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Who can borrow from Staley Library?

What are Staley Library's loan periods?

How do I renew items? 

Why was my renewal request denied?

What if I have overdue/lost materials?

How do I pay my fine/lost material fee?

Hey, I think I returned that! (claims returned)

I loaned that to my friend and they said they returned it!

I am a faculty member with a teaching assistant, can they pick up & check out materials for me?

Who can borrow from Staley Library?

Millikin patrons: Borrowing privileges are available to Millikin students, faculty, administration, staff, alumni, trustees, and the family of faculty and trustees. These privileges include loans of Millikin's circulating materials and interlibrary loan services.

Family members of faculty & trustees should not use the faculty member's I.D. card. Instead, each family member of 16 years and above wishing to use Staley Library may obtain a complimentary borrower's card.

I-Share patrons: Reciprocal borrowing privileges are granted at no cost to those holding valid cards from other I-Share libraries. These include patrons of Richland Community College.

Community patrons: Community borrower cards valid for 1 year will be issued at no cost to those 16 years or older currently attending Walther Theological Seminary, or those 16 years or older holding current, valid cards from the Decatur Public Library. Please bring your 1) current WTS or DPL card, 2) a photo ID, 3) and proof of current address (may be same as photo ID) to apply for a no-cost community borrower card. 

Residents of Macon County 16 years or older and not holding one of the above cards may pay a $10.00 borrowing fee ($5.00 for high-school students) to obtain a card valid for one year.  Please bring 1) a photo ID and 2) proof of current address (may be same as photo ID) to apply for a community borrower card. If you are a high-school student, please also bring your current student ID.

Community patrons may not use interlibrary loan services, which should be handled by the patron's primary service library. A valid card must be presented for all borrowing privileges.

Community patrons wishing to use Staley Library computers are not required to have a library card, but must have current photo ID and be prepared to follow our computer use policy.

Other patrons: Please contact your home library to arrange an interlibrary loan request for materials from Staley Library.

What are Staley Library's loan periods?

If an item you have borrowed is needed (recalled) by another Millikin borrower, your loan period will be shortened and you will be notified of the new due date assigned.

The following table summarizes loan periods and fine policies for Staley Library.

Item Type
Loan Period* Number Charged Renewals Overdue Charge
Stack Books, 
Curr. Lib, 
Music Scores,  Juvenile, & Leisure

4 weeks 
(16 weeks 
faculty, graduate students,  & JMS Scholars)

MU: no limit

H.S.:limit 5 items total; no Curr Lib.

Community users - limit 20 items total

Limit 3

(after that, material must be physically returned)

25 cents a day, with a 20 day grace period ($5.25 on eleventh day).

After 30 days assumed lost and replacement fees & fines are charged, see details below.
Recordings (CDs & LPs)  1 week 
(16 weeks 
A-V (VHS & DVDs) 1 week 15
Periodicals, Reference
Do not
Reserves 2 hr, 4hr library use only; Overnight  

1, 3, or 7 days
2 (for MU patrons only)
(or NONE if item 
is in demand)
see Reserves page for overdue charges.

Loan periods for patrons from other I-Share libraries, and for Millikin patrons borrowing from those libraries through interlibrary loan, are summarized on this website.

How do I renew items?

Items other than Reserves may be renewed three times, then they must be returned or brought physically to Staley Library for renewal. Renewals may reduced if item is recalled.

Staley Library materials (and materials loaned through other I-Share member libraries) may be renewed either online or in person:
  • Online-
    -You will need to log into Renew Books/My Account in the Library's Online Catalog.
    -Under the heading "Checked Out Items," look for the check boxes to the right of each item.
    -Click in the boxes next to the items you wish to renew and then click on "Renew Selected Items" button below the list. Be sure to make note of the new due date!

    If you have questions or problems regarding renewing library materials online, please call circulation at: 6214 (on campus) or 217-424-6214 (off campus).

In Person-
-Bring your Millikin ID card to the circulation desk at Staley Library.

Interlibrary loan materials:

  • Items with yellow slips (I-Share items): Either 1) follow same steps as above to renew online or in person, or 2) call 217-424-3560. 3 renewals maximum for print items; no renewals for non-print items.
  • Items with pink slips (OCLC WorldCat/Illiad items): Most items can be renewed. Bring item to Staley Library or call 217-424-3560. Please give as much information as possible, including your name, the title of the item, and the original due date.

Why was my renewal request denied?
Renewals may be blocked or denied for a number of reasons, including:
  • You have already renewed the item three times (renewal limit is 3).
  • The item has been recalled by the library.
  • You have unresolved fines in excess of $30.00 ($50.00 for faculty).
  • You have 6 or more overdue items on your account.
  • You have lost items and/or fine obligations to other libraries for Interlibrary Loan items.
  • The item type does not allow for renewal.

What if I have overdue or lost materials?

You will receive one courtesy reminder and three overdue notices. These notices will be sent via email unless we do not have an email address for you.

Note, however, that even the overdue notices are courtesy notices, in that you are responsible for materials you borrow whether you receive notices or not.

  • The courtesy reminder is sent out three days before the material is due.
  • The first overdue notice is automatically generated ten days after the material becomes overdue. Fines are forgiven during those first twenty days; but once the second overdue notice is generated, fines are due at the rate of 25 cents per day. 
  • The fines are retroactive, and thus are $5.25 per item on the twenty-first overdue day.
  • The second overdue notice is generated after twenty days overdue.
  • The assumption is made that if material is not returned within thirty days of falling overdue, it has been lost. Thus, the third and final notice is a Lost Item Billing Notice which reflects a replacement fee.
  • We search the stacks in conjunction with sending out the lost book bills, to assure that the items are not in the library already.
  • As long as you have materials overdue more than 30 days or outstanding fines in excess of $30 ($50 for faculty), you will be blocked from to borrowing additional material from this or any other I-Share library.
  • All borrowing will also be blocked when you have: 25 overdue interlibrary loan items, 3 lost interlibrary loan items, and/or $200 in fines/fees owed to other I-Share libraries.

The standard lost item fees are:

  • $50.00 per book replacement fee
  • $100.00 per video/DVD replacement fee
  • $30.00 per CD/LP/vinyl replacement fee (Note that these replacement charges apply even if only the liner notes are missing.)
  • $40.00 per musical score replacement fee (Note that replacement charges apply even if only 1 part is missing.)
  • Note: In cases where the true replacement cost of a lost item is substantially greater than Staley Library's standard lost item fees, the patron may be charged the actual cost to the library to replace the item.

The replacement fee reflects not only the library's average out-of-pocket cost for replacing the item, but also the library's costs connected with billing the patron, locating the item, ordering it, cataloging it (including withdrawing the lost item), labeling it, and re-shelving it.

After Staley Library receives payment for a lost item, no refunds may be given (even if the item is found at a later date). Payment of the lost item replacement fee and overdue fine is considered acknowledgement on the part of the patron that they have lost the item.

After 60 days past due, replacement costs will be be charged by the library to Millikin accounts. After 90 days past due, no refund will be issued for these charges.

If you have combined outstanding bills of over $30.00 ($50.00 for faculty) at this or any other library, you will be denied borrowing privileges at this and other I-Share libraries until you have cleared up all such obligations. Other I-Share libraries may request Staley Library to suspend a patron's privileges in cases of unresolved fines or fees.

Note to faculty: While faculty do not pay other overdue fines, if materials are allowed to become so overdue that they are billed as lost, faculty members will be charged any applicable lost item fees

Note to graduating students: You will not be able to order transcripts until your library account is cleared of all obligations (all materials must be returned and all replacement fines and fees must be paid). This ensures that all library materials are returned before students leave Millikin.

How do I pay my fine/lost material fee?

Current students, staff, & faculty: Your fines/fees will be billed to your Millikin account. (You may also bring a check, made out to "Millikin University" to the circulation desk. Please note "library fines" in the notes field.)

Alumni, I-Share, & other Non-Millikin borrowers:  Please use our online payment site, or send us a check for the amount made out to "Millikin University" to the following address-
Attn: Fines
Staley Library, Millikin University
1184 W. Main St.
Decatur, IL  62522

Please also a note with information about the item you are paying for (title, author, etc.) and, if paying for someone else, the name of the person owing the fine.

Question about fines/fees? Please contact Staley Library at: 217-424-6214, or

Hey, I think I returned that! (Claims Returned)

Your current account information may be viewed online.

Staley Library takes care to ensure your account is accurate:


  • Items are only checked out to patrons with proper, valid identification (a Millikin University ID, a Staley Library card, or other valid I-Share library card).
  • Items will not be checked out to a second party in a first party's name without proper permission.


  • Materials are retrieved from the locked book return each morning and from the secured book returns at the Circulation/Reserves desk throughout the day.
  • Trained staff members scan each item's unique barcode into our automated database.
  • The item is then automatically and immediately removed from your account.
  • To ensure accuracy, each item's barcode is scanned a second time, before the item is re-shelved.

-Please, also do your part to avoid blocks to your account:

  • Do not loan items checked out to your account to another party (you will be held responsible for any lost items!).
  • Return items on time, or renew them if needed.
  • Call Staley Library Circulation if you have any questions regarding your account: 217-424-6214.

However, if you believe that you have returned an item still on your account, please read the following:

  • Fill out a Claims Returned Form (be sure to include contact information).
  • We will search for the item in the library within 48 hours.
  • If the item is located, you will be contacted as soon as possible.

 If the item is not located upon our initial search:

  • Your item will be added to our search list.
  • Our staff will search for the item for 3 months.
  • You will, in turn, share the responsibility to search for the item among your belongings. (if you locate it, please return the item ASAP)
  • We will put a message on your account allowing you to continue use of your library privileges.
  • If we locate the item at any time within the 3 months, you will be contacted and we will resolve the issue at that point.
  • If the item is NOT located after 3 months of searching, you will be contacted and we can discuss the options we have in resolving the situation.

* was consulted in the development of this policy.

I loaned that to my friend and they said they returned it!

For your protection, lending materials that you have borrowed with your own ID to others is strongly discouraged. The person on whose card the materials are borrowed is held responsible for the items (and any associated fines or fees accrued) until they are returned. (Faculty & administrators with teaching or departmental assistants, please see below).

I am a faculty member with a teaching assistant, can they pick up & check out materials for me?

If someone else (such as a teaching or departmental assistant) is to borrow library materials or to place items on and remove items from reserve on your behalf, an authorization form is needed to protect you. Forms are available at the circulation desk for this purpose, and also on the library's web site.

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