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Library News- Oct. 2001

October 2001: you will read here about new library resources, our library instruction program, changes in our circulation policies, and an invitation to see the inaugural exhibit in our new display area.

New library resources

Lexis-Nexis' Statistical Universe  is a new library database that we make available from anywhere on the Millikin campus. (A link to it is on the Periodicals Databases (alphabetical) page, as well as on several subject area pages.) Its Power Tables allow you to "Find answers fast by searching a collection growing by over 30,000 statistical tables annually". Included are statistics from federal, state, and international sources, and they may be sorted by geographic, demographic, or economic criteria. Those statistics that are presented in Excel spreadsheets may be saved as such. The "Links" section provides quick access to other Web sites with useful information about statistics.

Through IDAL (the Illinois Digital Academic Library), we will soon provide through our website all the available e-journals published by Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. The fifty-three (53) titles cover a variety of medical and health sciences fields. (A complete list available at As with other IDAL supported resources, the Liebert journals are provided at no direct cost to IDAL participants (it is funded by the State of Illinois). The link to these journals will be on the Periodicals Databases (by subject) page, as well as on the nursing resources page.

Also, don't forget to look at two of our web site enhancements, the compilations of our periodicals subscriptions by academic disciplines, as well as the monthly New Acquisitions lists. I described both of these features in somewhat more detail in my August 2001 newsletter.

Library instruction

Susan Avery

Carmen Epstein

Jen Masciadrelli

The Research and Instruction Librarians (Susan Avery, Carmen Epstein, and Jennifer Masciadrelli) are in the midst of teaching library research to the freshmen in CWRR1 and, in some cases, the Freshmen Seminar. Each section receives the equivalent of one week of instruction (approximately three hours during the semester for each of 33 CWRR1 sections). These sessions are a mix of  PowerPoint presentations, hands-on instruction in computer labs, readings and tutorials on BlackBoard, as well as pre-assignments in the form of paper work sheets.

States Susan Avery, "The goal of this instruction is to introduce students to the inquiry process, as well as to teach them how to most effectively retrieve and evaluate information. These sessions set the foundation for freshmen as they begin to delve into research at the university level. It should be remembered that the instruction these students receive merely provides them with the basics for starting research. The focus of the sessions are broad as opposed to delving into subject-specific resources."

The librarians are also happy to come and work with classes on the more specialized resources freshmen have not been introduced to in CWRR1. Faculty who are interested in having such a research instruction session for their course should contact Susan Avery (x3944, or

Library circulation

Beginning this semester, we will be sending out overdue notices via email, rather than through campus or US mails. The advantage to you, as well as to the library staff, is that you will get the notices faster, and that you will be able to communicate with us more quickly about the notices.

You should know that in addition to continuing to collect overdue fines (which we do sparingly in any case), we will be enforcing no-borrowing rules when you have materials that are more than a month overdue or when you owe more than $30 to any of the libraries in the ILCSO consortium of which we are a member. The point is that our libraries are a shared resource for the academic community, both within Millikin and state-wide; and when you choose not to respect the rules for sharing, you will not be able to share further. 

You should also know that in order for the library to keep up with the real-life costs of buying books and other library materials, as well as to recoup some of our staff costs for ordering, receiving, cataloging, labeling and shelving the replacement of such materials, we have increased the basic fees for replacing lost materials. 

Your route to dealing with these changes is to never return anything late and never to lose anything! Things that most of you already do anyway.

Library exhibit space 

On Friday October 12, between 2 and 4 p.m., we will be showcasing the creative work of Millikin University students, past and present, in the inauguration of  the library's new 2d floor display space. This is the first of a series of student exhibits that we will feature throughout the year.

The exhibit will feature painting, drawing, and ceramics by Millikin University alumni and current students, and will also feature the haiku of Sarah Knutilla and Kristen Boryca (who is also a former library student worker). The opening reception will feature performances by students in the School of Music. The exhibit is curated by Ben Gardner, a new member of the library staff who is a recent (2001) Millikin graduate with a BFA degree in studio art; and Susan Avery is the music coordinator. 

During the reception there will also be an opportunity for you to peek into the new Archives room (we promise pictorial Blasts from the Past that include some of your faculty colleagues in 70's garb and hair!) and to admire the newly consolidated music area on the 3rd floor. See you then!

Signature Karin Borei
University Librarian

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Millikin University - Decatur, IL