Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Procedures for Replacement of Missing/Lost Items

Once every summer, reports will be run on items classified Missing [items not found during routine inventories; items not found on shelf by patrons and/or staff] and Lost Library Applied [items lost and paid for by patrons] and checked against the collection.

Titles are often only temporarily misplaced and most items do not need to be replaced immediately. Therefore, if after two summers a title is still missing or lost, the librarians (based on their assigned subject liaison areas) will consider it for replacement or withdrawal (see guidelines below) but:

  • Titles may be reviewed for replacement sooner, especially if the title is: 1) new to the collection, 2) a “classic,” or 3) in high demand by faculty and/or students.

Guidelines for replacement or withdrawal of missing/lost titles:

    1. Replace the title if its information is still current, it would still support the Millikin University curriculum, and if it was used by Staley Library patrons in the past (review usage statistics to see if it has circulated at least 5 times).
    2. Replace title if it is considered a “core” or “classic” work in standard disciplinary sources.
    3. If the item’s subject would still support the Millikin curriculum, but the information is no longer current either a) replace with a newer edition of the same title or b) replace with a comparable title that is more up to date.
    4. Replace with same edition if the item has historical value or includes important features not contained in other editions.
    5. Replace if only other copy does not circulate (that is, it is held in Special Collections or Reference).
    6. Withdraw if other copies exist and combined circulations equal under 5.

Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL