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Library News- Oct. 2000

October 2000

Keeping up with the construction of the new science building behind Staley Library.

Library instruction: September and October are extremely busy months for the librarians in providing library research instruction for classes. Most of that instruction continues to be for Critical Writing, Reading and Research sections, although we have also taught biology, theatre, children's literature, nursing and business classes so far this semester. The tally by the second week in October for Susan Avery, Virginia McQuistion, and Cindy Fuller stands at 70 classes taught, with more scheduled into November.

Trial databases: We have a section on our Web site devoted to database trials. The purpose of these trials is to find out how the databases work, what they contain, if they might be of use in supporting the Millikin University curriculum, and if we can afford them relative to the use they might get. And, even if it turns out that we ultimately do not obtain these tested resources, we should enjoy them while we have them!! (The link to the test databases is at the bottom of the Quicklinks list, on the left of every library page.)

Three that will be available for October 2000 only are:

GaleNet Reference (October 2000 only) Includes a number of literary databases, the brand new History Resource Center (comprehensive collection of full-text periodicals, multimedia reference articles, and facsimiles of original historic documents), and a variety of reference resources. Use it while we have it! (Password: call 424-5065 , or ask us.)

American Reference Library (October 2000 only) Over 55,000 source documents, for studying and teaching history, government, and political science. Includes Presidential Papers,  landmark Supreme Court cases, and National Party Platforms, 1840-1996 (all major platforms).
(Login & password: call 424-5065 , or ask us.)

Facts on File (October 2000 only) Covers historic events back to 1940, and provides select primary source documents such as the U.S. Constitution and the Civil Rights Act of 1964. In special reports, addresses key issues such as AIDS, global warming, homelessness, Medicare, and smoking. Today's Science includes overview articles and "key advances", biographies, and glossaries. World Almanac Reference, the electronic version of the fact-filled World Almanac, is another of the databases included.

Two new databases, both of which are being made available to us at no direct cost through the State of Illinois:

HarpWeek: The Civil War Era and Reconstruction I & II (1857-1877). This database consists of the pages of Harper's Weekly, scanned as images, together with subject terms to search. The Demonstration provides an introduction to using the database. 

PDR (Physicians' Desk Reference) Electronic Library. (Click "Log In", which is automatic.) Information about prescription drugs, with photos. Includes PDR for Herbal Medicines and Stedman's Medical Dictionary.

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