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As a service to the Millikin University community, the Archives will photocopy documents, scan images, or produce electronic files for faculty, staff, and students for free, subject to the discretion of the Archives staff. Due to limited staffing, requests by Millikin community members that require an excessive amount of staff time to fulfill may result in a fee being assessed.

All other Archives patrons may refer to the fee schedule below for more information. Large volume requests may require additional staff time to process and may be billed an additional fee at the discretion of the Archives staff.

Please see our Procedures page for the appropriate forms that must be completed for each type of request.

Service Fee Notes
Photocopying $.10/pg.
In compliance with the copyright law, the Millikin University Archives limits the number of copies of each item to one. Furthermore, we cannot copy all or substantially all of a work for you unless an unused copy of the work cannot be found at a fair price. In addition, we reserve the right to restrict the use or reproduction of rare, valuable, or fragile items; and to make special quotations on items involving unusual difficulty in copying; and to charge a use fee for staff time in excess of one half hour to fulfill this reproduction request.
Photographs* (scanned) $1.00/image
See below for options after scanning has been completed.
Photographs* (email attachment) no additional charge
Images can be saved in a variety of formats (jpeg, tiff, etc.) and resolutions (300 dpi, etc.) .

(burned to CD)

$2.00/CD plus $1.00/image The number of files and file size will determine the number of CDs required to fill the request.
Photographs* (photographic paper printout) $1.00/piece of photo paper The Archives has 4" x 6" and 8 1/2" x 11" glossy photo paper available.
Photographs* (commercial reproduction) determined by the vendor
The service provider is a commercial vendor so neither the timetable or the charges are determined by the University Archives. Patrons are required to pay the cost of any copy negatives that must be made in order to fulfill a request. These copy negatives are retained by the University Archives.
Recital tape reproduction at cost charged by University Services

While the University Archives does use an on-campus service to do tape reproduction, it should be noted that the tapes are not available for Archives patrons to make copies of themselves. All reproduction requests will be filled by Archives staff.


Information needed from the patron for this level of service:

1. File format
2. Final production (printing size)
3. Resolution (based on printing screen)
4. Color or black-and-white
5. Product desired

Please note :

1. All photographic services must be fully paid at the time that the order is placed.
2. The quality of any photographic duplication is limited by the quality of the original image.
3. University Archives staff are not trained to perform complex image manipulation.


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