Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Access Services Coordinator & Archivist

Position Title: Access Services Coordinator, Archivist & Research/Instruction Librarian
Department: Staley Library
Supervisor: Library Director
Incumbent: Amanda Pippitt (since January 2004)

Position Summary:
Manage the library's access services and Millikin University Archives. Supervise circulation  and Archives services and staff. Share reference service and collection development responsibilities with the other librarians, and participate in a very active research instruction program. With the Library Director, the librarians collaborate in long-and short-range planning and overall management of all Staley Library services. Faculty rank (not tenure track).

Position Responsibilities:

  • Access Services management and supervision:
    • Assure the library's ongoing performance of access services appropriate to Millikin University's evolving vision, mission, and directions, as well as consistent with the library's own service objectives.
    • Supervise the two Circulation Associates (Day and Evening). This includes hiring, training, monitoring, evaluating, processing time sheets & paychecks, and assigning work.
    • Coordinate the hiring of all library student employees in Circulation Services, directly or through delegation hiring, training, monitoring, evaluating, processing time sheets & paychecks, and assigning work (desk duties, shelving, shelf reading, projects).
  • Archives
    • Act as an information resource with regard to the contents of archival and historical materials.
    • Coordinate the collection of archival materials from other areas of the University, from alumni, and from other pertinent sources.
    • Interact with all campus constituencies including the President's office, Alumni and Development, and Marketing, selecting and providing archival materials as needed for their use.
    • Collaborate with campus faculty who wish to incorporate Millikin University Archives into their courses.
  • Instruction and Research:
    • Act as information resource with regard to the contents of archival and historical materials.
    • Collaborate with individual Millikin University faculty to provide advanced library research instruction for students in their majors and for other upper division curricula.
    • Provide one on one library research assistance to library users as needed, during scheduled times throughout the day and week, including a weekly evening shift and some weekend rotations (approx. three times/semester).
  • Library collection development and academic department liaison:
    • Work closely with several designated academic departments as the personalized contact and promoter for all library services for those departments (instruction, reference, and collection development, both physical and virtual, including for the Reference collection).
    • Create, implement and evaluate reference and instruction materials, programs and services, both physical and virtual including via the web, for the designated disciplines.
    • Share in developing and maintaining the reference collection, both physical and virtual. 
    • Share in developing and maintaining the content, overall cohesiveness and timeliness of the Staley Library web site.
  • Professional:
    • Maintain current awareness of emerging information and library technologies, keeping in mind their possible application to Staley Library services.
    • Through continuous collaboration with the Library Director and other library faculty (the other librarians), plan for and monitor all library services.
    • As a Millikin faculty member, participate in faculty governance including attending faculty meetings as well as service to select councils and committees.
    • As a member of the library profession, keep up with librarianship literature, participate in regional and/or national library associations by attending conferences and workshops, and become involved in other professional activities as appropriate.
    • Professional writing and presentations beyond own responsibilities are encouraged and noted, but not required.
    • Actively support Library colleagues, Library service goals, and University mission.


  • Masters Degree in Library Science (MLS or comparable) from an ALA accredited institution.
  • Relevant work experience in an academic library highly desirable, especially in the provision of reference and library instruction using both traditional and electronic approaches.
  • Supervisory experience preferred.
  • Enthusiasm, flexibility, a sense of adventure, and willingness to learn and to pitch in are musts. 
  • Effective interpersonal, collegial, verbal (including presentation and teaching) and written skills important; service commitment essential; ability to work well both independently and as part of a team; comfort with details and change.
Date of original position description: September 4, 2003; revised 2014.

Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL