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Library News- Summer 2002

Our new online catalog is not yet quite ready for prime time, 
but it is ready for you to try
(On the Illinet Online page you will need to click on the WebVoyage 2001.1.1 Demonstration link to connect to Millikin's records.)

Beginning Monday July 15, 2002, this new catalog will be the most up to date in terms of new titles catalogued and books circulated, in that we will not be adding any new transactions to the old catalog after that date. However, we will retain the old catalog link as our primary catalog until the new system is fully implemented state-wide, later in July. 

Two major pieces that are still missing from the new catalog are the state-wide ILCSO catalog and the direct borrowing from other libraries in the system. The state-wide catalog is still available through the old system; though as you recall, the only way to borrow from other libraries at the moment is through the manual (paper) interlibrary loan forms.

We hope that you will send us an email message ( and tell us what you think, especially if you see something that confuses you or that does not seem to work right. We can make changes! We are still tinkering with the look and some aspects of the functionality of the new catalog, so what you try today may not work the same way tomorrow.  You can have an impact on the new catalog!

Later this summer and into the fall we will be offering more formal introductions to the new system. In the meantime, the system provides a number of help options to answer some of your questions.

We are calling the new system Millinet Online, a play on the state-wide name (Illinet Online, the same as the previous system) with an obvious Millikin tie-in. We have Susan Avery to thank both for the name and for the above banner for the system!

You can look at my May 2002 "what's new" page for what it has entailed so far to get us changed over from one all-encompassing library system to another.

Other news: The list of titles newly catalogued in June 2002 is now available. Mostly these are books we have been given as gifts, both from publishers and from individuals. (Marsha Leach creates these lists from the cataloging records created by Linda Chitwood.) 

Also noteworthy is our progress in installing stack end panels to our shelving ranges, see picture above left. The panels were part of the furniture from Illinois Wesleyan's old library. My first priority in obtaining the panels was to make the stack ranges more stable, though the esthetic improvement is a decided bonus! Ben Gardner is doing this work little by little over the summer.

Signature Karin Borei
University Librarian

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Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL