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Nursing: Background/Reference Sources 

The purpose of gathering background information is to help you understand your topic in more depth, or perhaps think about a different view or a subtopic that you had not previously considered.

Reference Books | Electronic Reference Resources

Using reference sources in the library's Reference Collection can be very useful.

After looking at the titles that follow, you can use the reference collection to help you locate additional information on your topic in the circulating collection, or you can note the call number of a Reference book that is useful for your topic, for example The AIDS Sourcebook (REF RC 606.64 .A337 2003). Drop the REF and use the initial letters and numbers as a guide to finding similar material that circulates. If you wanted to find circulating books similar to The AIDS Sourcebook, you would go to the third floor and browse the RC 606 section.

Subject Specific Reference Books

 Encyclopedias | Dictionaries | Bibliographies | Abbreviations/Acronyms Aging | Alternative Medicine | Anatomy | Biographies | Children | Diagnoses/Tests | Diseases/Conditions | Drugs/Pharmacology | Ethics | Families | Genetics | History | Leadership | Medical-Surgical | Men | Mental Health Multiculturalism | Nutrition | Pollution | Religion | Research | Statistics | Women


Encyclopedia of Health and Behavior
REF. R 726.5 .E53 2004

Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine
REF. RC 41 .G35 2006 and Online

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International Dictionary of Medicine and Biology
REF. R 121 .I58

Inverted Medical Dictionary: A Method of Finding Medical Terms Quickly
REF. R 121 .R54

Stedman's Medical Dictionary for the Health Professions and Nursing
REF. R 121 .S8 2005

Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary
REF. R 121 .T144 1997

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Literature and Medicine: An Annotated Bibliography
REF. PN 56 .M38 T7 1982


Medical Abbreviations and Acronyms
REF. R 121 .R77

Mosby's Survival Guide to Medical Abbreviations & Acronyms, Prefixes & Suffixes, Symbols, Greek Alphabet
REF. R 123 .C23 1995


Aging: Demographics, Health, and Health Services
RA 564.8 .V54 2003

Encyclopedia of Aging
REF. HQ 1061 .E53

Encyclopedia of Senior Health and Well-Being
REF. RA 777.6 .K357 2003

Graying of America
HQ 1064 .U5 K39 2001

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Alternative/Complementary Medicine

Complementary and Alternative Medicine Sourcebook
R 735 .C66 2010

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Anatomy of the Human Body/Gray's Anatomy
REF. QM 23.2 .G73 1985

Atlas of Human Anatomy
REF. QM 25 .N46 2010

Atlas of the Sensory Organs
REF. QM 501 .C75 2005 or Online

Colour Atlas of Human Anatomy
REF. QM 23.2 .M32 1977

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Dictionary of American Medical Biography
REF. R 153 .D53


Child Abuse Sourcebook
HV 6626.52 .C557 2009

Encyclopedia of Child Abuse
REF. HV 6626.5 .C57 2007

Encyclopedia of Children's Health and Wellness
REF. RJ 45 .T9465 2004


Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy
REF. RC 55 .M4 2006

PDR Nurse's Drug Handbook
REF. RM 125 .S668 2008


AIDS Sourcebook
RC 606.64 .A337 2008

Alzheimer's Disease: Unraveling the Mystery

Cancer Sourcebook
RC 263 .C294 2007

Disabilities Sourcebook
HV 1553 .D544 2000

Domestic Violence Sourcebook
HV 6626.2 .D685 2009

Drug Abuse Sourcebook
HV 5801 .D724 2010

Eating Disorders Sourcebook
RC 552 .E18 E287 2011

Encyclopedia of Autism Spectrum Disorders
REF. RC 553 .A88 T87 2007

Encyclopedia of Blindness and Vision Impairment
REF. RE 91 .S27

Encyclopedia of Drugs and Alcohol
REF. HV 5804 .E53 1995

Encyclopedia of HIV and AIDS
REF. RC 606.6 .W385 2003

Encyclopedia of Infectious Diseases
REF. RC 112 .T87 2007

Encyclopedia of Obesity and Eating Disorders
REF. RC 552 .E18 C37 2006

Headache Sourcebook
RC 392 .H43 2002

Illinois Cancer Statistics Review
RC 277 .I3 2003

NORD (National Organization for Rare Disorders) Resource Guide
REF. RC 91 .N67 2000

Sexually Transmitted Diseases Sourcebook
REF. RC 200.2 .S387 2009


Mosby's Pharmacology in Nursing
REF. RM 301 .M39 2006

Nursing2011 Drug Handbook
REF. RM 301.12 .N87 2011

Physician's Desk Reference: PDR
REF. RS 250 .P5

PDR for Herbal Medicines
REF. RM 666 .H33 P37 2007

PDR for Nonprescription Drugs
REF. RS 250 .P52

PDR Generics
REF. RS 55.2 .P3 1998

PDR Guide to Drug Interactions, Side Effects, and Indications
REF. RM 302 .P37 2007

PDR Nurse's Drug Handbook
REF. RM 125 .S668 2009


Encyclopedia of Bioethics
REF. QH 332 .E52 1995


Mayo Clinic Family Health Book
REF. RC 81 .M473 2009


Dictionary of Genetics
REF. QH 427 .K55 2002

Mendelian Inheritance in Man


Chronology of Medicine and Related Sciences
REF. R 133 .M717 1997

Historical Encyclopedia of Nursing
REF. RT 31 .S66 1999

Nursing, a Historical Bibliography
REF. RT 31 .B84 1981


Nursing Leadership: a Concise Encyclopedia
REF. RT 89 .N7943 2008


Instrumentation for the Operating Room: a Photographic Manual
REF. RD 71 .B76 1994


Men's Health and Wellness Encyclopedia
REF. RA 777.8 .I65 1998

Mental Health

Campbell's Psychiatric Dictionary
REF. RC 437 .H5 2004

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders: DSM-IV-TR
REF. RC 455.2 .C4

Encyclopedia of Depression
REF. RC 537 .R63

Encyclopedia of Schizophrenia and Other Psychotic Disorders
REF. RC 514 .N63 2007

Encyclopedia of Suicide
REF. HV 6645 .E87 2003
Gale Encyclopedia of Mental Health
REF. RC 437 .G35 2008

Psychoanalytic Terms and Concepts
REF. RC 501.4 .P79


American Immigrant Cultures
REF. E 184 .A1 A634 1997

Gale Encyclopedia of Multicultural America
REF. E 184 .A1 G14 1995


Diet and Nutrition Sourcebook
RA 784 .D534 2006

Encyclopedia of Foods: A Guide to Health Nutrition
REF. TX 349 .E482 2002

Encyclopedia of Obesity and Eating Disorders
REF. RC 552 .E18 C37 2006

Nutrition Desk Reference: NDR

Prentice-Hall Dictionary of Nutrition and Health
REF. TX 349 .A54


Rapid Guide to Hazardous Chemicals in the Workplace
REF. T 55.3 .H3 R37

Toxics A to Z: a Guide to Everyday Pollution Hazards
REF. RA 1213 .T76 1991


Handbook of Religion and Health
REF. BL 65 .M4 .K646 2001

Research/Writing Guides

Encyclopedia of Nursing Research
REF. RT 81.5 .E53 2006


Health and Healthcare in the United States: County and Metro Area Data
RA 407.3 .H415 2001

Health in the Americas
RA 407.5 .L3 P18 2002

Health, United States [Current Year]

Illinois Cancer Statistics Review
RC 277 .I3 2003


Encyclopedia of Women's Health Issues
REF. RA 778 .G39 2002
Reproductive Issues in America
REF. RG 133.5 .M47 2003

Women's Health Concerns Sourcebook
RA 778 .W7543 2004

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Ask a librarian at the Research Assistance Desk
if you need help in locating these sources.

Electronic Reference Sources

Gale Virtual Reference Library
contains the Gale Encyclopedia of Mental Disorders and Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine. (After clicking the link, click "proceed", then select the database.)

Access to clinical databases with information about drugs, labs, toxicology, diseases, acute care, alternative medicine, IV compatibility etc. Also includes access to the CareNotes System. (Note: This database is only available to current Nursing faculty and students. Please see a librarian for database login and password.)

Peterson's College Guides
Online versions of the printed guides. Guides to undergraduate, graduate and vocational-technical schools. Searchable by name or location.

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