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The university offers more than 50 academic programs in undergraduate studies in Arts and Sciences, Business, Fine Arts and Professional Studies, as well as graduate studies in Business Administration and Nursing. Millikin also offers the Professional Adult Comprehensive Education (PACE) program, an accelerated bachelor’s degree completion program.

The College of Arts & Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences touches all of Millikin’s students through the core courses that form the University Studies portion of the award-winning Millikin Program of Student Learning (MPSL). At Millikin, the College of Arts & Sciences is comprised of three divisions: natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities. In this college, students are invited to become knowledge seekers, knowledge makers, and to put their knowledge to work to transform themselves, their communities, and their professions.

The College of Fine Arts

Studies in the College of Fine Arts are a vital and vibrant part of Millikin's culture. With more than 25 percent of Millikin students studying within this college, campus is always buzzing with musical and/or theatrical productions (large and small), art shows, concerts, and presentations. All students are welcome to experience the arts at Millikin through these venues, as well as through on-campus courses and off-campus and study abroad experiences.

The Tabor School of Business

The Tabor School of Business offers a world of opportunity at Millikin. Students from all colleges, schools, majors and programs benefit from the business opportunities, guidance and expertise offered in Tabor. In addition to its seven academic programs, Tabor offers The Hub, Millikin’s own business incubator; Blue Connection, Millikin’s student-run retail art gallery in downtown Decatur; The Center for Entrepreneurship, serving as a business resource for new and established businesses throughout the state of Illinois; and several business competitions. It is this type of experience that teaches Tabor students how to recognize business opportunities and create their own.

The College of Professional Studies

Millikin’s newest academic college, The College of Professional Studies offers studies in the School of Education, the School of Nursing, the Department of Exercise Science and Sport, and PACE. Courses are derived from intensive study in professional disciplines. While the schools that comprise this college differ considerably in educational outcomes and preparation for practice beyond the academic setting, all share the commitment to provide individuals with the tools for professional success, critical reasoning and reflection skills.

Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL