. (Ben Gardner created these.) It is our ambition to make them interactive one of these days, as our time permits. 

The monthly New Acquisitions lists are updated during the first week of every month with the addition of a page for the previous month's titles newly catalogued materials, sorted by subject area. Some months reflect particular projects, such as the September list which was heavy on Juvenile literature because during the Summer 2001 we weeded down our uncatalogued "popular collection" of juvenile literature and then added the remainder to the regular collection. Also ongoing is a process of adding as many LP's (vinyl) as we can each month from an excellent gift of classical music recordings.

Two of our librarians, Susan Avery and Carmen Epstein, have recently been awarded grants through the Illinois State Library to pursue library related projects. This follows a tradition in the library of seeking outside support for our services.

  • Susan Avery has been awarded a "Lighting the Fire" grant of $1,800 to produce a set of library guides for faculty as well as brochures for our services to community patrons and local high school classes. The faculty guides will collect in a binder our information about faculty-specific services including class instruction, collection development, and discipline-specific resources in all formats.

  • Carmen Epstein has been awarded a FY 2002 Library Services and Technology Act "Grow With a Pro" grant of $1,638.00 to create a collection assessment model for the library's research resources in traditional as well as electronic formats. She will be working with a consultant this coming summer (2002) on this project, which is intended to result in an ongoing cycle of assessment and strengthening of our collections in all the curricular disciplines. 

We are in the process of putting pictures of our entire student staff onto our web, so that we can even more fully appreciate what they do for our day-to-day service. Take a look!

I continue my elected service on the 17-person state-wide governing Board of the Illinois Library Computer Systems Organization (ILCSO) that includes 45 of the state's university, college and community college libraries and the Illinois State Library. The Board has recently concluded contract negotiations with Endeavor Systems for a new Illinet Online system software (Voyager) to replace the aging DRA software we now have. The ambitious though I believe realistic implementation schedule calls for the new software to be fully implemented by Fall 2002. 

Other news

On Oct. 23, Nanette Wargo, another of our former library student workers and who is now pursuing a  Masters of Science in Library Science (MSLS) degree at the University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign, visited the library to discuss a class project for which she is using Staley Library as her focus. Ms Wargo is by no means the first Staley Library student worker to  choose a career in the library profession. Cindy Fuller (MU `90, MSLS UIUC `92, and on the Staley Library faculty from 1992 until April 2001) comes most immediately to mind, and others over the years have included Regina (Gina) Jannick,  Amy Borden, Jennifer Cisna, Tom Wood (now archivist at UI - Springfield), Lisa Vizebicki (at UW - Madison), Sarah Kirsch, and Jessica Morgan. Libraries are good places to work!

And finally, on a more personal note, on October 20, 2001, Jason Butterick married Amanda Johnson in Mt. Zion. They met while both were Staley Library student workers several years ago, and Jason of course is presently on the library's full-time staff. Our many best wishes to both!

Signature Karin Borei
University Librarian

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